Message Writing For Class 11

Message Writing For Class 11: Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Everything you require to know about message writing for class 11 will be covered in this post. We’ll go over the structure, themes, examples, and tasks to help you master message writing.

Format Of Message Writing For Class 11:

The salutation serves as the communication’s first line of a textbook. A sanctioned salutation with the philanthropist’s title and last name is applicable for formal communication.

Body of the Communication:
The communication’s body should be terse and straightforward. It should be complete with all applicable details and logically structured. Formal communication should be written in a formal tone and with formal language. When transferring informal communication, the wording and tone can be more relaxed.

Complimentary Close:
The communication’s final expression is known as the complimentary close. The felicitating ending in formal communication should be polite and indicate thanks or appreciation. Say commodity like,” unfeignedly,” or” Thank you for your time.” The completing close in a casual communication can be more relaxed and convey affection or humor.” Love,” for case, or” See you soon!”

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Examples Of Message Writing For Class 11:

Informal Messages:

1. Hey Jane, just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. Hope everything is going well.
2. Hi Mark, just wanted to remind you about our meeting tomorrow at 2 pm. Looking forward to seeing you then.
3. Yo dude, want to grab some pizza later? Let me know if you’re free.

Formal Messages:

1. Dear Mr. Smith, I’m writing to interrogate about the job opening at your company. I’ve attached my capsule and cover letter for your consideration.
2. To Whom It May Concern, I’m writing to inform you of an issue I’m passing with your product.
3. Dear Professor Johnson, I’m writing to request an extension on the deadline for the exploration paper. I’ve encountered some unlooked-for circumstances that have averted me from completing the paper on time.

Examples Of Message Writing For Class 11

Topics For Message Writing For Class 11:

Informal Topics:

1. Inviting a friend to a party
2. Checking in on a family member
3. Sharing exciting news with a friend
4. Apologizing for a mistake
5. Congratulating someone on an achievement

Formal Topics:

1. Applying for a job
2. Requesting information from a company
3. Making a complaint to a company
4. Requesting a meeting with someone in authority
5. Acknowledging receipt of a document

Exercises For Message Writing For Class 11:

Informal Exercises:

1. Send a friend a text message asking them to hang out over the weekend.
2. Send a birthday greeting in writing to a member of the family.
3. Send a message to a fellow student requesting their notes from the most recent lesson.
4. Congratulate a friend on landing a new job in a letter to them.
5. Express regret for neglecting a friend’s birthday in a letter.

Formal Exercises:

1. Send an email to a business asking for details about a good or service.
2. Send an email to a professor requesting an extension on a due date.
3. Send an email to a business complaining about a subpar product.
4. Send an email to a business asking for a meeting with a senior executive.
5. Send a note to a business confirming receipt of a document.

Conclusion On Message Writing For Class 11:

Writing messages is a crucial talent that everyone should possess. No matter if you are writing an official or casual message, it is crucial to employ the right structure, wording, and tone. You should be well on your way to mastering message writing if you use the examples, subjects, and activities in this article.