Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Basic English Grammar rules can be tricky. In this article, we’ll get you started with the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more.

Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises PDF

A speech is an effective way of communicating a message to a large audience. It is one of the ways of spreading awareness regarding social issues or giving information regarding other important issues. As a form of writing, a speech is similar to an article except that it begins with a formal address to the audience, is more conversational in tone and concludes with a ‘Thank you’. A speech is written for a specific purpose like informing, persuading, convincing or entertaining an audience.

Components of a Speech Introduction

Introduction It begins with greeting the Chief Guest / Principal / teachers and other listeners. It may include a striking statement, short anecdote, a saying or anything else which will immediately make the audience interested. Then the topic of the speech will be announced along with the occasion, if required.

Elaboration of the topic It will include a sequence of ideas to build up to the summing up and conclusion. You may include examples, evidence or data to support the ideas. You can paint verbal pictures and dramatise or personalise the information.

Summing up Summarise the most important points in your speech but do not repeat them.

Conclusion. Depending on the purpose of your speech, conclude with a call for an action, an appeal, a warning, a request and an expression of thanks.

Points to be Kept in Mind

  • A speech should begin with a catchy introduction in the form of an anecdote, quotation, statistical data or a thought provoking question.
  • A speech must reflect the speaker’s clarity of thought, accuracy of facts and a balanced view through a comparison and contrast with other viewpoints.
  • A speech may also give reference to newspaper reports, posters, advertisements or other stimuli.
  • Restrict the main part of the speech to the word limit of 150-200 words.

Speech Writing Format for Class 11 CBSE

To enforce strict discipline in schools and colleges is a great problem nowadays. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the school morning assembly on the problem of discipline. You are Mohini/Mohit.
Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises 1

Speech Writing Class 11 Examples with Answers CBSE Pdf

Question 1.
In order to promote reading habits in the students, your school has organised a Library Week. You are Ranjan/Reena. You have to speak in the morning assembly and inform the students about the week-long programme. You have noted the following points:

  • days and dates
  • new arrivals displayed
  • exhibition of books by some publishers
  • famous authors, I poets to visit and interact with students
  • quizzes and competitions
  • more facilities in the library
  • new teenage magazines

Write your speech in 150-200 words.


Respected Principal,-Vice-Principal, teachers, and friends!
It gives me great pleasure to speak to you about the Library Week that our school has organised from 2nd to 9th September this year. This week is slightly different from the others. Here we have to shift the focus to mental attainment. The aim of celebrating this week is to inculcate reading habits among students. Reading, you know makes a man perfect. So new arrivals in the reference section such as the encyclopedia and dictionaries as well as general books will be displayed. National Book Trust and Oxford University Press are putting up an exhibition. We have invited Dr. Kailash Vajpayee to inaugurate the exhibition. He will autograph the books and interact with students. Other authors like Khushwant Singh and Ruskin Bond will also pay us a visit. During the week, a quiz competition will be organised. The Reading section will have more new magazines for teenagers’ interest.
I appeal to all of you to spend as much free time in the library as you can.
Thank you.

Question 2.
Media has a stronghold on society. Write a speech in 150-200 words, on how media influences public opinion, to be delivered in the school assembly.
Respected Principal Sir,
honourable teachers and my dear friends, I, Mehak Prasad of class Xl-C, will enlighten you today on the fact that the media has a stronghold on society.

It influences public opinion significantly because people consider true whatever the media depicts, whether it is the electronic media like TV and Radio, social media like Facebook and Twitter, cyber media like the Internet and e-mail, or the print media like newspapers and magazines. However, in some cases, the actual situation is totally different from what is depicted in the media. Media dramatises the information to serve its own ends, and usually to gain popularity.

Everybody, yes everybody, are exposed to different forms of media. People are not always able to separate fact from opinion and believe or disbelieve what they see, hear, or read. This moulds their opinions and actions, thus enabling the media to have a stronghold on society.

