Story Writing for Class 10 CBSE Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

A story is an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment. Stories cast a magic spell on all of us and have mind-altering effects. Stories give us inspiration and sometimes challenge our beliefs.

Story writing is an art It is the oldest form of written composition. It is a work of imagination that is written in an easily understandable grammatical structure. a short story is meant to be read in a single sitting and therefore it should be as direct and brief as possible.

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Story Writing for Class 10 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end. A story is divided into paragraphs. The first paragraph is introductory while the last one contains the conclusion. The paragraphs in the middle serve to develop the story.

Characteristics Of A Good Story:

  1. Write a catchy first paragraph
  2. Develop your characters
  3. Choose a point of view
  4. Write meaningful dialogue
  5. Use setting and context–setting includes the time, location, context and atmosphere where the plot takes place.
  6. Set up the plot–A plot is a series of events deliberately arranged so as to reveal their dramatic, thematic and emotional significance.
  7. Create conflict and tension–conflict produces tension that makes the story begin. Tension is created by the opposition between the character or character and internal or external forces or conditions.
  8. Build to a crisis or climax—this is the turning point of the story.
  9. Find a resolution––the solution to the conflict is resolved.

Stories are accounts of real or fictional incidents narrated in an interesting manner. A story needs to be planned well. Every story has some people who are the characters, their actions and reactions form the story. There has to be a background or a place which is referred to as the setting of the story. A writer also needs to think of additional details to make characters more realistic.

The different things that make a story are:

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Setting

Plot: Most stories have a sequence and purpose or the reason why the story is being told. Some stories have a moral or a message. Others have a usual ending or a suspense element. Some stories are adventurous, some are funny and some are scary. We see a starting point that moves through different courses to an ending point.

Characters: The story has people, animals or any other creatures as its characters. To add a touch of reality, it is necessary to base them on real life. It is also important to think of special qualities or behaviour patterns. Build the characters to create reactions of admiration, fear, hatred, etc. in the reading mind. There is usually one main character, the protagonist, and other supporting characters. Suitable thoughts or dialogue also add more details to the character.

Setting: The background of the story is the setting. The story can happen in a forest or a classroom. It is possible for the story to happen in a totally imaginary place like toyland, fairyland, etc. Again you will need to detail the settings to make it more suitable to the plot and the characters.

A story moves at different speeds in different situations. The story may be told through any one of the characters or a combination of some characters. It is very important to have a good beginning and proper ending.

Story Writing Topics to Remember

  • The story needs to be original.
  • The story needs to be told in an interesting manner.
  • The story needs to have a message.
  • The beginning of the story needs to be exciting and should capture the attention of the readers.
  • The end of the story needs to be worth remembering. An interesting and suitable title should be given.

Story Writing Topics for Class 10 CBSE Examples

Question 1.
I got up in the middle of the night, I was sweating profusely……….Complete the story in 150-200 words. (Board 2014, Set PRE2N18) (10 marks)

A Narrow Escape

I got up in the middle of the night, I was sweating profusely. I switched on the light only to find that there was some kind of electricity failure. I came out of the room to get some fresh air. It was stormy outside and that might have been the reason for the electricity failure. I drank cold water, took a chair, and sat in the verandah. Suddenly, I heard a loud shriek. It was coming from our neighbour’s house. I was so confused, now what to do. Then I gathered courage and went inside to fetch a torch. I took the torch and started moving towards my neighbour’s house.

I peeped inside from the window and saw two people who were covering the owners at gunpoint. I stepped back and started thinking of my next step. At that moment I heard a motorbike approaching near. It was cobra police on their patrolling. I signalled to them. They stopped and asked me the reason for stopping them. I told them the whole story. They immediately went inside to help the old couple. The miscreants were shocked at the sudden arrival of the police. They tried to escape but the policemen took prompt action and caught them. We heaved a sigh of relief. Suddenly, the whole area was illuminated as the power supply had resumed. The old couple saw me and thanked me for my sharp wittedness.

Question 2.
Knowledge is power. Based on the following visual along with your ideas, develop a story based on the theme of helping children from economically weaker sections of society (EWS) and below the poverty line (BPL) learn, in 200–250 words.
Story Writing for Class 10 CBSE Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

The Khusboo in My Life

For the past few days, I had been observing a thin, frail girl come and sit on the bench and look continuously for hours together at the passers-by without playing or talking to anyone. From her appearance, I concluded that she was from some economically weaker section of society. That day I could not control myself and went to talk to the sweet girl. After talking to her I found that her father had died in some clash during street violence and that her mother had gone out to work. Her name was Khushboo. When I talked to her she replied with jee’ every time which showed that she was a cultured girl. I pointed towards a house and told her that I stayed there and asked her if she wanted to come along with me. The girl thought for a while and then held my finger.

I was elated. I offered her something to eat which she ate after washing her hands. All my family members were impressed by that sweet girl. I showed her some storybooks with illustrations that she looked at very carefully. I asked her if she went to school. She told that her mother could not send her to school as they were very poor. Tears filled in her large innocent eyes, I decided to teach her.

As soon as I reached home from my college, she would run to me. This became a routine. I was glad to find that she was a lover of books. For hours together, she would turn pages of storybooks and enquire in detail about what was being spoken by the characters. Her desire to learn led me to ponder if I could ever teach her. And one day I held her tender fingers to teach her to write. Since that day there has been no looking back. We both share a very wonderful relation with each other. My mother says that she looks like my sister. And I have pledged to educate Khushboo.

Question 3.
Complete the story in 200–250 words.

It was a hot day. A blind man was crossing the road, suddenly a car came……..

It was a hot summer day. People were busy running around searching for cooler places to escape the scorching heat. Those who could not and were stuck in their offices, were returning home, tired and withered like a dried plant. People returning home were trying to drive fast in order to reach home and be in the cool comfort of their homes. Mr. Jain was returning home after his monthly visit to the bank, to collect his pension.

His wife was at home. His son had worked hard at college and was now studying to be a doctor. He wanted to help restore his father’s sight. The blind man’s eyes welled up with tears thinking about his son. Lost in his thoughts, carelessly he started crossing the busy road. Suddenly a loud screeching of brakes was heard. Everyone rushed to see what the whole commotion was all about. Mr. Jain was lying helplessly on the road. Someone from the crowd came forward and helped him sit up.

