CBSE previous Year Solved  Papers  Class 12 English  Delhi 2011

Time allowed : 3 hours                                                                                           Maximum Marks: 100
General Instructions :

  1. This paper is divided into three sections : A, B and C. All the sections are compulsory.
  2. Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions very carefully and follow them faithfully.
  3. Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.



Question.1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions
that follow:

  1.  For many years now the governments has been promising the eradication of child-labour in hazardous industries in India. But the truth is that despite all the rhetoric, neither the government so far has succeeded in eradicating this evil, nor has been able to ensure compulsory primary education for every Indian child. Between 60 and 100 million children are still at work instead of going to school, and around 10 million are working in hazardous industries. India has the largest child population of 380 million in the world, plus the largest number of children who are forced to earn a living.
  2.  We have many laws that ban child-labour in hazardous
    industries. According to the Child-Labour (Prohibition
    and Regulation) Act 1986, the employment of children below the age of 14 in hazardous occupations has been strictly banned. But each state has different rules regarding the minimum age of employment. This makes implementation of these laws difficult.
  3.  Also, there is no ban on child-labour in non-hazardous occupations. The Act applies to the organised or factory sector and not the unorganised or informal sector where most children find employment as cleaners, servants, porters, waiters etc. among other forms of unskilled
    work. Thus, child-labour continues . because the
    implementation of the existing laws is lax.
  4.  There are industries, which have a special demand for child labour because of their nimble fingers, high level of concentration and capacity to work hard at abysmally low wages. The carpet industry in U.P. and Kashmir employs children to make hand-knotted carpets. There are 80,000 child workers in Jammu and Kashmir alone. In Kashmir because of the political unrest, children are forced to work while many schools are shut. Industries like gem cutting and polishing, pottery and glass want to remain competitive by employing children.
  5.  The truth is that it is poverty which is pushing children into the brutish labour market. We have 260 million people below the poverty line in India, a large number of them are women. Poor and especially woman-headed families, have no’option but to push their little ones in this hard life, in to hostile conditions, with no human or labour rights.
  6.  There is a lobby which argues that there is nothing wrong
    with children working as long as the environment for i work is conducive to learning new skills, but studies have
    shown that the children are made to do boring, repetitive and tedious jobs and are not taught new skills as they grow older. In these, hell-holes like the sweet shops for the old there is no hope.
  7.  Children working irr hazardous industries are prone to debilitating diseases which can cripple them for life. By sitting in cramped, damp and unhygienic spaces, their limbs become deformed for life, inside matehstick, fire¬works and glass industries they are victims of bronchial diseases andT.B. Their mental and physical development is permanently impaired by long hours of work. Once trapped, they can’t get out of this vicious circle of poverty. They remain uneducated and powerless. Finally, in later years, they too are compelled to send their own children to work. Child-labour perpetuates its own nightmare.
  8.  If at all the government was serious about granting children their rights, an intensive effort ought to have been made to implement the Supreme Court’s Directive of 1997, which laid down punitive action against employers of child-labour. Only compulsory primary education can eliminate child-labour,
  9.  Surely, if 380 million children are given a better life and elementary education, Indians human capital would be greatly enhanced. But that needs, as former President Abdul Kalam says, “a second vision”.