Over reporting as well as under-reporting can lead to misinformed opinions. It is for the journalistic community to take initiative and seek to address the various concerns regarding the profession. The public also should be discerning enough to separate facts from opinions and form one’s viewpoint accordingly.

Thank you.

Speech Writing Exercises with Answers for Class 11 CBSE

Question 1.
Peer pressure is useful for the development of an individual. If there is no peer pressure at all then there would be no goal or aim to succeed. Write a speech on the topic -‘Is Peer Pressure Beneficial or Not?’to be delivered on account of the Children’s Day celebration in your school. (150-200 words)
Respected Principal Sir, honourable teachers, and my dear friends, on the occasion of Children’s Day, I am going to present my views on the topic ‘Is peer pressure beneficial or not?’

Peer pressure is beneficial as long as we know our limits. It is all upto us to be so strong, so firm, so unshakable, and filled with conviction of not going on the wrong track.

Peer pressure is not always bad. Peers may teach you good habits and encourage you to follow them. Looking at what others do can help you bring a positive change in your way of thinking. Your peers, their choices, and ways of life give you a glimpse of the world outside the four walls of your house. What they think about things in life, how they perceive situations, how they react in different circumstances can actually expose you to the world around them. Being part of a larger group of peers exposes you to the diversity in human behaviour. This makes you reflect on your behaviour and know where you stand. Peer pressure can lead you to make the right choices in life.

Your peers can, thus, influence the shaping of your personality in a positive way. Moreover, it’s not pressuring every time, sometimes it’s an inspiration, which makes you change for good.

Thank you.

Question 2.
Racism is bad. Anyone and everyone can be exposed to racism. Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic ‘Racism’ to be delivered in the morning assembly of your school.
Respected Principal Sir, honourable teachers and my dear friends, good morning!

Why must I choose whom to befriend according to the colour of their skin? Is there anything written anywhere that makes one race above another? I am going to present my views on the topic ‘Racism’ today.

I am nobody to judge other people. In fact, we all are unique in our own way and we all should be judged on our individual and personal qualities.

We have lots of people who are filled with hatred-hatred pointed especially at the colour of the skin. But where does all this hatred come from? God has never conceived hate. Did he make us different just to see hatred and war? I don’t think so. Why can’t we carry out Martin Luther King’s dream about a world in peace and without any kind of racism?

Racism works against the principle of being equal and the right of all people to be treated fairly. Hating people because of their colour or other factors is wrong. We all have to stay together and thus, we need to make the effort to embrace and accept other cultures. This can start with the simple act of friendship. Let us start today.

Thank you.

Question 3.
The actions and behaviour of senior college and university students are a far cry from the normal, decent and civilised. It’s all the more reprehensible because even girls are subjected to indecency and vulgarity. Write a speech on the topic ‘Ragging’ in 150-200 words for your school’s morning assembly.
Respected Principal Sir,
honourable teachers and my dear friends, good morning!

Ragging deserves severe condemnation and needs to be consigned to the dustbin of discarded ideas. Today I am going to present my views on the serious issue of ‘Ragging’.

The practice has now become a source of uncivilised behaviour, which brings to the fore animal instincts of the practising youth. It deserves to be curtailed, curbed and ultimately abolished. It calls for strict action and punishment. Any mildness in this regard amounts to giving it a further fillip.

The raggers may put forth unsustainable arguments that it is meant to bring the freshers into the mainstream of campus life, that it helps in rounding up the angularities of the freshers who are awkward and uninitiated in the ways of college and university life. The supporters of ragging also hold forth that this results in understanding and mutual liking, which blooms into friendship.

On the contrary, many ragging incidents result into attempted suicides. Youngsters are subjected to unwholesome and unhealthy practir 3. Such actions breed hostility and a strong desire to seek revenge. The ragged youngster nurses th„* numiiiation in mind and next year, will take it out on a newcomer. The practice, thus, continues.

Hence, it calls for condemnation and a total ban of this practise of ragging.

