Report Writing for Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Types

A report is a factual description of an issue or a problem. A report is written for a clear purpose and for a particular audience. Various forms of reports are: newspaper reports, inquiry reports, progress or action taken report, a police report, a report of a meeting, etc., each having a distinct character and format.

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Report Writing for Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Types

A report is a description of an event or an. investigation of an issue or a problem. It may also be an objective analysis or evaluation of something. It is a vivid expression of a person’s experience. It is a commentary on the incidents seen by the reporter. The purpose of a report is to highlight an incident, event or experience of general nature. Reports create awareness among readers, give voice to many social problems and help in solving them through the concerned authorities.

Types of Report Speech In Class 11 CBSE

Mainly there are two types of reports in class 11th syllabus

  1. Newspaper reports involving accidents
  2. Reports on events/functions

Points to be Kept in Mind

  • A good report should present all the necessary information as clearly as possible.
  • Write in a practical and businesslike manner.
  • Write in indirect speech and preferably in a passive voice.
  • Write in third person form and avoid using pronouns like I, me, or you.
  • Ornamental language is to be avoided. The contents should include details like what, when, where, why, who, how, eye-witness account, action/mishap, etc.
  • The aim of the report and source from where it was obtained should be mentioned at the beginning itself.
  • It should have a proper heading and simple language, easy to grasp, in several small paragraphs.
  • Adhere to the word limit of 150-200 words

Newspaper Reports
Involving Accidents

Value Points
O Be Used In An Accident Report

  • What happened
  • When
  • Why(if known)
  • Loss of life and property
  • Details of the accident site
  • Details of casualties – dead/injured/hospitalised
  • Compensation to families of those killed or injured
  • Where
  • How
  • People/vehicles involved
  • Eye-witness account (if any)
  • Details of rescue and relief operation
  • Police action/enquiry ordered
  • Warning/recommendations/action required

Format of An Accident Report
Rishikesh is popular in India for its river rafting. A well-known rafting guide gets drowned in the river after saving six Delhi tourists. Write a report, to be published in a local daily, covering this rafting mishap. (150-200 words)
Report Writing for Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Types 1

Report Writing Examples for Class 12 with Answers CBSE Pdf

A private boat carrying 43 tourists sank between the Andaman and Nicobar Islands leaving 21 people dead. As Pranjal/ Pranshu, staff reporter for ‘The Times of India’, write your report in 150-200 words.

21 Dead As Boat Capsizes Off India’S Andaman And Nicobar Islands
by Staff Reporter Pranjal, The Times of India

New Delhi, 26th January, 20XX

A tourist boat capsized off the coast of India’s remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands at 8:40 PM yesterday leaving 21 people dead. The private boat was carrying 43 tourists, all believed to be Indians, when it sank between the popular spots of Ross Island and North Bay near Port Blair, the capital of the islands. Some people were pulled out from the water and were taken to a hospital in Port Blair, with several of them in serious condition.

Rescue operations were underway for at least another nine people still missing, who may be trapped in the now submerged vessel. The Prime Minister expressed shock over the tragedy and has asked India’s national agencies to help in the rescue and relief operation.

A list of the dead and injured was expected to be released soon with the relatives being urged to contact the control room for information.

Report Writing Practice Worksheets with Answers Class 11 CBSE

Question 1.
A daylight robbery took place in Bhubaneswar in Khurda Tank police station limits when the Branch Staff of SBI were on their way back after collecting ₹ 60 lakh from the regional office of the Reserve Bank. As a staff correspondent for ‘The Indian Express’, write a report in 150-200 words.

₹ 60 Lakh Looted In Armed Robbery
by Staff Correspondent Himanshu Sareen, The Indian Express

Bhuvaneswar, 4th February, 20XX

In a daring robbery, armed miscreants shot at employees of the State Bank of India (SBI) and looted ? 60 lakh from them. A security guard of the bank sustained a bullet injury in the incident. He is recovering in the city hospital. He has identified one of the dacoits as being an employee of the bank.