The motorist had applied brakes at the right time and that had saved the old man. She rushed out of her car and seated the old man into her car. She apologized profusely and took him to the hospital. The doctors said that he was perfectly fine. The motorist then decided to drop the old man home. There she saw his wife and the photo of his son. It was her best friend Ankit Jain. She was grateful to God that Mr. Jain was absolutely safe.

Question 4.
Write a story in 200–250 words. Use the clues provided to begin the story. Provide a suitable title.

Aman – sixteen years old – returns after school – next door building – thick smoke from window – old couple lives there – A man must take immediate action.


Aman saves the old couple

Aman said bye to his friends Nikhil and Nysa and got down from the bus. It had been a hectic day. Exams were round the corner and his teachers had started taking regular tests. On Monday was the dreaded subject, Mathematics. Aman knew he had to work hard to get good marks. His parents were working hard so that he could secure admission in a good school. He reached home and opened the door with his key. He was just about to drink water when he noticed thick smoke bellowing from the window of the adjacent building.

Mr and Mrs Sikand lived there. They were old. Aman often visited them. They also loved him and had gifted him a bat on his sixteenth birthday. Aman ran to the building and alerted the watchman. Both of them rushed upstairs and knocked on the door. After repeated knocks when there was no response they broke it open along with the other neighbours, who had gathered there by then. They found Mr and Mrs Sikand on the floor. Aman found the source of the smoke–a short circuit.

He informed his parents and took the old couple along with another neighbor to the hospital. The doctor examined them and said that they were fine and would be discharged soon. Aman went to meet them. He told them what had happened and asked them to be careful in the future. The Sikands thanked Aman and promised to be careful in the future.

Question 5.

Meena is a 12-year-old girl. She is staying with her mother. No one was there for their help. One day a stranger came to Meena’s house. Her mother was not in the house at that time. The man caught hold of Meena. She began to cry loudly. But no one was there to hear her. (Board Term-II, 2013)
Complete the story in about 150-200 words.

A Brave Girl

Meena was a twelve-year-old girl who used to stay with her mother. Her father had gone to another city to earn money. One day, a stranger came to Meena’s house. Her mother was not in the house at that moment. The man caught hold of Meena. She began to cry loudly but no one was there to hear her. Suddenly, Meena was reminded of her mother’s teaching of not losing the wits and alertness of mind when in hour of need. She built up her confidence and looked around. She could not see anything with which to hit the stranger. Suddenly, she bit the stranger on his arm. The stranger cried with pain and let go of her. This moment was important for her. She took her mother’s saree and tied it around the stranger’s neck. Now, it was the time for the stranger to cry for help. She tied him and then used her mobile phone to call the police as well as her neighbours. The police reached within no time and arrested the man. The neighbours had also arrived. They all patted Meena on her back for fighting bravely with the man.

Question 6.
Complete the following story in 200–250 words.

A 15-year-old boy was going on a deserted road, feeling a little scared and uneasy. Hesitatingly, he stepped ahead. Suddenly…

15-year-old Rakesh was walking along a deserted road, feeling a little scared and uneasy. His vacations had just concluded and he was on his way back to his boarding school. He had started on time from home. But then the bus broke down on the way and then he had to wait for another bus. It took four more hours. It was almost 8 o’clock now. The bus stop was fifteen minutes from the school. As he did not have much luggage, he decided to walk.

Also, he knew that he would have to wait a long time for another vehicle. He was a little scared. Hesitating a bit, he stepped ahead. Suddenly he heard a rustling sound in the bushes. He turned around and looked. All that he could see was a stick in the air and two gleaming pair of eyes on the floor. Petrified, Rakesh let out a loud cry and started running. The strange figure started running behind him. Rakesh ran faster and rushed into the school hostel room, without waiting to sign the attendance register. Fearing the worst, he locked the door of his room. His roommates were coming only the next day.

He started chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Suddenly there was a loud bang on his door. Fearing it to be the strange creature, Rakesh hid under the bed. The door opened and Rakesh heard some people. Their voices seemed familiar. It was his teacher and the security guard of the hostel. Rakesh came out and upon being asked, told them the entire story. Instead of sympathizing or getting worried, they started laughing.

Though Rakesh was angry, he controlled his emotions and asked for the reason. When he heard the reason, he could not help smiling at the funny incident. The stick and the pair of eyes were in fact the security guard and Rocky, the school dog. His father had telephoned and informed them about the delay. That is why they had come to pick him up.

Question 7.
One day you were suddenly awakened by a ghostly shriek as if it were coming from beneath your bed. Then a shadow seemed to advance towards you. You felt choked and lost your consciousness. When you regained to your senses you were on your bed, puzzled but safe. Describe your experience in the form of a short story in about 200–250 words.
It had been a long and grueling day. What with the long boring sessions and the extra classes, I just wanted to hit the sack. But then my distant cousins came. Though I liked them, I did not have the energy to entertain them. I excused myself and took a quick shower. I decided to take a light dinner. I went to bed and tried to sleep. Though I was very tired I couldn’t sleep and started reading a book. I don’t know when I dozed off. Suddenly I was woken up by a ghostly shriek.

I tried to be brave but couldn’t ignore the fact that the sound had come from beneath my bed. I was still trying to decipher what I would do when I came face to face with the apparition–A shadow advancing towards me. I just did not know where to go. I wanted to run, to fight, to cry, to shout… all at once. But I couldn’t do anything. This helplessness made me feel choked and I lost consciousness. When I came to my senses I was there on my bed, puzzled but safe.

It seems I did shout and got the whole family there. Thankfully I did not have to explain. Everyone was glaring at my cousins. It seems they had decided to have some fun at my expense by putting one of their toy monsters under my bed. What if was fake! Laughing I forgave my cousins and vowed to be braver in the future.

Question 8.
Write a short story in about 200–250 words on the basis of the hints provided.

branches of huge–banyan tree – parents – starvation – problems – trendsetters


Never say die

The sun shone through the branches of the huge banyan tree in the front yard of the hold ushering in another wonderful day. Time had not been very kind to Manik and Hariyali. They were only in their teens when they lost their parents to starvation.

The village headman Shastriji said,” what will happen to these orphans? How will they live? God knows!!”

The listeners sighed in response. No one cared to offer any help.

Manik the elder child was a fighter. He refused to fall prey to any problems.. Along with 10-year-old Hariyali, he began cultivating vegetables in the back yard of their small house.