(a) (i) On which two accounts has the government not succeeded so far in respect of children ?
Answer : The government has not succeeded so far in respect of children on account of eradication of child-labour in hazardous industries in India and to ensure compulsory primary education for every Indian child.
(ii) What makes the implementation of child-labour law
difficult ? ,
Answer : Each state has different rules regarding the minimum age of employment. Also, there is no ban on child-labour in non-hazardous occupation, The Act does not apply to the unorganized or informal sector. This makes the implementation of child-labour law difficult.
(iii) Why do the industries prefer child-labour ?
Answer : There are industries which have a special demand for child-labour, it is because of their nimble fingers, high level of concentration and capacity to work hard at low wages.
(iv) What are the adverse effects of hazardous industries
on children ? Give any two.
Answer: Children working in hazardous industries are prone to debilitating diseases which can cripple them for life. By . sitting in cramped, damp and unhygienic spaces, their limbs become deformed.
Secondly, they become victim of bronchial diseases by working in matehstick, fire-works and glass industries.
(v) What does the Supreme Court’s Directive of 1997 provide ?
Answer : The Supreme Court’s Directive of 1997 laid down punitive action against employers of child-labour. Only compulsory primary education can eliminate child-labour.
(b) Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following ?
(i) risky/dangerous (para 1)
Answer: hazardous .
(ii) very unfriendly (para 5)
Answer: hostile
(iii) intended as punishment (para 8)
Answer: punitive

Question.2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
There is nothing more frustrating than, when you sit down at your table to study with the most sincere of intentions and instead of being able to finish the task at hand you find your thoughts wandering. However, there are certain techniques that you can use to enhance your concentration. “Your concentration level depends on a number of factors,” says Samuel Ghosh, a social counsellor. “In order to develop your concentration span, it is necessary to examine various facets of your physical and internal environment,” she adds.
To begin’ with one should attempt to create the physical environment that is conducive to focussed thought. Whether it is the radio, TV or your noisy neighbours identify the factors that make it difficult for you to focus. For instance, if you live in a very noisy neighbourhood, you could try to plan your study hours in a nearby library.
She disagrees with the notion that people can concentrate or study in an environment with distractions like a loud television, blaring music etc. “If you are distracted when you are attempting to focus, your attention and retention powers do not work at optimum levels,” cautions Ghosh. “Not more than two of your senses should be activated at the same time,” she adds. What that means is that music that sets your feet tapping is not the ideal accompaniment to your books’?
Also do not place your study table or desk in front of a window. “While there is no cure for a mind that wants to wander, one should try and provide as little stimulus as possible. Looking out of a window when you are trying to concentrate will invariably send your mind on a tangent,” says Ghosh.
The second important thing, she says, is to establish goals for oneself instead of setting a general target and then trying to accomplish, what you can in a haphazard fashion. It is very important to decide what you have to finish in a given span of * time. The human mind recognises fixed goals and targets and appreciates schedules more than random thoughts”. Once your thoughts and goals are in line, a focused system will follow.
She recommends that you divide your schedule into study and recreation hours. When you study, choose a mix of subjects that you enjoy and dislike and save the former for the last so that you have something to look forward to. For instance, if you enjoy verbal skill tests more than mathematical problems, then finish Maths first. Not only will you find yourself working harder, you will have a sense of achievement when you wind up.
Try not to sit for more than 40 minutes at a stretch. Take a very short break to make a cup of tea or listen to a song and sit down again. Under no circumstances, should one sit for more than one and a half hours. Short breaks build your concentration and refresh your mind. However, be careful not to overdo the relaxation. It may have undesired effects.
More than anything else, do not get disheartened. Concentration is merely a matter of disciplining the mind. It comes with practice and patience and does not take very long to become a habit for life.
(a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make notes on it in points only using abbreviations wherever necessary. Supply a suitable title.
1. Notes
(i) Tech, to enhance concentration
(a) create phy envirmnt.
(b) identify the factors resp
(c) music not the ideal accomp
(ii) Recommendations
(a) dvd schedule
(b) choose sub that you like or dislike
(c) don’t sit for more than 40 min
(iii) More suggestions
(a) don’t get dishrtnd
(b) concentrn is merely a discipline of mind
(c) rqurs practice and patience

Abbreviations used
Tech                technique
Phy                  physical
Envirmnt       environment
Resp                responsible
Accomp          accompaniment
Dvd                 divide
Dishrtnd        disheartened
Concentrn     concentration
Rqurs              requires
Title : Concentration – Key to Success (or) Techniques to Enhance Concentration
(b) Write a summary of the above passage in about 80


According to Samuel Ghosh, a social counsellor, study needs concentration which depends on various factors. These include physical environment and avoiding distractions.
Music should not be listened as it lessens the ‘attention and retention power. One should -not keep study table or desk in front of a window to provide little stimulus to mind. Another important thing is to set goals. Once thoughts and goals are in line, a focused system will flow. Ghosh recommended that the schedule to study and recreation hours should be divided. Choose the subject first which is disliked. Do not sit for more than 40 minutes, take a break in between and do not get disheartened.