The incident took place at about 1:40 PM when the Branch Staff of SBI were on their way back to the branch carrying the cash withdrawn from the regional office of the Reserve Bank in a metal trunk. Their vehicle was intercepted by a Bolero and at least five miscreants got down and fired in the air. They then smashed one side glass window of the bank’s vehicle, dragged the driver out and thrashed him.

Other security personnel and the cashier were also roughed up and shot at. Terrorising the SBI staff, the dacoits fled after snatching their mobile phones and the metal trunk containing the cash. Khurda SP said that a hunt is on for the dacoits who had prior knowledge about the cash movement.

Question 2.
A case of racism in Delhi resulted in the death of a 19-year-old, portraying Delhiites as uncivilised, racist, hypocrites, and psychopaths. Write a report in 150-200 words covering the protest against the death of the 19-year-old. You are working as a reporter for ‘The Hindustan Times’.

North-East Students Protest Death Of Nido Tania
by Staff Reporter Amrit Singh, The Hindustan Times

New Delhi, 6th February, 20XX

A group of students from-the North-East staged a protest against the death of an Arunachal Pradesh MLA’s son after being allegedly thrashed to death in Lajpat Nagar.

This protest at the Union Home Minister’s residence followed the earlier demonstration held in front of the Lajpat Nagar Police Station, under whose jurisdiction the Lajpat Nagar areas falls.

The 19-year-old student Nido Tania was allegedly beaten up by some shopkeepers following an altercation sparked by their taunts on his hairstyle. Police reached the spot and brokered a compromise, after which Tania returned home with friends.

However, he did not wake up the next day and was declared brought dead at AIIMS. Protestors in large numbers gathered outside the Lajpat Nagar Police Station and raised slogAnswer: against the police. Police have registered a case of murder and are probing the matter. A magisterial inquiry has also been ordered.

Question 3.
Nearly 158 people are feared dead after an airliner crashed while landing near the South Indian city of Mangalore. All the passengers on the flight were Indian nationals with many returning from jobs in the Gulf to visit their families. As a reporter of a national daily, report the accident in 150-200 words.

158 Feared Dead After Airliner Crash
by Staff Reporter Aditi Jhalani, The Hindustan Times

Mangalore, 27th December, 20XX

An Air India Express airliner crashed and burst into flames outside an airport in South India killing ,158 people, many thought to be Indian migrant workers returning home from Dubai. The Boeing 737-800 appeared to skid off the table-top runway in rain at Mangalore Airport in Karnataka state and plunged into the forest below. Flames spouted from the wreckage as rescue workers fought to bring the fire under control.

Eight people from among 166 passengers and crew on board were rescued and shifted to local hospitals. Survivors said that they thought they heard what sounded like a tyre bursting just before the crash. Officials said that all 158 bodies had been recovered, some burned beyond recognition. The Minister for Civil Aviation said that he felt ‘morally responsible’ for the crash. He conveyed his condolences to the bereaved families.

Question 4.
A fire broke out in a slum area near Seemapuri in Delhi. Write a report in 150-200 words for ‘The Times of India’. You are Rohan/Rohini, a staff reporter.

So Killed, Ioo Injured In Massive Fire
by Staff Reporter Rohan, The Times of India

Delhi, 17th August, 20XX

Nearly 500 dwellings were gutted last evening at 5 PM in a fire that broke out in a densely populated slum near Seemapuri. 50 people are reported dead while another 100 are admitted to hospital in a critical condition. A lot of hutments of the area were using plastic sheets as waterproofing for their roofs and these may have caused the fire to spread.

The original cause of the fire is still unknown. According to an official, the piles of plastic fed the fire which turned wild. Rescue workers were seen carrying the dead and the injured to the nearby hospitals. The fire rendered a large number of families shelterless and without food. Many of the casualties occurred due to asphyxiation of the victims. A large number of the injured were having more than 80% burns, and thus were unlikely to survive.

The Chief Minister of Delhi visited the area and ordered an enquiry to establish the cause of the fire. He also announced grants in the form of cash and kind.