“Where there is a will there is away.” The Yadav siblings, blessed with green fingers, gradually began to taste the fruits of success. They moved into a bigger house that had a huge terrace. They revolutionised the process of vegetable and fruit farming, developed simple indigenous farming machinery, set up vermicompost pits, propagated using discarded plastic to grow plants, and extended support to anyone who sought their experience and expertise.

They became trendsetters.

A few years later they were in for a huge surprise. The village headman came visiting along with some local elders. “Come here dear children”, he said. With folded hands, Manik and Hariyali stood at a distance. “No no, not so far away. Come close to me.” He said loudly, “these two Yadav children have made our village famous”. Everyone was surprised. “They have been selected by the municipality as ‘green warriors’ , said the headman. They continued their efforts and gradually began crossing the seas.

Question 9.
Read the below given outline of a story. Write it in full using the outline and your ideas in about 200–250 words. Assign a suitable title and moral to it.

Beach – friends – Poor boy – rescued – educated


Picnic by the beach

Jasmine and Ali along with two other friends decided to go on a picnic to the beach. They packed their bags and were quite excited. They reached the picnic spot and came across a small child who was crying.

Jasmine was irritated and shouted at the child,” ugh!!stop howling you dirty urchin”. The little boy got frightened and began shivering not knowing why he was being shouted at by the girl. The innocent child with a very cute face, looked hungry and tired. His clothes though very dirty seemed branded.

Ali was a very pleasant boy. He felt very bad for the little kid. He went up to him and asked him,” what are you doing here all alone? Where are your parents, and why are you crying?” He was not concerned about the appearance of the child. He picked him up and coaxed him to speak up. Ali was in for a shock. The little boy, Vishal, said that he had come to the beach with his parents. His parents played with him for a while, and bought him his favourite ice cream.

He then sat down to play in the sand. All of a sudden he noticed his parents holding each other’s hands and walking into the sea. When he called out to them they told him, that they would be back in a while. However as he watched them move ahead, a monstrous wave dragged the two of them into the sea. All in tears, he asked Ali, “when will they come back?”

Jasmine laughed aloud and said,” what a wonderful story”!! Her remark angered Ali and the other two boys. “Stop being so mean,“ they said in unison. Ali called up his dad who was working for an NGO. Within a short while his father joined them.

Ali was an only child. He took his father by surprise when he asked him if they could keep Vishal with them and take care of him. A very generous person that he was, Mr. Ahmed, decided to officially adopt 5 year old Vishal.

Vishal is now the Head of the Department of medicine, at local government hospital. He takes good care of Ali who is suffering from cancer, and his foster parents who are now very old.

Question 10.
Write a short story on the basis of the hints provided in about 150–200 words:

Enjoyed going for long walksanvisit to Dehradun–huge forest – taking shortcut through the woods, a tree toppled pinning me underneath. Then……………

Begin the story with:
I have always enjoyed taking long walks among the forests……

loved reading about life on other planets_ One day_ walking in the school. Suddenly heard a noise strange man, no creature –an alien saying something then more came abducted me

Begin the story with:
I loved reading about life on other planets………

A Visit To Dehradun

I have always enjoyed taking long walks among the forests. So when I visited Dehradun recently and saw the huge forest out there, I had the same feeling. I felt that the forest was beckoning me just like a close friend to visit it. I decided to go early in the morning. I had checked with my friends but everyone was tired and wanted to take a break. So,. I decided to go alone. Early the next morning when the sun had not even risen, I got up and decided to go for a walk. The sun was rising through the trees and a light wind was blowing. It was indeed a beautiful sight; a sight worth waking up for.

I climbed on top of a tree and savored the beautiful sight. Suddenly I looked at my watch, it was 6.30. Since I wanted to be back in time to join the others for breakfast, I decided to get down quickly and take shortcuts through the woods. Suddenly the wind started blowing hard. I tried to take more shortcuts and in the process lost my way. Now I just didn’t know where I was. I was standing wondering what to do, suddenly a huge tree crashed, pinning me underneath its trunk.

I lost consciousness immediately. When I came around, I heard my name being called. After a few seconds I realized that they were my friends. I shouted back. It seems I had been away for a long time. It was almost 9. They were worried and had come looking for me. With the grace of God, I managed to escape with just a few bruises. I get nightmares when I think about the incident.

An Encounter With An Alien

I loved reading about life on other planets. Well that is what I loved to do, of course the only other thing was watching movies like ET, Aliens, Men In Black, etc. the commonality being the aliens. My friends and parents laughed at me and said that I was moving away from the real world. I was also told that I might end up looking like an alien if I do not pay attention to other things in life. But my love for aliens was beyond all this. Whatever anyone said, I loved anything and everything about them. One day, I was walking in the school all alone thinking about the new alien fiction that someone had told me about.

I wanted to check if our librarian had ordered it. How I would have loved to lay my hands on it! Suddenly I heard a strange whirring noise. I turned around and saw some strange creatures. It was in fact like one of those alien creatures that I had seen in the movies— big eyes, green in colour, two pairs of heads and arms with multiple tentacles on their heads. Thinking it to be a figment of my imagination I pinched myself hard, only to realise that they were in fact there. One of the aliens said something to the other. Some more aliens joined him. They abducted me and took me to their planet.

When I came about I could see people in white coats standing all around me with needles and various other instruments in their hands. Scared I tried to push away their hand. Suddenly I heard one of them speaking in English. The voice seemed to be quite like that of someone whom I knew. The person was asking me to be given an injection.

I tried to resist but couldn’t and slept off. Next day when I woke up, I was in my bed with my parents near me. It seems I had high fever and had fainted in the school. Now the truth, what was the truth, was that really the case? Did I just imagine because of my sickness or did all that happen? Only God knows!?

Question 11.
Students mostly think that their teachers exaggerate their bad qualities. But it is not at all true. They love their students and have their best interests at heart. With the help of the following storyline, write a story in about 150-200 words on the topic ‘A Teacher’s Love For His Student’

A Teacher’s Love For His Student

There was once a man who suddenly felt an urge to meet his old Guru. How hard he tried, he was not successful. He prayed to God. One night he dreamt of finding him near a sea-shore. When he got up in the morning, he became restless. He went to the same spot he had seen in his dream. He realized that he had finally succeeded in his efforts.