Question.3. You are Srinivas/Srindhi of D.P. Public School, Nagpur. As Student Editor of your school magazine, draft a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board inviting articles/sketches from students of all classes.
You want to rent out your newly constructed flat in the heart of the city. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words to be published in ‘The Deccan Herald’, Bangalore under classified columns. Give all the necessary details. You are Mohan/Mahima of Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Question.4. You are cultural secretary of PND Xavier School, Jamshedpur. Your school organized a debate on the topic, ‘The impact of reality shows on the younger generation.’ Write a report in 100-125 words to be published in ‘The Times of India’, Jamshedpur.
A major bus mishap which left several people seriously injured took place at Nicholas Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai. Luckily no life was lost. Collect the information from the eye witnesses and send a report in 100-125 words to ‘The Nungambakkam Times. You are Vinod/Vinodini, reporter.
‘The Impact of Reality Shows on the
Younger Generation’
Pnd Xavier School, Jamshedpur’
By : Xyz (Cultural Secretary)
‘The Times Of India’, Jamshedpur 30th January, 2014.
PND Xavier School, Jamshedpur hosted the inter-school debate competition in which 27 schools participated. The panel of judges was formed by special correspondent, NDTV,
Chief Justice Mr. Verma and English Lecturer of Jamshedpur College. Coordinator CBSE board was* the’ chief guest. Our Principal welcomed the guest with garland and inspirational speech on the influence of media on children. The first round consisted of 16 students from different schools. In the second round there were shortlisted 8 students who presented their views on the impact of reality shows. They told that reality shows are the latest rage on the television, that are challenging, thrilling and exciting. Above all they have made a star of the common man. Finally 4 students were left, out of whom, 3 were awarded the winners and 1st and 2nd runners up awarded prizes. The winner was given the prize on the basis of concluding lines in which he told that reality shows prompt the younger generation to do stunts at home, thus putting their life in danger, so they should be watched under the vigilance of parents.
A Major Bus Mishap
Report By: Vinodini ‘The Nungambakkam Times 20th August, 2014
It’s alarming that road accidents have been taking place almost daily. The rising toll of accidents indicates, that it is only due to violation of traffic rules and absolute negligence. A similar accident took place at Nicholas Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, according to an eye witness, a bus going towards the main city, collided with a truck laijen with steel rods. Before the truck driver could do anything, the truck rammed into the bus from the right side and damaged the whole side. The seats were completely torn and the passengers were thrown out of their seats. Fortunately all the passengers were saved but were badly injured. The witness called the police helpline and within few minutes the patrolling police arrived with three ambulances. The injured were immediately rushed to the hospital where a team of expert doctors treated them. The police registered a case against the driver for careless and negligent driving.