Question 5.
You are a Staff Reporter for ‘The Hindu’. You have been asked to report an accident where a bus lost control and hit a car, killing 3 people. Write the report in 150-200 words. Invent other necessary details.

Bus Hits Car, 3 Dead
by Staff Reporter, The Hindu

Kochi, 23rd June, 20XX

A bus travelling from Alleppey to Thrissur rammed into a car yesterday, killing 3 people on the spot, near Ernakulam Station during the early hours of the morning.

In an attempt to overtake the lorry in front of it, the bus lost control leading to a head-on collision with a car which was coming from the opposite direction. All the passengers in the car were killed on the spot. The passengers of the bus who had suffered minor injuries were given first aid at the nearby railway hospital. An eyewitness said that the bus driver was at fault as he was trying to overtake at a spot where there was no space.

The Kochi Police night patrol van, which was nearby, immediately arrived at the accident site and directed the rescue operations. The bus driver was arrested on the spot. An enquiry has been initiated.

It has been observed that this part of the road has been witnessing numerous accidents primarily due to vehicles travelling at speed due to lack of speed breakers, which are necessary in such a crowded area.

Reports on Events/ Functions

Value Points
To Be Used In A Report On Events/Functions

  • Type of function or its name
  • Date, time and place
  • Objective and main highlight of the programme
  • Description of the event
  • Prize distribution
  • Conclusion
  • Comments about the quality of the programme
  • Occasion
  • Name/Designation of the Chief Guest
  • Inauguration, (if any)
  • Chief Guests address to audience
  • Vote of thanks
  • Contribution of the writer, il any

Format Of An Event Report

You are Ameena/Aijaz of VK International School, New Delhi. Recently your school organised a cultural show as part of a cultural exchange programme. Write a report in 150-200 words for your school magazine.
Report Writing for Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Types 2

Report Writing Exercises with Answers Class 11 CBSE

Question 1.
Recently you attended a seminar on Adult Education organised by the CBSE. The seminar was held at VKT Public School, Delhi. Write a report on the seminar in 150-200 words to be published in ‘The Indian Express’, New Delhi. You are Garv/Gaurika, special correspondent of ‘The Indian Express’.

Seminar On Adult Education
by Garv, Special Correspondent, The Indian Express

New Delhi, 20th January, 20XX

A seminar on Adult Education was held from 10 PM to 4 PM on 17th January, 20XX at VKT Public School.

The seminar, organised by the CBSE, was attended by 150 delegates from 15 different schools. Most of the attendees were teachers from government schools and those schools which conduct classes for working people in the evenings. These teachers have faced many practical difficulties in spreading adult education.

The purpose of the seminar was to chalk out plAnswer: for spreading adult literacy in North district of Delhi. The seminar was presided over by a well-known educationist Dr VK Rao from the Directorate of Education. In his address, he referred to the extent of ignorance and illiteracy that prevails in the capital and how damaging it can be for those adults who are not educated, especially in the slums. Principals and teachers representing various schools gave suggestions regarding steps that could be taken to eradicate illiteracy.

The seminar was highly informative and laid out a road map for future action in this important mission.

Simple Report Writing Examples for Students for Class 11 CBSE

Question 1.
You are Advait/Adhika, a responsible citizen. You organised a campaign on ‘Say No to Illegal Child Labour ’ in your area. Write a report of the same for a local daily. (150-200 words)

Residents Launch Campaign Against Child Labour
by Advait

New Delhi, 24th January, 20XX .

A campaign to raise awareness and enforce a ban on the heinous crime of illegal child labour was launched last week by Angel Colony Resident Welfare Association in New Friends Colony area of New Delhi.

The Angel Colony has many slum clusters around it and many slum dwellers force their children even below 14 years of age to work in dhabas, in cycle repair shops, as well as in pavement stalls. The poor children remain illiterate just like their parents.

The campaign saw the residents, businessmen and labour coming together and participating wholeheartedly. It started with veteran freedom fighter Shri RK Sahay addressing the gathered crowd and highlighting the importance of education in the formative years of a child.