He saw his Guru as a fisherman there. He was ashamed of his Guru and pretended not to recognize him and moved away. In a distressed state, he moved on. It was a hot day. The sun shone brightly in the sky. He couldn’t bear the heat of the sun and fainted. A fisherman ran up to him and took him to a safe place, nursed him, and waited patiently till he recovered consciousness.

When the man woke up, he saw the same fisherman by his side for whom he had been so ashamed of and had refused to recognize. Today, his Guru stood there as his protector. The man now realized his folly. He touched his Guru’s feet and asked for an apology.

Question 12.
Write a story in 200–250 words based on the input given below:

They started a trek to the peak of the mountain–supposed to be a very hard journey–a five–day long trek – when they started…


He opened the factory door – peeped inside – some light – last shift over – could be thieves…..


An Adventurous Trip

They started a trek to the peak of the mountain. It was supposed to be a very hard journey but all the friends were enthusiastic about it. They had prepared well and now wanted to enjoy. They had a very hectic semester and wanted to have a blast before the next semester began. It was a five–day long trek and they had informed their parents about their Answer: They promised to call their parents before starting the trek. But then when they reached they forgot all about it.

The next day when they started the climb, they heard people calling their names. Taking it to be the enthusiasm of the people, they did not pay any attention and moved on. Suddenly it started snowing. They were in a predicament and realized that the people might have been warning them. Somehow they reached the first camp and decided to take a break there. They also got to know how some parents had come looking for their kids.

Though they made fun of the idea at that time, it was only later that they realized it was none other than their parents. Their parents scolded them and told them how worried they were after hearing about the impending heavy snowfall and the lack of communication on their part. The boys apologized and promised to be more careful in the future.

Forget fulness

It was a long day. Manav had finished his work for the day and started for home. He had almost reached home when he got a call. It was from Mr. Batra, the security agency head of the building near his factory. While passing by Manav’s factory, he had seen some light inside. Mr. Batra had passed the factory and called Manav to tease him about his late working hours. Mr. Batra had just started cracking a joke, when he realized that Manav had cut the call. In the meantime, Manav had rushed to his factory. His company had just finished their first order and the goods were still lying in the store.

He opened the factory door and peeped inside. Mr. Batra was right, there was some light inside the storehouse. Since the last shift got over an hour back, Manav was worried. He had personally locked the store. He thought of calling the police presuming it to would-be thieves but then realized that the battery of his phone had gone off. Gathering his courage, he went inside. He could hear the sound of hushed voices. On reaching near the room, he picked up a piece of log nearby and charged inside.

The moment he got inside, he was shocked. For before him was his equally shocked family. Since he was busy, he had asked his wife and kids to join him at the factory for an outing. But by the end of the day, he had forgotten all about them and went home as usual. He apologized to his family and told them the truth. Everyone finally had a hearty laugh and decided to go to a good restaurant for a sumptuous meal.

Question 13.
Write a story in 200–250 words based on the input given below:

She finally had it – the key to the treasure – the map – she trembled – excitement – anticipation


Truth always pays – spoke truth – got in trouble – upset – changed mind – later realised – better in the long run…


The Treasure Hunt

It had been a long way up. Radhika was tired but she did not want to give up. She was determined to win the competition. After all, she had prepared very long for it. Moreover, she could not lose to Ravi. He was always after her and wanted to prove that girls could not do anything right. Radhika was determined to prove him wrong. After a few more steps, she checked the route map given by the organisers. She was near the location. Now she started looking carefully for the markers.

Finally, she found it, the key to the treasure, the final map. Trembling with excitement and anticipation she slowly opened it, only to find a blank page. She threw it away in anger. A minute later she realized her folly. The organisers would have put the information secretly. They would not make it so easy. She ran to get it before anyone else found it. She finally found it and brought it back to the large tree. She slowly opened it again and tried to look at it closely. Suddenly she saw some letters.

She held the sheet to the sun and looked closely again. There it was—the secret code for reaching the treasure point. She checked her compass, she was moving in the right direction. Trying to keep her cool, she made some calculations using the information in the map. She was just 500 mtrs away from the place. She ran and started digging at the specified spot.

She pushed the mud hard with a stick. Suddenly there was a sound. Slowly she peeped in. It was a small tin. Taking it out, she checked it. There lay the final treasure–a cheque for 10,000 rupees. She could not contain her joy and shouted loudly. She had finally won.

Truth Always Pays

It is true—Truth always pays. Manav always believed this. But an incident made him question this belief. The summer vacation was over and the new session in the school had just started. Being a new boy, Manav had not made many friends, except for Rishi. Though Rishi was average in his studies, he was everything that Manav wished for in a friend – Helping, caring, accessible, funny and popular. One day during the games period, everyone was playing outside. Manav was a part of the school debate team and had gone to the curriculum cell for some work. Since the games period was getting over, he decided to return directly to the classroom.

On entering the classroom, he saw Rishi bent over the teacher’s table. On seeing Manav, Rishi quickly moved from there. Since the other students had started entering the class, Manav decided to talk to Rishi later. When the teacher sat down, there was a loud chirping sound. The teacher jumped up and looked here and there. No one knew what had happened. When the teacher sat again, the same thing happened. Manav understood that it was Rishi’s doing. He went up to the teacher and told her the whole thing. The teacher however did not believe Manav and started accusing him of being a part of it.

She took him to the Principal’s office. The Principal was very angry and warned him that such behavior would not be tolerated in the school and that he would be suspended if he did anything like this again. That day Manav felt upset. He had got into trouble for speaking the truth. He decided that it’s better to tell lies for such people are trusted more.

After two days, the Principal called him. He told him how Rishi had come to his office and owned up his mistake. Manav was happy and realized that in the long run, it is always better to speak the truth.

Question 14.
Write a story in 200–250 words based on the input given below:

It was a cold, foggy morning – the dog – Snoopy – reluctant to come out of its bed – just then suddenly……


Learning to swim –enjoyed –not fully trained –pushed inside–started drowning….


Snoopy’s Weakness

It was a cold, foggy morning. Though we had school and had to wake up, we were reluctant to do so. The only thing in our mind was to remain tucked in our quilts, with may be hot breakfast also served in there. But then they are just dreams. We had to go to school and did not have a choice, especially not with a father like ours. We looked at Snoopy, at least he could enjoy being indoors. Being our dog, he shared many of our characteristics, the most important being lazy.

