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Narrative Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises PDF

Under this head, you may be asked to recount an event/incident that you have experienced. It is a first-person account of the event or incident.
Format: Heading
Writer’s name and class
Language: Should be semi-formal. Try to be simple but attractive and appealing. Avoid displaying your linguistic ability
Content :
— factual information about incident/experience
— date, time, venue of the incident experience
— sequence of actions/incidents
— reaction to the incident

Format Of Narrative Writing Class 11 CBSE Pdf

Write a narrative on Inter-School story writing competition. (150-200 words)
Narrative Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises 1

Narrative Writing Examples Answers Pdf Class 11 CBSE

Question 1.
Last month you had to go to Delhi by train in an emergency. You got on the train without buying the ticket. Describe your experience in 150-200 words mentioning the following points:
— travelling without a ticket is a crime, what made you travel in such a manner?
—  your feelings as you boarded the train.
—  your encounter with the ticket-checker.
— how much did you pay as fare and fine.

[Arun, XI A]

Last month I had to go to Delhi by train suddenly at very short notice. It was an experience which I do not wish to repeat ever. It caused me great embarrassment.
I received a telephonic message that my friend had been seriously injured and was lying in R.M.L. Hospital, Delhi in a critical stage. I at once rushed to the Railway station. An express train was just leaving for Delhi. In my anxiety to be beside my Mend, I forgot that I hadn’t purchased a ticket. The fact dawned on me as a ticket checker entered our compartment. I related the circumstances, but he wouldn’t believe my story. Other passengers made funny remarks and gestures at my discomfiture. I had to pay a hefty fine as well as fare from Aligarh, the last stop.
The incident left a deep impression on my mind. It still haunts me when I sit alone. I shudder to think about how unfeeling and apathetic human beings can be to the plight of others.

Question 2.
Imagine that you are a waiter in the restaurant of a five-star hotel. Narrate in 150-200 words the life-enriching experience of working under a restaurant manager who was a born leader.

A Born Leader

Mr Krishna was the kind of guy you love a lot. He was my manager in the Kababs and Curries restaurant in Taj Moonlight Hotel. Always in a good mood, he had something positive to say at all times. When someone would ask him how he was, he would reply, “If I were any better, I would be twins!” He was a unique manager because when he switched employers, many waiters followed him. The reason was because of his wonderful attitude. He was a natural motivator. If an employee was having a bad day, Mr Krishna was always there telling the sulking employee to look at the positive side of the situation. Always smiling at everybody, his cheerfulness was infectious.

He even helped us out when we had personal or family difficulties. He was a natural counsellor and his suggestions invariably solved our personal problems. Now that he has retired, we will miss him, but will still approach him for advice when we need it.

Narrative Writing Practice Example Answers Pdf Class 11 CBSE

Question 1.
You were travelling in a long-distance bus in the hills and your bus broke down at night. As it could not be repaired immediately, you were forced to spend the night at a nearby mountain village. Narrate the experience in 150-200 words.

An Enlightening Incident

This incident occurred in those days when buses did not travel at night in the hill areas of Uttarakhand and there were no mobile phones. I was going to Karnaprayag from Rishikesh. The bus first had a flat tyre near Kirtinagar and finally its engine broke down after we had passed Rudraprayag at dusk. Night had fallen and there was no prospect of the bus being repaired then. The conductor requested us to spend the night at the village just above the road.

We were very few passengers, so all of us climbed the hill to reach the village. As the village was not electrified, we could see some homes with lanterns. When we explained our plight to the villagers, they became very hospitable and provided some food and a welcome cup of tea. Further, they even arranged for us to spend the night, with the passengers being spread out among the various families inhabiting the village.

The next morning, after the villagers had provided us tea and snacks, we went down to the road. Soon the first morning bus from Rudraprayag arrived and we continued our journey after an enlightening experience.

Question 2.
Develop a story in 150 -200 words on ‘Helping is a noble feeling’.

Helping Is A Noble Feeling

I like the monsoon season. Rain drops, puddles and the cloudy sky gives me an excuse to stay back home, miss tuitions and be with my cousins. But that evening all my planning and calculation went wrong when I saw Lucy. Lucy was getting drenched in the rain and looked at me with longing eyes. Her puppies too were standing close to her as they were scared to see their first rain. I just couldn’t escape without aiding this helpless animal. Lucy was a street dog, that was loved by all our society members. I discovered that the roof of her shelter had got damaged because of the heavy rain.

First, I opened and kept my umbrella on the ground and guided Lucy and her puppies under it. Next, I ran to the parking area where I knew there was a thrown away wooden board. It was quite heavy and difficult for me to carry, yet I somehow managed to drag it to the dog’s shelter. I placed it over the shelter as a temporary roof and kept bricks over it. Lucy looked at me with gratified eyes and showed her affection by rubbing her head against my feet. That little gesture gave me immense contentment.

Question 3.
Rains are beautiful but they are also notorious for throwing public life out of gear. Write a narrative in 150-200 words on an unusual rainy day in your town.