He remarked that working as’labour hinders the all-round growth of children. The crowd then held a peaceful march with posters and slogAnswer: in favour of banning child labour. The gathering then gave a signed petition to the Labour Commissioner to stop this illegal practice.

Question 2.
As a student reporter of your school magazine, write a report in 150-200 words on the Worker’s Day Celebration in the school.

Worker’S Day Celebration
by Anmol Juneja

1st May is celebrated as ‘Worker’s Day’ all over the world. To honour and highlight the dignity of labour, a prayer service and a short cultural event was organised by the students of our school. It was attended by the construction workers of the new school building, which is still under construction. The Principal had asked all the students of the school to be present, so that they could appreciate the contribution of the workers towards improving their lives.

The students welcomed the workers by offering flower bouquets to each one of them. Their hard work and dedication was appreciated in the address by the Director of the school. The students presented a colourful programme including a short skit, dance and a role play. A number of games were also organised for the workers.

Our Principal asked the students to develop a sense of equality and treat the workers justly. The programme concluded with the slogan ‘Love and Respect Workers’ and the singing of the National Anthem.

Question 3.
In order to promote the book reading habit amongst school children, your school organised a ‘Book Week’. During this week, a number of exciting activities including interaction sessions with eminent authors took place.

As Head Boy/Girl of the school, you were actively involved in making all the arrangements. Write a report for the local newspaper in 150-200 words.

Book Week Organised
by Shivani Mittal, Head Girl, Rama Krishna School, Meerut

Rama Krishna School in Meerut Cantt organised the annual ‘Book Week’ from 1st to 7th November, 20XX in the school premises. The idea of celebrating the ‘Book Week’ was mooted by Ms Shalini Taneja, senior teacher in English. The Book Week was aimed at promoting the book reading habit amongst school children, for a better understanding of English literature. The Book Week brought together the high profile works and new editions of prominent writers from India and abroad. Besides the books, magazines, maps, teaching aids and computer software were also on display.

One of the main attractions of the celebration was an interactive session with the eminent and prolific writer, Mr Vikram Seth. Mr Seth gave an inspiring speech to the students, motivating them to focus on creative writing. Book covers featuring the famous titles of his books, attractively designed by student artists, were also displayed. Many Inter-house competitions like literary quiz, book character, fancy dress, debate, poster-making etc were held during the week.

The winners were awarded by the school Principal, Mr Sahney, in an award ceremony organised on the last day of the Book Week.

Question 4.
You are Kavya/Karuna, a special correspondent of a leading newspaper. You were sent to cover the India International Trade Fair (IITF) held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Write a report in 150-200 words.

Automobile Industry Dominates International Trade Fair
by Karuna, Special Correspondent
The Times of India

New Delhi, 15th November, 20XX.

The India International Trade Fair (IITF) at Pragati Maidan takes place every year from 14th to 27th November. This year, the fair was inaugurated by the Prime Minister. The theme of the fair this time was automobile industry.

Well-known Indian companies like Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Eicher, Mahindra, Hero, Bajaj, Kinetic and others had large stalls managed by knowledgeable staff, who impressed all the visitors.

Apart from Indian automobile companies, many automobile companies from abroad participated in this fair. Automobile giants such as Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc launched their luxury cars for the Indian market. Other than automobiles, there were stalls displaying the artifacts, electronics, textiles, etc. from the participating countries. Pavilions of different states could be seen. The exhibition showcased India’s progress in numerous fields. All the stalls drew large crowds and their exhibits were sold in quick time.

Such fairs help in strengthening business and cultural ties with other countries and, thus, should be promoted.

Question 5.
You are Surbhi/Sahil, Cultural Correspondent of your school magazine. Write a report for the magazine on the celebration of the Annual Day of your school in 150-200 words. Mention one of the items presented, whose picture is given below.
Report Writing for Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Types 3

Annual Day Function
by Sahil, Cultural Correspondent

On 24th September, the school’s Annual Day Function was held from 5 PM onwards in the school auditorium. The Chief Guest, Mr Abhinav Bindra, the champion shooter, was a special attraction at the function.