He was just like us, but definitely more comfortable. Suddenly we heard him barking loudly and rushing inside the house. We were left wandering how a lazy dog like him had become so energetic all of a sudden. When we went and peeped inside his kennel, we found the reason– it was a cat. You know, our little dog can bark and snarl and show that he is brave, but when he sees a cat, he becomes the most cowardly dog in the world. Everyone started laughing but poor little Snoopy just ran around with his tail tacked between his legs.

Never Give Up!

The summer vacation had begun. I had finally got the opportunity to learn swimming. I know this wasn’t an age to learn such activities but then being alone in this world now, I needed something to keep myself busy. All the children were settled and I had a lot of time to spare. At my age, it is necessary to keep oneself active and to learn swimming had been my dream. And before I die I wanted to fulfill all my long wishes. So here I was with my instructor who had told me the starting steps and asked me to get into the pool and start kicking water as the first step.

For some time I did that. But knowing that I did not have a long time left (just like the others there), made me restless. I had taken some basic training earlier too so when the instructor went to the office, I decided to test myself. I managed to swim. I came out and decided to take a break. Suddenly one of the kids decided to play a trick on me. He pushed me into the water. Being not fully trained, I started gasping for breath. I started seeing stars, I was drowning. Suddenly I felt two hands pulling me. I did not want to die and somehow the hands pulled me. By the time I came out, I was tired.

I saw the same boy and another boy near me. The instructor was also nearby. Everyone was trying to talk to me. I just said that I was fine. The instructor started shouting at the young boy who had pushed me. I felt bad for the boy who looked really repentant and on the verge of tears. I told Sir how the boy had just accidentally pushed me and just left at that. That is how my adventure with swimming ended, but that was only for that day. I am determined to swim again tomorrow.

Question 15.
Write a story in 150–200 words based on the input given below:

While strolling in the park near my house, I spotted a cobra. I panicked but stood there like a statue. Frightening thoughts were arising in my mind and then………

Develop a story with the help of the clues given below:

When I reached home I found I had lost my wallet. The thought of the loss of my driving license and credit cards made me extremely worried. A little late a car pulled up in front of my house, and……..


The King Cobra

It was a very pleasant evening. The pre-monsoon showers had lowered the temperature. The cool south-west winds brought in a cool breeze. Just back from school, around 4 pm, I stepped out to stroll in the park near my house. There were very few people in the park at that time. I had run three times around the track and decided to rest for a while, and walked towards a bench. All of a sudden I spotted a cobra under the bench on which an elderly gentleman was sitting with his grandson.

I was in a state of panic as I was petrified of snakes. I tried to shout out to them, but no sound emerged. I stood still like a statue. I was so frightened, with various thoughts flooding my mind, that I suddenly fell down in a faint.

in came running with a bottle of water which he sprinkled on my pale face and woke up with a start. “Snake, snake”, I shouted. The visitors in the park came running towards me. Suddenly a little boy, Arjun, crawled under the bench and picked up ‘the Cobra’, and said, “are you speaking about this one?” Everyone started laughing. I was embarrassed. It was a toy snake that belonged to Arjun.

The honest cab driver.

I am an Indian, born and brought up in the USA. I had come on a week’s holiday to Goa to spend time with my grandparents. This was after a hectic work schedule back home, as the Head of the Department of Oncology, at John Hopkins Hospital.

As I neared home, I saw my grandmom waiting eagerly for me in the portico. I hugged her and rushed up to meet my grandpa. Later after a sumptuous meal, preceded by a nice shower I went into a deep slumber. The jet lag troubled me.

It was around 7 pm when I was woken up by the music from the church.

I had decided to sponsor the medical needs of five children affected by cancer in the orphanage on the request of the Bishop.” I’ll go and meet the Bishop now”, I told myself and opened the wardrobe to take my wallet. To my surprise, it was missing. I searched everywhere and tried to go into a flashback to figure out where I had used it last. “What will I do now? I have lost all my credit cards and my driving licence.”, I said to myself.

I heard a car pull up outside our gate. A man walked in. “Is this Mr. John’s house?” He is John”, I replied. It was dark. I switched on the light. We recognised each other. He was the driver of the taxi I had hired. Sir, your wallet”, he said.

The young boy said it was his duty, while, refusing to accept, any reward. He left, and I
heaved a sigh of relief.!!

Question 16.
Develop a story with the help of hints provided: (150–200 words)

It was my first exam. I was already late. I dashed towards my scooty and put the key in the ignition. But it wouldn’t start. Panic–stricken I rushed towards the main road…………….

Develop a story in 150–200 words with the help of the hints provided:

I was about to sleep when I heard shouts of, ‘Fire, fire.’ I rushed out and saw old Mrs. Gupta’s bedroom on fire spewing out thick smoke…..


Importance of time.

The first day of the exams and Subject was the most dreaded Maths. Mind you, they were the Boards. I woke up late, blissfully unaware of the alarm that rang obediently at the scheduled time of 5 am. I had to rush with my morning ablutions. No time for breakfast. The clock struck 8.30. The reporting time at the centre was 9 am and I needed 40 minutes to reach. Cursing my stars, and shutting my ears to mummy’s admonitions, I dashed towards my scooty. As fate would have it, the ‘fellow refused to comply. Panic–stricken, I rushed towards the main road to find some other means of commuting.

The auto rickshaws were on strike, and no taxi was available. I began sweating profusely and tears welled up in my eyes. Suddenly a car stopped in front of me. I was shocked to see the occupant. It was none other than my English teacher. “Hop in”, he said. Taking a detour from his route to our school, my most favourite teacher, calmed me down all through the journey, wished me luck, and reached me at my centre, exactly at 9 am.

I secured 98% for Maths for the first time in my life, thanks to the good wishes of a great teacher. A wonderful teacher and a great human being, I hold him in great esteem even today and try to replicate his outlook towards life and relationship with students.

The ravaging fire

“I am tired, famished, mom, please give me some food”, I moaned as my mother opened the door. It was past midnight. I caught the last flight from Mumbai, after my meeting with the RBI governor. After a quick hot shower, I rushed down to have the warm food laid out on the dining table. Mom and I were just getting ready to turn in. All of a sudden we heard Ramu our neighbour’s servant shout, “fire, fire, please help”.

I rushed across our common landing, and to my amazement saw fire spewing out thick black smoke from Mrs. Gupta’s bedroom. All of us who had gathered there were in a daze. We feared the worst, as Mrs. Gupta was bedridden. I got hold of my senses and called the fire brigade and the ambulance. Soon the fire was quelled. With a lot of fear and anxiety, I ventured inside to check on Mrs. Gupta. I shouted in relief, “aunty is not in her bed”, and rushed out to meet the others.