Notorious Rains

I remember it was 17th August last year when it rained incessantly in our area.

It poured and poured and poured, flooding all the streets, choking sewerage lines, and bringing all life to a halt. What a day it was! People were seen dragging their scooters and motorcycles or pushing their cars out of the water, which had perhaps entered their engines. There were a power outage and absolute chaos on roads with helpless people trying, with whatever meat hand, to flush out the rising water from their homes and shops. Perhaps the only people who were happy were school children, for some of them did not have to go to school, and those who went enjoyed playing in the rain.

Mother made pakoras for us and the house was filled with the aroma. I picked up my favourite novel and enjoyed it with fresh pakoras, sitting at the window for the fresh breeze coming through it.

Question 4.
Narrate a memorable excursion in 150-200 words.

A Memorable Excursion

One day, I decided to take my new motorboat for its first spin around the vast lake where it was kept. After I got in the boat, I launched it out to the middle of the lake, What I didn’t check was the weather and the amount of gas left in the boat.

As I reached the middle of the lake, it became so foggy that I couldn’t even see where I was going. I did not know what to do. Then, of all things, the motor shut down! I began to think that I would have to row back to the shore. I tilted up the motor and began to row towards where I thought the shore would be.

After some time, I put down the motor and tried to start it again, but it still did not start. It was about five minutes before I started to make progress rowing, by then I could faintly see the shore. I knew it must be about a ten-minute row from where I was.

About fifteen minutes later, I was at the dock on the shore. It felt great to be back home and know that I was safe. I would forever remember this boat trip.

Question 5.
You had the unfortunate experience of being forced to travel on the roof of a crowded bus. Narrate your experience based on the visual given below and your own ideas in 150-200 words.
Narrative Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises 2

A Dreadful Experience

Once I had to travel to my native village for attending a wedding in the family during the summer month of May. The bus was overcrowded when it reached our stop and I had no alternative but to climb onto its roof like some other passengers, as it was the only bus on that route during the day.

When the bus gathered speed, strong currents of hot air buffeted our faces and the midday sun beat down on us relentlessly. Some dust particles entered my eyes and I had to shut them to ease the shooting pain. Very often the roof passengers had to bend down to save being struck by tree branches overhanging the road. We had to hold on desperately to the luggage carrier railings whenever the bus jerked to the side or suddenly braked, as otherwise we would have been flung off the bus to our death.

After two hours of such travel, I was relieved when the bus reached the stop nearest to my native village. I had a cup of hot tea to refresh myself at the Dhaba near the stop before trudging to the village about a kilometre away.

Question 6.
Write a narrative in 150-200 words about a scary experience that left you in shivers.

Ghostly Woman

I was walking in the park with my dog Caesar that winter evening.

Suddenly I heard a shriek from the corner of the park. As I went in the direction of the shriek, I came across a woman who appeared to be sitting on the bench in the park and crying.
I went towards her and offered her my help.
“Did you see my John?”, she asked. “He’s about five.”
“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t see any children about”, I answered.

She grabbed my arm and started crying very loudly. I tried to pull away but it was of no use. I saw Caesar looking at the woman with terror and trying to pull me away. I somehow managed to free my hand from her grasp only to find that the woman had suddenly disappeared.
I could not believe my eyes and started to run from there.
I narrated the entire incident to my neighbour. And this is what he told me…

There was a woman who used to live in the neighbourhood with her husband and son. One day, her husband left for work and died in an accident. Her only hope was her son but unfortunately, he was abducted from the park and never returned. The woman died of a broken heart.

From that day on, her ghostly figure has been seen wandering and searching for her son in the park.

Question 7.
You took part in a fancy dress competition that was held in your school and won the first prize. Describe your experience in about 150-200 words mentioning the following points: The occasion and the place; the competitors; fancy dresses displayed by them; my performance; prizes.

[by XYZ]

A variety of programme was organised in our school in aid of the drought-affected people. Fancy dress competition was one of the items. It attracted as many as 20 participants. All of them seemed glorious in their splendid dresses. One of them had dressed as Lord Shiva, the “Nataraj’. A girl had dressed as a reaper. A boy had come dressed as a juggler and displayed breathtaking feats. People felt amazed and clapped. Then came my turn. I had dressed as an old beggar. As I stepped down from the stage and went towards the chief guest with piteous looks and hand spread out for alms, the spectators stood up. My gestures and movements had so moved them that they offered me coins. My item was a huge success and I was awarded the first prize.

Question 8.
Write a narrative titled ‘The Day I was in the Spotlight’ mentioning how you won the Inter-School Declamation Contest in 150-200 words.

The Day I Was In The Spotlight

Sometime in February, my class teacher told us about the Inter-School Declamation Contest that was going to be held the following month. The topic was “People who have overcome obstacles in their lives.” I thought that my grandmother, who has had recurring cancer 13 times and is still living, would be perfect. She has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life.