Thank you.

Question 4.
You have to speak in your school’s morning assembly on ‘The Ideal Indian’. Draft your speech based on the visual given below and your own ideas in 150-200 words. You are Shrishti/Sunil of class XI.
Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises
Good morning, respected Principal Sir,

teachers and my dear friends. Today, I, Shrishti of class XI wili give my vision of The Ideal Indian’.

I have always dreamed of India to be a great country which will be a role model for other countries of the world. It will be a place where everybody is honest, trustworthy, caring and respectful so that the common man lives his life without any fear and has access to all the basic amenities required to lead a happy and * comfortable life.

Principles of basic education and employment will be followed here so that every citizen is both educated and employed. The Indian of my dreams will execute his responsibilities first and then only assert his rights. This will lead to a society where law and order will be maintained and people with good deeds will be appreciated, whereas the wrongdoers will be punished. This will inturn lead to an inspiring and empowering feeling in the minds of the citizens. Moral values, culture and heritage will be preserved here and passed on to future generations. That is the India I dream of. The ideal Indian will try to shun all malpractices and help the government in furthering the causes of national integration and maintenance of law and order.

Thank you.

Question 2.
You are Ashok, studying in class XI-B. You have been asked by your Principal to speak in the morning assembly on ‘The Importance of English’. Draft the speech in 150-200 words.
Good morning, respected Principal Sir, teachers and my friends. Today, I, Ashok of class Xi-B, will highlight the importance of English in today’s scenario.

English is a universal language which is now needed to be known by everyone. Without English, one feels handicapped. If you travel to any part of the world, and even to some parts of India, knowledge of English sees you through. That is why most public schools in cities are teaching in the English medium. The primary reason is that parents want their children to be fluent in English.

To get a reasonable job, it is a must to be able to write, understand and speak English, as it is the language of communication. Due to this, most of the interviews for good jobs and even admission interviews for colleges are conducted in English.

Many people wish to study or work abroad. To know the local language may be difficult and learning it would take time, but if one knows English, it comes to one’s rescue. Even the best study materials for research work are available only in English, Computers which are widely used can usually be used only with knowledge of English.

Thus, English is a must in today’s scenario.

Question 6.
Advertisements exercise a lot of influence on the common man. They have invaded man’s life through media. You have to speak on ‘The Effects of Advertisements on Consumers’ in the morning assembly. Write your speech in 150-200 words. You are Sana/Suresh of class XI-B.
Good morning, respected Principal Sir, teachers and my friends. Today, I, Suresh of class XI-B, will speak on The effects of advertisements on consumers’.

These days media is everywhere, be it TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet and other media. These media channels solicit advertisements to pay for their costs. The media is so full of advertisements that after every few minutes or pages, what you find is another round of advertisements. These repeated advertisements create a psychological effect on the viewers or listeners so that the product gets imbibed into their subconscious mind.

It is this excessive advertising that the consumers should be careful of, otherwise they will land up buying a heavily advertised product which may not be good. Young consumers specially children and teenagers are carried away by varied choices and end up spending a lot of money on buying products which they may not use at all.

Consumers need to be careful and must enquire before buying any product by researching and taking other people’s opinions who have already used a particular product. They should also utilise the available resources on social media through friends and other means before committing to any buying decisions.

The better informed consumer will not be carried away by advertisement alone and will judge a product in a balanced manner before buying it.

Question 7.
You are the first speaker in the Inter-House Declamation contest being held in your school. The topic chosen for the contest is ‘Ban Child Labour’. Write your speech in 150-200 words. You are Ashwini/Anuradha.
Good morning, respected Principal Sir, teachers and my friends. Today, I, Anuradha of Patel House, will speak on the given topic ‘Ban Child Labour’.

Child labour typically refers to employment of children below a certain age in organisations and industries with or without their legal permission. This problem is more acute in developing countries rather than developed countries primarily because of three reasons, namely low cost associated with child labour, the need of poor families to make their children work to get money and lack of will power for implementation of labour laws. Even within developing countries, it is the unorganised sector like shoe-making, safety matches, handmade clothes, bangles, carpet weaving etc that has a higher percentage of child labour.