Question.5. Write a letter to the Dean, D.P. I School of Management, Mumbai requesting him to apprise you of the details such as eligibility criteria, fees, hostel facility, prospects of placement etc. for admission to P.G. Diploma in HRM. You are Ram/Ramola of 21 Civil Lines, Bareilley.
Write a letter to the Editor, Deccan Times’, Bangalore about the inadequate parking facilities in the Commercial Street, M.G. Road which is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people. Offer your sugeestions. You are Anoop/Ritu, 24 Hennus Road, Bangalore.
21, Civil Lines ,
25th April, 2014
The Dean
D.P. I School of Management
Subject: Enquiry about the HRM course Dear Sir,
I have come to know that your institute provides excellent training in Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Human Resource’ Management. I came to know about this from the National newspaper’s classified columns and thus developed a keen interest in doing the course. In this connection, I would like to put forth that I have done my schooling from CBSE board in the stream of Commerce with 92 percent and graduated from the eminent city college with 87 percent.
It would be great on your part if you could kindly let me know the eligibility criteria, course fee, duration of the course and timings. Beside that, I am interested to know about the hostel facility as, I am an outsider and would be requiring hostel to stay in.
I would be highly obliged if you could please send me the prospectus at the earliest, so that I can avail this opportunity. Yours truly,
24, Hennus Road Bangalore,
12th November, 2014 The Editor Deccan Times,
Subject: Inadequate Parking Facility Dear Sir,
Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to express my views on the inadequate parking facilities in the commercial street, M.G. Road which is causing a lot of incoveince to the people. There is not a single day when the street is without chaos. It is due to lack of space as well as lack of sense of responsibility. As it is a very busy area, vehicles are parked all over in a haphazard manner. Even the shopkeepers have to manoeuvre their way to make a safe passage. It is -» necessary to start an awareness campaign to enlighten the sense of parking in addition to the proper parking area and the Municipal Corporation should assign the duty to responsible people who could control the traffic properly.
Hope my letter will find place in your newspaper.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely


Question.8. Answer any three of the following in 30-40 words each :
(a) Do you think the poet Pablo Neruda advocates total inactivity and death ? Why ? Why not ?
Answer : No, the poet Pablo Neruda doest not advocate total inactivity and death. He only wants us to remain quiet for sometime. So, that we can asses ourselves and stop destructive activity in favour of mankind. Then there would be no war or violence.
(b) Why and how is Grandeur associated with the mighty dead ?
Answer: Grandeur is associated with the mighty dead because the huge tombs and buildings are erected in the memory of great personalities and they become more important than they were when alive. Thus Grandeur is associated with their death.
(c) X
(d) How do denizens and ‘chivalric’ add to our understanding of the tigers’ attitude?
Answer : These two words mean inhabitants and fearless which are applicable to the tigers with reference to the poem. The tigers are the king of jungle and they are suppossed to be the bravest species on earth. They have a respectable position in the animal kingdom. So they are fearless inhabitants which also symbolizes Aunt Jennifer’s attitude.

Question.9. Answer the following in 30-40 words each :
(a) What was Franz expected to be prepared with for the school that day ?
Answer : Franz was expected to be prepared with rules for the use of participles, but he came to the school thinking that he would be punished as he had not learnt his lesson.
(b) Why was Douglas determined to get over his fear of
water ?
Answer : Douglas could not enjoy water sports like canoeing, boating and swimming because of his fear of water; therefore he wanted to overcome his fear. Although he wanted to get into the waters of cascades but his fear held him back. He felt paralyzed at the very thought of water, so he decided to overcome it.
(c) Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with the peddler ?
Answer : Crofter was alone in his house and he needed a company desperately. So, when the peddler came to spend the night in his house, he wanted to share his feelings with him and peddler had sufficient time to listen to him.
(d) *
(e) Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Daney ?
Answer: In Sophie’s view, Jansie was a stupid girl who had no sense of keeping any secret. If she had told her about meeting with Daney, there was possibility that Jansie would tell it to everybody and her father would be angry.

Question.10. Answer the following in 125-150 words :
Give a brief account of the life and activities of the people like Saheb-e-Alam, settled in Seemapuri.
Answer : Saheb, was a poor boy whose name contradicted his status which meant the lord of the world. He was from a poor
family from Bangladesh. In order to earn livelihood his family
Question is not included due to change in present syllabus. shifted to Delhi where they settled in the Seemapuri area. But when they found no work to do they became rag pickers. They had to search the garbage like others for something to make their livelihood. Saheb, whose age was to enjoy the life, go to school and live his childhood, also looked into the heaps of garbage for some coins. This was a tedious task as they had to leave their houses barefoot early in the morning, with a bag on their shoulders. They did not have chappals, so they were not in a habit to wear them. -Since their fields and homes were swept away in the flood in Bangladesh, they came to the big city with a hope. But here’also they led a miserable life.