I heard a familiar voice from behind, “what has happened? Why have you all gathered here at this time of the night?” All of us turned around, Mrs. Gupta was stepping out of the lift along with her son. Heaving a sigh of relief, I told her what happened. Tears of gratitude rolled down her eyes. “Thank you God”, she said with a whimper.

Question 17.
Write a story in 200–250 words based on the input given below:

She finally had it – the key to the treasure – the map –she trembled – excitement – anticipation


Truth always pays – spoke truth – got in trouble – upset – changed mind – later realised – better in the long run ….



Ramesh and Gita were back from school. They had excelled in their exams and were rushing back home to share their joy with Seema, their mother. Both of them were the toppers in their respective classes. They kept ringing the doorbell. “Hello! Mom, we’re home. Please open the door”, called out Ramesh. No sound from within. The two children started getting worried and little Gita started howling.

Just then their neighbour, Mrs Meena, rushed out of her house to tell them that their father had met with an accident. He was taken to the Apollo hospital and their mother was on her way there. She said, “come with me, dear children, eat something, and I’ll .. take you to the hospital”.

Around 5 pm, we reached the hospital. Mom was relieved to see us. She told us what had happened. A drunken young driver mistook the footpath to be the road and crashed on to the pedestrians Three of them died on the spot. Seema said, “doctors say that daddy is very critical,” and burst out crying, adding, “Dad had gone to pay the electricity bill”. The doctors tried their level best to save our father. Unfortunately, on the fourth day, he succumbed…..

The baby crow

We have all heard the story of, “the thirsty crow”, or “the clever crow”, from our parents or our Kindergarten teachers.

Well, the famous clever crow had mothered many baby crows. One among them happened to be more clever than his mother. There was a repetition of the old story. It was a very hot day. The baby crow was very thirsty and began pestering his busy mother for water. The lazy fellow did not fly here and there in search of water.

Mother crow again spotted a pot of water that had very little water in it. “How can I reach the water ma”, he cried and started cawing desperately. Mother crow told the little boy about her experience and told him to follow the same procedure. “Go pick up stones and drop them into the pot. The water will come up. You can then drink it to your fill,” said mother crow. “Don’t be foolish”, screeched the young one.

Belonging to the 21st century, the little bird thought that he was smarter than his mother. “See what I do,” he said and picked up a stone. Aiming at the pot, he threw it with precision. Mother crow watched the scene and smiled. “Well, drink the water now”, she said. The remnants of the water left in the pot fell spilt onto the soil. Before he could quench his thirst. The “smart kid ”, twisted his face in a grimace and flew away ‘un’ happily.

Another conclusion could be as follows:

Belonging to the 21st century, the little bird was definitely smarter than his mother. He flew up to the coconut tree. Plucked a leaf, and told his mother, “observe what I do”. He rolled the longleaf into the shape of a straw. He then dipped one end of the straw into the pot and placed the other end in his beak and sucked, gradually he felt the cold water moisten his dry throat. Thrilled with his innovative skills, he drank to his heart’s content and flew away happily. The mother crow looked at her son in awe.

Question 18.
Write a story in 150–200 words based on the input given below:

Traveling in metro–tunnel – lights went out–general panic –pushing and showing–screams phone flashlights switched on an old man …….


Mrs. Madhu along in house – had lunch – watching favourite serial – doorbell rang – opened door – a sadhu ……….


Panic in a tunnel

Rishi and his family were travelling by the newly constructed parallel underground metro along the Konkan railway line. A part of the Konkan railway route, consists of the Karbude Tunnel which is the second longest railway tunnel in India, along the Konkan Coast near Ratnagiri. It extends up to 6.5 kilometres and falls between Ukshi and Bhoke stations.

We were eager to experience the journey through the tunnel. Unfortunately, the power failed midway, complete darkness set in, and the train came to an abrupt halt. There was panic, people were trying, in vain, to open the automatic doors.

There was mayhem everywhere. Parents tried to pacify children by shining the flashlights of their handsets. We were yearning desperately for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

All the passengers folded their hands in prayer. Suddenly from nowhere, an old man knocked at the door of our compartment, it opened and he got in. Miraculously, the lights came on, and the train began moving. Everyone began looking around for him to thank him for being their saviour. He was not to be seen anywhere. We were in a state of wonder. Did we actually see the good Lord, our Saviour?


It was 3 pm. Mrs Madhu, a home maker, had finished her household chores and a late lunch. As was her routine, she settled on the sofa in her drawing room to watch her favourite show, ‘crime patrol. It was the concluding episode of the series on fake sadhus.

Madhu was very critical of men and women in saffron robes who presented themselves as spokespersons of God. As the story on screen was gaining momentum, her doorbell rang. She looked through the peephole and went into a rage when she noticed a sadhu standing there, his back towards the door.

She refused to open the door and called her husband, a police officer. The tired sadhu settled down on the steps, assuming that the mistress of the house would be taking a nap.

Mr Sharma, accompanied by his team arrived, to get hold of the intruder.

She opened the door. The sadhu stood up and faced the officer. “It’s You!!” he exclaimed. “who is it?” asked Madhu. Mr Sharma began laughing. The sadhu was Mithun, their son in disguise.

Question 19.
Develop a story in 150–200 words with the help of the hints provided:

While coming out of the bank I saw a monkey walking menacingly towards me. I panicked. The monkey snatched my bag and ran up a nearby tree. I ……….


I was driving fast. As I hit the main road I saw an upturned motorbike and a man lying beside it. I decided to help but the thought of my grumpy boss and a prefixed business meeting ………


The good samaritan

My wife was admitted to the hospital. She was to undergo a surgery for suspected cancer of the intestines. The surgery was scheduled for 11.30 am that morning. A sum of fifty thousand rupees had to be deposited at the hospital desk. I waited outside the bank, to make the withdrawal, as there were no ATM’s in our village. At ten, as promised, the Manager arrived and handed over the money. I thanked him profusely, put the money securely in my bag and took off to the hospital. As fate would have it, I was accosted by a monkey that had strayed into the village. I panicked when it approached me menacingly, snatched my bag and vanished onto a tree near by.