The more disturbing part is the way children are treated during their employment. They are made to work long hours, not given proper food, deprived of basic sanitation and often exposed to hazardous chemicals during the course of their work. This results in lack of growth, injuries or at times, even death of children. It also deprives the children of tender care, right to basic education, love and time to play.

To stop child labour, the government must strictly implement labour laws and severely punish employers found guilty of illegal child labour. Then only we can promise a better future for the children of this country. The government must find ways to end poverty which is one of the root causes of child labour.

Thank you.

Question 8.
You are participating in an Inter-School Declamation contest and the topic chosen is ‘Keep Your Town Clean’. Basing your ideas on the picture given below, write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in this contest. You are Prateek/Pragati.
Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises
Good morning judges, honourable teachers and my friends. Today, I, Pragati of Sunshine Public School, will speak on the topic ‘Keep Your Town Glean’.

We all know that ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’. To maintain this good health, we should live in a healthy environment and surroundings. The most important of these are the sanitary conditions. We should not throw our litter or waste material anywhere, but use the dustbins provided by the Municipal Corporation outside the home and waste bins inside our homes. Garbage should be properly disposed off otherwise it will spread all kinds of diseases.

We should also try to ensure that all drains are covered. Stray animals should not be allowed in the colonies so that they do not dirty the drains and other areas with their excreta. Slum dwellers should be made aware of the necessity of healthy surroundings. Also, the Municipal Corporation sanitation staff should be taken to task if they neglect their work.

Friends, it is our responsibility to keep our town clean. Each one should do his/her bit; then only will it pay off.

Thank you.

Question 9.
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ is a well-known saying. You are Kavi/Kavita of class XI. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the school morning assembly on the benefits of rising early.
Good Morning respected Principal Sir, teachers and my dear friends.

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ is a famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the famous American scientist. How right he was! So today, I, Kavita of class XI, will speak about the benefits of rising early.

According to research conducted recently, students who consistently wake up early each day actually scored better in tests and overall grade points than those who woke later on. Of course, this is not simply a result of waking up early, but when you wake up early, you’re more likely to take part in a fixed routine, and most importantly, you will eat a good breakfast. Late risers tend to skip breakfast to make up for the lost time, but this is a bad idea because your body needs those nutrients in the morning for energy and focusing on your tasks. Some of the most successful people in the world are early risers. It’s simple: if you wake up early, you get more time to get things done. There are less distractions in the early hours of the day and your brain is charged and ready to work hard. You are at your efficient best and will get things done quickly and efficiently. When a man is healthy and wealthy, he automatically grows wise. Early morning is the best time for the students and other intellectual workers to go about their work. They are fresh after the night’s rest and there is not much noise at this time to disturb them.

Thank you.

Question 10.
Shweta has to deliver a speech in the morning assembly on the topic: ‘The Generation Gap is destroying family life’. Write her speech in about 150-200 words.


Respected Chairman, honourable judges, members of the staff, and my dear Mends!
I stand before you to speak my mind on “The Generation Gap is destroying family life’. There are many points to support this contention.
The generation gap has caused à chasm between the old and the young. There is a clash of ideas and ideals, tastes, ways of thinking, and lifestyle. The young hanker after luxury, comfort, and material happiness. They believe in full enjoyment and complete freedom. The elders insist on moral and spiritual values. They advocate renunciation and control of desires. The children think that their parents are slaves to customs.

The generation gap is evident in behaviour and manners of the two classes. The elders believe in strict obedience to a superior authority. They want that children must respect their elders and learn to be polite. The children pine for freedom. They resent all sorts of curbs. They demand freedom of expression. They want to have a say in family affairs. They insist that their views must be given proper consideration. This leads to bickerings, heart-burning, and tension in the family.