Question.11. Answer the following in 125-150 words :
The lesson ‘On The Face of It’, is an apt depiction of the loneliness and sense of alienation by people on account of a disability. Explain.
What precautions were taken by the prison authorities to ensure that the German exam was conducted smoothy and also under strict security?
Answer : The lesson ‘On the Face of It’ is a heart touching story about two different people who had entirely different attitudes towards life. Both were handicapped and were leading a secluded life but they looked at the world with different angles. Derry, a young boy of fourteen had a burnt face whereas Mr. Lamb had a tin leg. Derry was withdrawn from the society as he had faced people who were scared of him due to his ugly face or felt disgusted. Therefore, he began to avoid people and locked himself up in a room. Similarly Mr. Lamb led a lonely life after he lost his leg in war. Children called him ‘Lamey Lamb’, but he adjusted himself with this impairment. He even supported Derry and gave him courage and confidence to face his handicap boldly.
Thus it is true that society is more inclined to the healthy person and they outcaste the one who is disabled. Physical pain is much more bearable than the pain of alienation by the society.
The Governor of Oxford Prison took all the necessary precautions to conduct the exam. It was arranged in the cell only and the doors were closed a day before. All the possible actions were taken so that Evans, who had escaped earlier too should not be able to do this time. Jackson, the senior prison officer had himself searched all the places. Evans nail scissors and nail file had been removed from the cell to avoid any risk. After he had done his shaving, his razor had also been removed away from there. The Governor, could listen to all the conversation going on in the cell through a device that was kept above the door. He remained in the office to listen to the conversation so that no mishap took place. Stephen, was appointed at the door of the cell to peep through the hole and Rev. McLeery was. thoroughly searched before the commencement of the examination. Everything was properly checked and everyone was perfectly positioned.

Question.12. Answer the following in 30-40 words :
(a) **
(b) How did Dr. Sadao ensure that, the American sailor left his house but he himself remained safe and secure?
Answer : Dr. Sadao was a docor by profession, so it was his duty to save a person’s life whether he was an enemy or not. He treated the American war prisoner as a doctor and on the other hand informed the General as a true patriot. He sought his help to get rid of him but then let him escape.
(c) What part of story did Jack himself enjoy the most and why ?
Answer. Jack used to tell stories to Joe, his daughter before she retired to bed. The basic story remained the same but
the hero was changed. He enjoyed the part only when Joe listened carefully without disturbing him. Otherwise he always got irritated.
(d) What did Zitkala-Sa feel when her long hair was cut ?
Answer : Zitkala-Sa belonged to one of the tribes, of native Americans and their tradition was to keep long and heavy hair. When her long hair was cut, Zitkala-Sa felt exteremely hurt. Keeping short hair at that time meant the sign of mourning and also the hair of prisoners of war shingled by captors.


Note s Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in previous sets.
7. Read the extract give below and answer the questions that follow:
…………..but soon
Put that thought away, and Looked out at young
Trees sprinting, the merry children spilling
Out of their homes,………..
(a) Which thought did the poet put away?
Answer : The poet put away the thought of looking at her mother.
(b) What do the ‘sprinting trees’ signify?
Answer : The sprinting trees in the poem signify the young age. They appear to be running fast when seen from the vehicle in motion. Similarly, the young age of poet’s mother is also passing fast.
(c) What are ‘the merry children spilling out of their homes’ symbolic off ?
Answer : In order to avoid looking at her mother’s pale face, the poetess looks outside the car. She watches the young and happy children coming out of their homes in open to play. These children symbolize young age, energy and life.