I collapsed. The only savings I had was taken away ruthlessly. Thoroughly disgruntled, I threw caution to the winds and decided to accept my fate. I called up the hospital and told them to cancel the operation, as I could not manage the funds. To my amazement, the receptionist said that the operation was going on, and added that the money had been deposited.

I rushed to the hospital and was informed that a good Samaritan had rescued his bag from the monkey, by enticing him with a banana. Rummaging through the bag, he secured my details and deposited it at the hospital reception. I thanked God and prayed for the well–being of the kind soul, who brought light into my otherwise gloomy life.


I was running behind schedule as usual. A meeting was scheduled for 9.30 am with our new client. The driver decided to remain absent. In a state of desperation, I shouted out to my parents, “bye-bye, see you in the evening”, picked up my laptop, and set off in haste to the office. I had only 20 minutes to cover the distance to my office. I sped along the road at 100/110 km/h, in a mad rush.

I maneuvered my car onto the main road. I noticed a young boy lying face down, beside an upturned motorbike. He was bleeding. No one was around. My mind told me to stop and help. Mr. Sen will dismiss me,” I thought. I was caught in a dilemma. I went ahead without stopping.

My conscience pricked!! No, I have to save the child. I reversed and came back to the accident spot. To my surprise, I recognised the injured boy. It was my boss’s son Debashish. Without a second thought, I picked him up and took him to the hospital.

I called my boss. “Where in heaven’s name are you? Do you know, what the time is?”, he shouted. Mustering up courage, I informed that his son had met with an accident and told him to reach the city hospital immediately. I did not give him a clue about the seriousness of the case.

A fortnight went by. The doctors had little hope of recovery. Miraculously, after 2 months the young Debu began showing signs of improvement. For the first time, I saw grumpy faced Mr Sen crying.

Question 20.
Write a story in 150–200 words based on the input given below:

Mrs. Beena inside dog clinic –– Snowy (her dog) vaccinated — came out — her purse dangling from shoulder –– a young man ––– Snatched purse, –disappeared into street — Snowy ran after him …….


– the haunted house ––– avoided – Mandeep had doubts — decided to unravel the mystery – entered,–– complete silence — then……….


Snowy my Saviour

Mrs Beena was a very meticulous dog parent. She followed the immunisation schedule prescribed by the veterinarian to perfection. The 3rd shot was scheduled for 4 pm that evening. She, along with Subash their driver and Snowy her Labrador, got into their car and headed for the pet care clinic.

He was second in the queue. Getting Snowy to the doctor, was a perpetual nightmare for Beena. The shot was given after a rough battle. Dr Sen, who was very fond of Snowy gave him a special treat. Happily munching his treat, the trio came out of the clinic.

Beena, as was the practice, dangled her purse round Snowy’s neck. As they were about to get into the car, a young man appeared on the scene, out of the blue, and in a split second snatched the purse and disappeared into thin air.

Snowy was not going to let go of the offender. He released himself from Subash’s grip and sped behind the thief. After a long chase, holding the purse be panting heavily, waging his furry tail, he rushed back to his master and dropped it in from of her. Snowy’s association with Beena exceeded a decade. He wouldn’t allow a fly to trouble her. They depended on each other for their emotional survival. She had a family that had abandoned her in the name of progress. Just imagine!!

The Abandoned Villa

Ghosts and ghost stories have always fascinated me. I would manage to pick up these eerie books from somewhere and read them in the late hours, to make the ambiance more thrilling.

I would laugh at everyone who expressed fear of the unknown, and with a lot of pride would enumerate my tryst with the much-feared entity. “the ghost”. My courage and guts were up for a challenge the following evening. My friend Rahul called me and said, “Mandeep, there is a haunted house in the jungle situated along the borders of our village.”. I started laughing and said, “what rubbish Rahul!”

I decided to unravel this mystery. In the evening the next day, four of us friends, decided to visit the ‘haunted house’. There was an ominous silence all around. The only sounds were that of the eerie sounds made by the wild birds.

Torch in hand, I, Mandeep, the brave lad, entered the house. The doors creaked, adding to the strangeness of the place. The insides had the typical appearance of an ideal haunted house. A chill ran down my spine. I could hear weird sounds from the storeroom. I could not give up. The others stood outside shivering with fear.

I opened the door slowly, armed with a cross in my hand. What I saw there made me throw up. An old man, in chains, was desperately trying to move away from his excreta. He was the “ghost” that was haunting the house. I called my friends inside, released him from his chains, cleaned him up, and handed him over to the police for further action.

What had happened to him, I wondered!!

Question 21.
Write a story in 150–200 words based on the input given below:

A football match in progress–excitement – wild cheering – goals scored dispute over referee’s | decision– angry arguments — scuffle — supporters on-field…….


Mrs. Gupta–a public transport bus — big rush–purse in her hand –felt – a young man pushing her – afraid — pickpocket – raised a hue and cry–a man caught…………….



The match was between the two best teams. Both of them were three-time winners of the “National Football Tournament”. Supporters of both teams had reached the stadium in abundance. Loud cheers reverberated in the stadium as captain Dutta led his team, Bengal tigers”, and captain Sharma his team, “Punjab lions”, on to the football turf.

The umpires made the call for the start of play. The first half was uneventful. No goals were scored. The crowd was becoming restless. After the 5 minute break, and reprimands from the respective coaches, both teams entered the ground for the resumption of play.

Dutta’s boys scored the first goal, converting a penalty. The lions disagreed and an argument ensued between Sharma and the umpire. Their supporters ran on to the ground and created havoc. The security staff had a tough time clearing the ground. The game was suspended for a while.

The coach of the Punjab team, suddenly went up to the commentator’s desk and announced, “please maintain order, I apologise for my team’s outburst. The umpire’s decision was perfect and the goal was scored,”. For a minute there was absolute silence in the stadium. This was followed by loud applause in appreciation of the honesty, and sportsmanship of the coach, from the players of both the teams and the spectators.

The match resumed, Dutta and his men scored another goal in the last minute of the match and won the title. They dedicated their victory to Mr. Deepak Sharma and sportsmanship.

Bus No 15 F

Mrs. Gupta hated using public transport, as she found it very difficult with her fading vision and age, to manipulate her way in the crowd. Unfortunately, her car had been handed over for servicing and her appointment with the physiotherapist could not be cancelled. Taxis and autos had called for a strike due to the escalating petrol & diesel prices.