A couple of weeks later, the students of my class gave their presentations. I was one of the selected ones! The following week I competed with students of other classes. Finally, I was selected to represent the school. The day of the contest rolled around. I was in the auditorium with people all around, including the judges, listening to every word I said. I was the sixth to present. I was soon done; what a relief!

Soon the judges announced the winners. You’ve guessed it right! I had just won the first prize! That was my once-in-a-lifetime moment. The students in the audience were going wild clapping and cheering! That was a moment I will always remember when I took the spotlight!

Question 9.
You are fond of animals. Share your experience of acquiring a pet dog whom you named Gipsy in 150-200 words. You love the dog a lot.

Gipsy’S Life Story

I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but one day my parents asked if I wanted to have a pet dog. I, of course, said yes. I was so excited about getting a dog!

Before I knew it, we were on our way to the breeder. Soon we decided on taking a Shetland puppy who was just two months old.

First of all, we had to give him a name. We came up with the name Gipsy due to his straggly hair. We loved Gipsy, yet it wasn’t all fun and games. We had to make major adjustments for him. When he was young, we had to blockade certain parts of the house because they were too dangerous for him. Another reason we had to block things off was that Gipsy was not yet housebroken. We also had to ensure our food was kept out of his reach. Finally, we had to build him a kennel.

Yes, we had to make a lot of changes, but Gipsy has changed a lot since the day we got him. He is no longer a puppy, and he is housebroken! Now he’s pretty much everyone’s buddy. We are so glad we found him.

Question 10.
You injured your finger in a big blue door. Narrate the experience in 150-200 words.

The Big Blue Door

“Dinesh! Go, quick, run!” someone yelled as my friend Rohan hit a huge shot while we were playing cricket. “Ahhhh! ’’

“Here I’ll take you to the medical room”, I said as I got Rohan, who was bleeding because he had tripped on the concrete. I took him to the nurse. I told her how Rohan had grazed his knee badly on the ground. I left Rohan with the nurse and started thinking about continuing cricket with my friends before lunch ended.

I mindlessly opened the door of the medical room. As I walked out, I subconsciously dragged my index finger along the big, blue, spring-loaded door, but something wasn’t right. Something grabbed my finger and pulled me back. Hang on, this is starting to hurt. Ow, now it’s really hurting. Oh my God, this is excruciating!

I fumbled, then pushed with all my might to open the heavy door. My only thought was to get that door to open as I screamed as loud as I could. After what felt like hours, I managed to free my finger. I came screaming back into the first aid room. Thank God! My finger wasn’t broken, but I have never ever again walked through that door without being careful.

Narrative Writing Assessment Class 11 CBSE Pdf

Question 1.
Write a narrative about a time when you did not perform well in the examinations even though you worked hard for them. Focusing on an experience like this can result in rewarding reflections about the positive emerging from the negative. (150-200 words)

Question 2.
You witnessed a pickpocket being caught red-handed by a passenger in a bus running on route no 12 from New Agra to Tajganj. Narrate the incident in 150-200 words.

Question 3.
You were witness to a street fight between a landlord and his tenant, which ended in the death of the tenant. The landlord’s uncouth behaviour and violent action called for police action. Narrate the incident in 150-200 words to the police officials.

Question 4.
Write about a time when you seriously injured your best friend in his/her back unintentionally. Narrate the incident in 150-200 words. Or Write about a time when you unintentionally injured your best friend in his/her back.

Question 5.
Narrate the success story of an athlete emphasising his hardships, the time he had to sleep on the pavements for a week, and the number of hours a day that he practiced. Focus on how he overcame adversity to succeed. (150-200 words)

Question 6.
Narrate an unfortunate accident when you lost control while driving and your car ran over a young girl, injuring her badly. (150-200 words)

Question 7.
You were a witness to a scuffle between two students during recess time. Your Principal wants to investigate the matter and has asked you to narrate the incident in your own words. Write the narrative in 150-200 words.

Question 8.
Think about a time when something significant changed your outlook towards life. Write it in form of a narrative in 150-200 words.

Question 9.
‘What goes around comes around.’ Narrate an incident in 150-200 words illustrating the given idiom.

Question 10.
Narrate an incident which took place in your life much later than you actually saw it in one of your dreams. (150-200 words)

Question 11.
During your winter holidays, you visited your cousins who still live in your ancestral village, farming the family land. Based on the visuals given below, narrate your experience in 150-200 words.
Narrative Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises 3

Question 12.
You visited the India Book Fair last Sunday at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, and purchased some books at a bargain price. Besides this, you enjoyed the eateries there too. Narrate your experience in 150-200 words.

Question 13.
Your class had a grand picnic when you visited a national park near your town last week. Narrate what happened on the picnic in 150-200 words based on the visuals given below.
Narrative Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises 4

Question 14.
Narrate your horrifying experience on a stormy night when you were alone at home, as your parents had gone out to attend a wedding, and the lights went out. Write the narrative in 150-200 words,

Question 15.
You recently visited the weekly bazaar in your locality with your mother. do your family’s monthly shopping. Narrate your experience there in 150-200 words based on the visuals given below.
Narrative Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises 5

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