Question.5.You are Rohit/Yasmin, a resident of 10, Civil Lines, Saharanpur. During your college life, you participated in various curricular and co-curricular activities with meritorious performance. Write a letter to the Principal of your college i.e. Gurunanak College, Ambala requesting him to issue you a testimonial including the details of your performance.
 As Cultural Secratary of G.D. Birla School, Jamshedpur, you are. organizing an inter school poster marking competition, in connection with the Diamond Jublee Celebratins of your school. Draft a circular letter to be . sent to various schools in your city requesting their participation. Invent details.
10, Civil Lines
Saharanpur .
14th August, 2014 The Principal
Gurunanak College,
Subject: Issuing of testimonials Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that I have been a student of your college in the year 2007, and passed out in the year 2010. During my college life, I took part in several curricular and co- curriculared activities and achieved a great amount of success. I represented the college in the swimming competition on the regional level and won a gold medal for the college. The State—level tennis championship was also won by me. In the inter-college debate competition too, I was awarded the first prize and won the trophy. My photos also appeared in ‘The Express’. Now, I have to apply for the job and I hope these credentials will be helpful for me.
I would be highly obliged if you could kindly issue me the testimonials, including the details of performances achieved by me.
Thanking You Yours Sincerely,
G.D. Birla School, Jamshedpur We are pleased to inform all the schools of the city that G.D. Birla School, Jamshedpur is organizing an inter-school poster making competition, in connection with the Diamond Jublee Celebrations of the school on Friday, 28th August 2014 at the school playground from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The theme of the competition is ‘Green India, Clean India’. There is no participation fee. The chief guest for the function is Police Commissioner of the city, Mr. Jay Sharma. The prize distribution ceremony will be followed by an inspiring speech by our honorable Principal Sir.
The Management, staff and students of the school cordially invite you to this colourful event. Hope, you will provide full support by joining this event and make it more exciting.

6. Corruption has become the order of the day. It has entered all walks of life. Write an article for your school magazine in 150-200 words on ‘The Role of Youth in Combating Corruption5. You are Vijay/ Vineeta.
You are Sanjay/ Geetha, a student of St. Martha’s Sr. Sec. School, Ghaziabad. You have read the news about the inhuman treatment meted out to the new entrants by the seniors in educational institutions. You are shocked to read about it. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘The Evil of Ragging in Educational Institutions’ to be published in ‘The Hindu5, Delhi.
‘The Role of Youth in Combating Corruption’
By Vineeta
We know that the problem of corruption is spreading everywhere like mushrooms and these create economic crisis. Ultimately, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. If these problems cannot be solved then the fate of country will be doomed. People are becoming greedy for the need of more and more money and for this they are using all the unfair means. It- is high time that the young people should come forward and take some action. This is their duty to care about their future. It is said that “Youth is a spark which can either burn or lighten the country.” Today there is tremendous pressure on the youth of our country in almost every field. It is their duty to carry a nation forward. Although it is the duty of every citizen but the eyes are predominantly on the youth. They should root out the corruption keeping in mind that no one is above law. If one thinks about the success of the country, then automatically corruption will be rooted out. It is up to the youth to derive inspiration from their ideals high. The higher the goal, the greater will be the potential to do the work and fruitful will be the results.
‘The Evil of Ragging in Educational Institutions’
By Geetha (Student, St. Martha Sr. Sec. School)
The Hindu ‘
Ragging in educational institutions, is a distorted form of introduction of the juniors by their seniors. It involves insults in physical as well as verbal terms. There are many complex activities which are supposed to be done by the ‘ juniors which make them feel humiliated. It has become increasingly unpopular due to several complaints of serious injuries to the victims and strict laws regarding ragging. In other words, we can say that ragging is an extreme form of bullying that is omnipresent not only in schools but social
areas also. Few days ago, I came across a news in which a group of seniors, from a reputed college ragged their juniors savagely and they carried on their activities of hooliganism, extortion, drug peddling etc. throughout Although an FIR was lodged against these rogues, but the torture suffered by the new entrants broke them completely before their college life began. It is not a mere news but, it gives clear message about the evil of ragging -that is flourishing in educational institutions. We must be responsible and sensible enough to think hard as to how the educational institutions be made an altar of study, and not, the breeding ground for criminals. As parents, teachers and citizens, we should take a step forward to stop such inhuman activities. .