The elders insist on discipline and strict compliance of their orders. They advocate smiling acceptance of punishment meted out for breach of discipline. The young insist on unrestrained freedom and frankness. They advocate freedom of self-expression and are unwilling to tolerate any interference in their personal affairs—career, love-affair, or marriage. Thus there is a wide gap between the two generations. This difference in their way of thinking and behaviour is destroying family life.
Hence, I conclude that ‘The generation gap is destroying family life’.
Thank you.

Speech Writing Self Assessment Class 11 CBSE Pdf

1 Eating disorders are not a fad diet or an experiment to lose weight, but they are serious complex disorders that may take years to recover from. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in a seminar on } ‘Health and Fitness’ on the topic ‘Eating disorders’.

2 You have to speak on ‘How to Avoid Being Cyber Bullied?’ Prepare your speech to he delivered at the Inter-School Declamation contest being organised as a part of the annual cultural festival of your school. You are Darpan/Deepika. (150-200 words).

3 Write a speech to be given in the morning assembly of your school on the topic ‘Evil of Casteism in our country’ in 150-200 words.

4 You have been chosen for representing your school at the regional level Inter-School Debate Contest. Prepare a speech in 150-200 words for the same on the topic ‘Newspapers Ought to Contain More News and Fewer Advertisements’.

5 Parents play an important role in children’s education. Strangely enough, the same parents who complain of drawbacks in the education system during the early years of their children’s education, suddenly realise the importance of exams, results, percentage, coaching and competitions when their children come to class XI-XII. Write a speech on the topic ‘Role of Parents in Children’s Education’ in 150-200 words.

6 Despite rising taxes and increasing restrictions against tobacco use, there are still approximately 250
million smokers in India and the number is going up. Prepare a speech in 150-200 words on the topic ‘Quit Smoking not Life’ for a group of young smokers urging them to quit smoking. ”

7 The success of any business or consumer product in today’s world depends in part on the target market’s ability to distinguish one product from another. Branding helps consumers to ultimately identify a product from those of the competition. Write a speech for the morning assembly on the topic ‘Brand Names Cost More-But is the Quality Better?’ You are Suresh/Smita. (150-200 words)

8 Road accidents are a common sight. Further, people are often seen shouting at and threatening the people who have annoyed them in other ways. Even overtaking them quite legally can enrage them. Write a speech on the topic ‘Road Rage’ in 150-200 words.

9 Narcotics Control Bureau is organising a declamation contest in your school as part of its observance of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic ‘Youth and Drug Abuse’.

10 On the occasion of National Consumer’s Day, you have to speak on the topic ‘Consumer Rights and their Protection’. Draft the speech in 150-200 words.

11 The Delhi Government has banned the use of polythene and plastic bags as they are non-biodegradable and harmful to every living being and the environment. But still people are using them for carrying things. Write a speech, to be delivered in the morning assembly, on the topic ‘Say No to Polythene Bags’ in 150 – 200 words.

12 India is a country of festivals. There is a series of festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. They reflect our culture and bring us closer. Based on the visuals given below, write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in your school’s morning assembly on this topic. You are Kiran, class XI-A.

13 Games play an important role in our lives. They are not only a means of entertainment but also keep us physically fit. Some like indoor games and other outdoor. Write a speech in 150-200 words for your school’s morning assembly on the topic ‘The Importance of games in our Life’.

14 The Internet has become essential in our lives today. Some browse for many hours at a stretch every day. However, we know that excess of anything is bad. So by doing this, they not only waste their time but spoil their health also. Write a speech to be delivered in an Inter-Class Declamation Contest in 150-200 words on the topic ‘The Harms of Excessive Internet Browsing’.

15 High buildings, the Metro train, shopping malls, big parks, wide roads, etc attract people to live in metro cities. However, traffic jams, pollution, crime, and insecurity disappoint them. Basing your ideas on the picture given below, write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly on the topic ‘Disadvantages of Living in a Big City’.