After a long wait at the bus stop, her bus pulled up. As usual, 15 F was crowded and there was no place to accommodate even a paper pin. Clutching on to her purse tightly, poor Mrs. Gupta managed to board the bus.

Suddenly, she felt someone nudging her from behind. This ruffled her and just as she turned to look, a young man pushed her down, snatched her purse, and jumped off the running bus. She panicked. During the fall, she had hit her head against the corner of a seat. She bled profusely. The poor old lady collapsed. The passengers raised a hue and cry.

A police constable had boarded the bus from the previous bus stop. He noticed that there was some problem with the bus. Taking charge, he halted the bus, called for an ambulance, and arranged for the injured old lady to the hospital. He then informed the local police station about the robbery. Due to the quick action and presence of mind of the police constable, the thief was apprehended within 2 hours. Mrs. Gupta took a while to recover.

Story Writing Exercises for Beginners Pdf for Class 10 CBSE

1. Write a story that ends with the following words in 200–250 words.
On that day I learnt a lesson in my life. “Better remain alone than in a bad company.”

2. Look at the following poster and write a story based on it in 200–250 words.
Story Writing for Class 10 CBSE Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

3. Write a story based on the following beginning in 200–250 words.
It so happened that when I was 12 years old I thought of travelling in a train/bus without a ticket.

4. Read the outline of story given below. Write it in full using these outlines and your own ideas. Write the answer in 200–250 words. Assign a suitable title and to it.

Outline: A merchant riding home from a fair – a large sum of money with him – sudden heavy rainfall – merchant gets wet – grumbles – shortly after attacked by a robber–robber’s attempt to shoot–failure – power damp – the merchant escapes.

5. Write a story that ends with the following words in 200–250 words.
“Beware of a friend who runs away in time of danger”

6. Write a story that starts with the following words in 200–250 words.
There was a moneylender who had more money than the brain and his work was to give loans and take the money with a good amount of interest. One day …

7. Write a story that starts with the following words in 200–250 words.
A ship’s crew took me aboard and we sailed on till fate brought us to …

8. “That day my father came home with a baby monkey ____________”.
Complete this story in about 200–250 words. You may use the hints given below:

Father brought baby monkey – jumped into the car from the parking area – everyone excited – monkey scared – fed banana – named Kukoo – slowly became friendly – mother was annoyed with Kukoo –– complained about missing food from the kitchen – wanted Kukoo out of the housefather gave it to the zoo authorities.

9. Write a story that starts with the following words in 200–250 words.

A young man setting out on a journey – accompanied part way by an old man – they part under a pipal tree – young man asks the old man to keep * 100 for him till he returns– old man agrees and takes money old man says he never gave him any to keep – young man takes him before judge – judge sends young man to summon tree to court – a long time away – judge asks old man, “Why?” – old man says the tree is a long way off – judge sees that the old man knows which tree it is – when a young man returns, the judge gives verdict in his favour.

10. I got up in the middle of the night, I was sweating profusely… . Complete the story in 150 200–250 words.

11. Complete the following story in 200–250 words:

You fall asleep one night to dream of exploring the universe. Suddenly, you hear a movement in your room, followed by a flash of light.

12. Complete the following story in 200–250 words:

It is your parent’s anniversary. You along with your parents decide to go to a distant religious place early in the morning. It is evening by the time you reach home. You find all the lights switched on in the house and the door ajar.

13. Complete the following story in 200–250 words:

Today was my first day at summer camp. I had a lot of fun…

14. Complete the story using the given outline in 200–250 words:

Tiring day–babysitting nephew and niece–very naughty–finding it hard to manage…

15. Complete the story using the given outline in 200–250 words.

Hot summer day–desert safari–storm–lost in the desert…

16. Complete the following story in an appropriate way making it interesting giving a suitable and meaningful title. Answer in about 200–250 words.

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy called Bunty. He came from a very poor family. One fine day, he left home and came to Mumbai and started polishing shoes at the Mumbai Central railway station…

17. Write a short story in about (200–250 words) on the basis of the hints provided:

Going for long walks has always been a passion for me. As usual, I was walking amongst the thick green forest till I heard that voice ……….

As the ticket inspector asked for the ticket, I dug my hand into my pocket only to discover that the purse along with the ticket had disappeared ………..

18. Develop an interesting story on the basis of the following input in about 200–250 words. Also, give a suitable title to it.

Forestall animals gathered – election of a new king – chose monkey – amused by his antics – disappointed – waited for a chance – one day – found a piece of meat – used as a bait for the trap – sent to a monkey – shows loyalty–offered to show him the place – where he found meat – monkey felt greedy – fell prey – fox outwitted monkey.

19. Read the outline given below of an incident in Indian National Bank, Amritsar. Use the outline to begin the story and write your own conclusion in about 200–250 words.

People stood in lines at different counters of the Indian National Bank – three strangely dressed men and a woman entered the hall – suddenly – firing heard by all – panic among customers – security men held up and gagged…

20. Write a story on the given outline in about 200–250 words.

Danny awakens from a coma–he is in a state of confusion he discovered that many years have passed–he explores the area looking for clues—finding out that two extraterrestrials had landed on Earth he finds he was left on the world alone he goes to the White House to find evidence of who came to Earth and why–he finds documents that the visitors have had contact with men for decades—these visitors saw the planet and were to save them.

21. Write a short story in about 200–250 words on the basis of the hints provided.

I was walking alone in cool winter midnight… The streets were deserted. Suddenly ……..

22. Narrate a story in 200–250 words that begin with the words. ‘I used to think…

I thought nothing could go wrong–my son Vivek–because a drug addict––a cause of worry– A Baba came–Vivek transformed–my belief returned.

23. Narrate a story in 200–250 that begins with the words. “It was a day when everything seemed to go wrong’.

Everything seemed to go wrong––stormy day—foot sprained—at school teacher’s reprimand problem with my bike–evening death of grandmother–the day of exhaustion and dejection.

24. Complete the following story.

It was the afternoon of a cold grey December day. The streets outside glistened with snow, some white sparkling flakes struck and melted on the window panes. Then suddenly…

25. Using the given clues, write an interesting story in about 150–200 words.

Dark night–barren desert–strange sounds–shadow—an old fort–shocked.

26. Write a short story in 150–200 words on the basis of the hints provided.

Ratan was in Goa on a school trip. The teacher asked everyone to play and remain on the seashore…


Hari drove fast. He was already late for office. He had got up late and it was his first day of work……..