Question.9. Answer the following in 30-40 words each :
(a) What had been put up on the bulletin board?
Answer : The bulletin board contained an order from Berlin, that from then onwards, German will be taught in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine.
(b) What did Douglas experience when he went down to the bottom of the pool for the first time?
Answer : When Douglas went down to the bottom of the pool for the first time, he jumped. He did not spring upwards to the surface, but surfaced gradually. His eyes and nose were out of water. He tried to catch a rope but failed.
(c) Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with the peddler?
Answer: Crofter was alone in his house and he was in need of a companion desperately. So when the peddler came to spend the night in his house, he wanted to share his feelings with him and peddler had sufficient time to listen to him.
(d) Did Geoff keep his promise to Sophie? How do you know?
Answer : Yes, Geoff kept his promise as he talked very less. Most of the time he remained silent and also knew that his sister had big dreams of becoming a manager, and she used to form wild stories, so he never shared anything with anybody. Thus, we know that he had kept his promise.

12. Answer the following in 30-40 words each:
(a) What sort of brightness and silence prevailed in Antarctica during summer?
Answer : During the summer there was a surreal 24-hour austral summer light, and a universal silence, that was interrupted only by the occassional avalanche or calving ice sheet.
(b) Why did Hana wash the wounded soldier herself?
Answer : Hana had to wash the wounded man herself as her domestic maid Yumi refused to do so because the man, was an enemy. Not only this, but all the servants were against Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana in this respect, so they all left the house.


Note : Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in previous sets.

Question.5.Judith Public School Pune has recently introduced Diploma Course in Lab Technology under vocational stream. The prospects of this course are not clear to your mind. Write a letter to the Principal of the school inquiring about the future prospects of the course and requesting him to send prospectus if any. You are Cham an/ Chanchal, 25 Ashirwad Apartments, Kolhapur.
Write a letter to the Municipal Chairman of New Town, North Arcot District about the dilapidated condition of public monument requesting him to take urgent steps for the preservation of this valuable heritage. You are Anar kali/ Akbar, 10, Pudupet, New Town.
25, Ashirwad Apartment Kolhapur
15th April, 2014 The Principal
Judith Public School,
Dear Sir,
Subject : Inquiring about the Diploma Course in Lab Technology
I, have come to know that your institution has recently introduced Diploma course in Lab Technology under vocational stream. I saw your advertisement in the newspaper and I am Very much interested in doing this course. I have completed my schooling from Central Government School this year and have secured a good percentage in the Commerce stream. Since I don’t plan on sitting idle long, hence I went through the details provided and I have enountened a few doubts regarding the future prospects of the course.
I woukLbe obliged, if you could provide me clear details on the prospects of the course along with the duration, charges, timings and the date of the commencement of the course and send the prospects on the above given address, so that I can avail the opportunity of this course.
Thanking You Yours Sincerely „ Chanchal
10, Pudupet
New Town
24 th December, 2014
The Municipal Chairman New Town,
North Arcot District
Subject: Dilapidated condition of Public Monument Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your notice that our Cultural Heritage is taking a bad shape. India is known for its varied and vast culture and therefore, it is the best counted tourist destination among the other countries. Since ages, the monuments like Sanchi Stupa, Nalanda, Mahabalipuram Rathas, Khajuraho Temples, Hampi are bearing their own grand history. Many folktales are connected with these Forts, but these are not properly conserved and protected. The situation is alarming as the structures in the city are in dilapidated condition. City’s unprotected monuments are dying a slow death. This pathetic situation’ can be overcome only when the Department of Archaeological Survey of India would undertake this responsibility. In addition to it, if the respected Chairman takes some steps to prevent deterioration of these monuments urgently.
Hope, my letter would help in awakening the consciousness of the Government as well as the related authorities. Thanking You
Your Sincerely .

