Articles Exercises for Class 7 CBSE With AnswersArticles are used to indicate the number of singular nouns (a, an) and to specify which noun is being talked about (the). A and an are indefinite articles. They are used to refer to a singular countable noun in general or for the first time.

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Exercise on Articles for Class 7 CBSE With Answers

The is a definite article. It is used to refer to a particular noun, or when both the speaker and hearer know what is being referred to.

  • Shweta feels like eating an egg.
  • Aamir is reading the comic book Shweta gave him.

Both a and an are used with singular countable nouns.

  • Little Tim is eating an orange. I have a test today.

We cannot say a gold (✗), a water (✗), a strength (✗), because these nouns are uncountable. We use a before nouns beginning with a consonant sound.

  • I spotted a tiger at the national park.

We use an before nouns beginning with a vowel sound.

  • We also saw an ostrich at the farm.

Note that a noun may begin with one of the five vowel letters (a, e, i, o, u) but begin with a consonant sound. A noun may also begin with a consonant but have a vowel sound. We use a or an based on the sounds, not letters.


  • Neha has a university degree. (“university’ is spelled with a vowel, but pronounced ‘yoo – niversity’)
  • This is a one – way road. (‘one’ is spelled with a vowel, but pronounced ‘won’)
  • Sumit is an honest trader. (silent consonant ‘h’in the beginning, so begins with an ‘o’ sound)

If there is an adjective before the noun, the same rule applies. If the adjective has a vowel sound, use an; if it has a consonant sound, use a.

  • It was a bad orange.
  • I just finished an excellent book.

The is used:
before some proper nouns such as, names of monuments, oceans, mountain ranges, holy books, directions, seas, rivers, newspapers, magazines, families and titles, etc.

  • the Taj Mahal, the Pacific Ocean, the Alps, the Bible, the Arabian Sea, the Nile, the Khans, the Prime Minister, the Caravan

before names of some countries

  • the West Indies, the United States of America

before names of things that are unique and one of a kind

  • the sun, the Earth

before a singular common noun which represents the entire class

  • the cow, the peacock

before all superlatives Examples: the sweetest song, the darkest cloud before ordinals and other similar adjectives that show order

  • the fifth key, the next chapter

with parallel structures

  • The sooner you go, the better.

Repetition Of Articles
In some cases, it is important to repeat the articles to make the meaning clear. If there are two or more adjectives in the same sentence referring to the same noun, the article is used before the first adjective only. If different adjectives refer to different pounds, we must add an article before each adjective.


  • Sumit has a black and white cat. (Sumit has a cat which is black and white in colour.)
  • Sumit has a black and a white cat. (Sumit has two cats, one is black and the other is white.)

Read the picture story.

A. Answer the following questions.
(i) Where did the narrator visit?
(ii) Describe an ice-cream workshop?
(iii) Why did the narrator feel delighted at the end of the story?

Articles Exercises With Answers for Class 7 CBSE

A. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles and put a cross (x) where it is not required.

1. I like _____________ blue T-shirt over there better than _____________ red one.
2. Their car does 150 miles _____________ hour.
3. Where’s _____________ USB drive I lent you last week?
4. Do you still live in _____________ Bihar?
5. Is your mother working in _____________ old office building?
6. Manya’s father works as _____________ electrician.
7. The tomatoes are 20 rupees _____________ kilo.
8. What do you usually have for _____________ breakfast?
9. Bunty has _____________ terrible headache.
10. After this tour you have _____________ whole afternoon free to explore the city.

B. Decide and then write, whether to use the definite article ‘the’ or not Put a cross if the article is not required.

1. Many home remedies are not very helpful and _____________ old ‘ice is good for a skin burn’ remedy is no exception.
2. _____________ slowest mammal on earth is the sloth, a native of South America, which is about the size of a small dog.
3. My brother is called to _____________ stage and the whole family is so proud.
4. A girl came to school dressed as a Japanese comic character. _____________ girl’s orange and purple streaked hair gave all of us a fright.
5. _____________ vase on the top of that shelf is a antique.
6. I would like to travel to _____________ moon one day.
7. Please paint _____________ gate green.
8. I admire _____________ Priyanka Chopra very much. She is wonderful.
9. My dream is to trek across _____________ Sahara and live like a nomad for a year.
10. _____________ stress can be good for us.

C. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles. If there is no need, put a cross mark

1. _____________ harder you try, _____________ better you become.
2. There is _____________ lot of _____________ rubbish at _____________ entrance of _____________ market.
3. An accident happened at _____________ tenth kilometer of _____________ Missouri highway.
4. Maya is _____________ new member of _____________ club that has more than a thousand members.
5. As _____________ result of _____________ heavy rain, several roads in _____________ district have been flooded and made impassable for _____________ traffic light.
6. _____________ university research vessel was destroyed in _____________ fire.
7. Several fishermen assisted by _____________ Mumbai Police, took about _____________ hour to douse _____________ flames.
8. Thousands of _____________ people rushed out of _____________ high-rise buildings yesterday, shaken by _____________ tremor from _____________ earthquake whose epicenter was off _____________ west coast of north Sumatra.
9. _____________ tremor, measuring 6.5 on _____________ Richter scale, was recorded at _____________ seismological stations in _____________ country.

10. Although _____________ flood level is below _____________ danger level, _____________ villagers have been asked to evacuate to _____________ nearest relief centers.

D. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles A, An and The wherever necessary.

1. While walking _____________ home one evening, Sachin saw _____________ fiery glow in one of _____________ classrooms in _____________ school. He shouted for _____________ help and soon _____________ large crowd had gathered. Someone summoned _____________ fire brigade, which put out _____________ fire in half _____________ hour.

2. Miss Khanna is _____________ social worker. She visits _____________ public institutions such as _____________ prisons, _____________ hospitals, _____________ mental clinics and _____________ homes for _____________ poor and _____________ aged. She helps to look after _____________ welfare of needy.

3. As we were walking past _____________ church, _____________ mysterious object flashed over our heads into _____________ clump of _____________ bushes nearby. We rushed to _____________ spot where _____________ object had fallen and found _____________ squirming feathered thing on _____________ ground. We wondered what kind of _____________ creature it was.

4. Pankaj left _____________ school after sitting for _____________ General Certificate of Education Examination last year. He went back to _____________ school last week to obtain _____________ testimonial from _____________ headmaster. He needed _____________ testimonial for _____________ interview with _____________ airline company.

5. He lived in _____________ notorious part of _____________ district and found it necessary to carry _____________ weapon for _____________ personal safety. He, therefore, wrote to _____________ Commissioner of _____________ Police for _____________ permit to carry _____________ pistol. He was given _____________ permit.

6. _____________ Bangkok is often called _____________ Venice of _____________ East on account of _____________ numerous canals or ‘klong’ there. There is _____________ almost total absence of _____________ roads; hence, _____________ visitor has to resort to _____________ boat as _____________ means of travel along _____________ ‘klong’.

7. Michelle is _____________ French girl but she has _____________ great interest in _____________ English language. She has also cultivated _____________ interest in _____________ foreign languages, especially _____________ German and _____________ Japanese. She is majoring in _____________ linguistics at _____________ university and hopes to be _____________ language teacher.

8. Mrs. Malhotra, _____________ art teacher at our school, is _____________ artist as well. I She paints during her spare time. Her paintings have won _____________ acclaim in _____________ art circles, and she has sold _____________ great many of them for quite _____________ enormous sums of money.

9. _____________ week before _____________ few cases of _____________ cholera had been reported. As _____________ result of this, _____________ medical staff at _____________ hospital were kept busy giving inoculations to all _____________ inhabitants of _____________ district. By this they hoped to avert _____________ cholera epidemic.

10. _____________ child was complaining of _____________ headache only _____________ few minutes ago. But look at him now; he’s having _____________ most enjoyable time in _____________ playground. Isn’t it _____________ wonder _____________ way _____________ children get _____________ headaches _____________ moment _____________ homework is mentioned?