The function was formally started by the Chief Guest by lighting the traditional lamp. Then, the various cultural items were presented on the stage by the students. The ‘Mushira’ (poetry conclave) by the senior students became an instant hit because of its humorous poems. Additionally, the Tribal Dance’ by the primary classes got a ‘once more’. Each and every item presented was the result of the hard work put in to make it perfect by the student participants and the teachers.

Then the Chief Guest was invited on the stage to give away the prizes. The best houses in academics, sports and co-curricu!ar activities were awarded. After the prize distribution, Mr Bindra addressed everyone, saying that he could not conceal his happiness to be amongst students. He mentioned that he had learnt a lot from his teachers. Our Principal then proposed the vote of thanks to end the function. With the singing of the National Anthem, the curtain was brought down on the function.

Simple Report Writing Assessment for Students

1. You are Amrita/ Amrath, staff correspondent of ‘The Times of India’, Mumbai. You visited the places in the city devastated by the terrorist attack in November, 2008. Write a report on the loss of lives and the immense damage caused to property. (150-200 words)

2. You are a special correspondent of a local newspaper. You have been asked to cover an accident involving a . petrol tanker on a national highway passing through your city. Write your report in 150-200 words.

3. Recently your town experienced a cloudburst during heavy rains. Write a newspaper report covering the incident in 150-200 words.

4. You were travelling by Konark Express from Chennai to Bhubaneswar. In the wee hours, 3 bogies of the train got derailed and the train came to a grinding halt when it was nearing Bhubaneswar. All the passengers were awakened from their slumber to realise that their lives were in danger. Draft a report in 150-200 words for a local daily after you were rescued. You are Rishabh/Ritika, a staff reporter.

5. As a staff reporter for ‘Hindustan Times’, who witnessed the collapse of the building in Rani Nagar which led to the death of sixty-five people, write a report in 150-200 words for publication in the newspaper.

6. A special Theatre Festival is being held in your city. Many well-known modern plays will be staged by amateur theatre groups in this week-long festival. Write a report in 150-200 words on the proceedings of the inaugural day of the festival.

7. Recently some property of your school was vandalised by some unknown people. The Principal of the school has asked you to prepare a report on the incident. Draft a report in 150-200 words.

8 . You are Surbhi/Saurabh, working as a correspondent for ‘The Indian Express’ at Mumbai. You were invited by the organisers to cover the much awaited programme of the music sensation Rihanna in Mumbai. Write a report on this historic event, giving necessary details in 150-200 words.

9. You are Vidhu/Vaibhav. You have observed that health clubs and beauty parlours are mushrooming everywhere. Recently the residents of your colony had attended a seminar on the subject wherein people talked about the growing awareness of health and beauty. Write a report in 150-200 words.

10. You recently attended a camp organised by SPCA-Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Prepare a report about it to be published in your school magazine in 150-200 words.

11. You were eyewitness to a fire in a flat in your housing society. You were able to take a photo of the fire with your mobile phone’s camera, which is given below. Write a report about the incident in 150 – 200 words for a local newspaper.
Report Writing for Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Types 4

12. You are Kirti/Kamal, the Cultural Secretary of your school. Recently your school celebrated the 20th anniversary of its foundation. Write a report for your school magazine in 150 – 200 words on the celebration of Founder’s Day in your school.

13. As the staff reporter for the ‘Deccan Herald’ newspaper, report on the recent riots in your city, using the picture given below as a guide and inventing the other details, in 150 – 200 words.
Report Writing for Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Types 5

14. You are Rashmi / Ravi, a special correspondent of ‘Nai Duniya’ newspaper. You have been asked to cover the two-day cultural fiesta being organised by the local branch of the Rotary Club in aid of the poor. Write the report in 150 – 200 words.

15. You are Karan/ Karishma, the literary correspondent of ‘The Indian Express’. A festival of Shakespeare’s plays is being organised, by a visiting drama group from the UK in your city. Your editor has asked you to write a report in 150 – 200 words on the festival. Base your report on a picture of the festival given below and what you saw when you attended the staging of one of the plays.
Report Writing for Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Types 6