Question.6.There is a growing trend among the youth to participate in adventurous activities. Write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine on the topic, ‘Why would you prefer to have an adventurous life?’
. Children up to the age of 12 years have been participating in TV programmes, bearing a lot of stress and neglecting their studies at such a prime time of their life. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘How far is it justified for children to participate in TV programmes?’ You are Sukra/ Sukanya.
‘Why would you prefer to have
an adventurous life?’
Adventurous life has attracted youth a lot and it has become the upcoming trend. That is why adventure tourism has grown in decades. Adventurous life excites and rejuvenates a man, hence more and more youth are fascinated by it. Experiencing the life in the lap of nature rock, climbing, river rafting, jungle safari, skiing etc. is totally a different experience. As the lifestyle is getting more stressful, people want a vacation that helps them to relax. Now a days
adventure tour operators are ready with exciting packages. 9. Earlier, trekking and mountaineering Were supposed to be done by the NCC Cadets only, but the boundaries are now broken and open for a common man. Adventure in life is a mix of holiday along with the beauty of nature thus making it an adventurous life. It is a getaway from the tiresome life of the city and find something thrilling that rejuvenates both mind and body. State tourism offers variety of adventure holidays. Besides, there are challenging safaris to support the interests of the youth.
“How far is it justified for children to
participate in TV programmes?”
By: Sukanya
The unbearable pressure of competitions, has provoked the , children to do something ay a very early stage in their life. Taking part in the television programmes is the result of such unhealthy competitions. This is the time when they should concentrate more on studies but their time is consumed or rather wasted in such participations. The children are so obsessed with the programmes, that they do not pay least attention towards their books. They are occupied with their schedule so much that after returning home they have least 12. stamina to study. Thus, the golden time of their life is invested in doing TV programmes and entertainment. Others enjoy their act but how many of us bother about their prospects?
What would they become when they are grown up, as it is not always possible for a child artisr-to gain same success on maturity. People should first prioritize their basic studies and then come into this line. Therefore, in my opinion it is not justified for children below the age of 12 years to be involved in TV programmes.

Question.9.Answer the following in 30-40 words each :
(a) Who did M. Hamel blame for the neglect of learning on the part of boys like Franz?
Answer: Mr. M. Hamel blamed the parents for the neglect of learning on the part of boys like Franz who got their children engaged in the work of farming. He too assigned them the work of gardening, so boys couldn’t learn French.
Question.(b) Why did Douglas go to lake Wentworth in New Hampshire?
Answer : Douglas went to Fake Wentworth in New Hampshire to overcome his fear of water, as he was not sure that terror had left him even after the training. He made it a point by swimming two miles in the lake all alone to get rid of his fear.
(e) How did Sophie’s father react when Geoff told him about her meeting with Daney Casey?
Answer : Sophies father was not a day dreamer like her. He knew that his daughter had a habit of weaving wild stories but he was a realist. When Geoff told him about her meeting with Daney Casey, he did not show any concern. He was just worried that this would land Sophie in trouble one day.

12.Answer the following in 30-40 words each :
(a) Chapter deleted
(b) How does the writer indicate that Dr. Sadao’s father was a very traditional and conventional man?
Answer: Dr. Sadao’s father was a traditional and conventional man as he thought that Japan’s future depended on the islands. His only aim was to educate his son, so he was serious with him everytime. Although he was a strict father but he cared for his son a lot. Moreover, he had strong belief in arranged marriages.

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