Reported Imperatives Exercises for Class 7 CBSE With Answers

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Reported Imperatives Exercises for Class 7 CBSE With Answers Pdf

Imperative sentences are those which contain the sense of Request, Command, etc and always begin with the main verb.

  • I said to him, “Please, go to the market.”

Rules for Simple Imperative Statements:

  • The Reporting verb will be changed as per the sense contained in the Reported Speech.
  • If there is the sense of Request, we will change said to into – requested
  • If there is the sense of Order – said to into – ordered
  • If the sense is not clear, then we shall convert said into – told or asked etc.
  • I requested him ….

Inverted commas are replaced by ‘to’. ,

  • I requested him to …

The rest of the reported speech will come as it is.

  • I requested him to go to the market.

More Examples:

  • Direct: He said to me, “Help him in settling the accounts”.
    Indirect: He requested me to help him in settling the accounts.
  • Direct: My friend said to me, “Please accept this invitation”.
    Indirect: My friend entreated me to accept that invitation.
  • Direct: The doctor said to the patient, “Give up smoking”.
    Indirect: The doctor advised the patient to give up smoking.
  • Direct: The Commander said to his men, “March further”.
    Indirect: The Commander urged his men to march further.

Rules for Negative Imperative
Rules are almost same as in the Imperative except ‘not’ which we insert in the negative imperative before ‘to’ while replacing inverted commas.

  • I said to him, “Don’t open the door, please.”
  • I requested him not to open the door.

We also use forbade while replacing said to when there is the sense other than request/advice etc. Forbade is itself a negative word. It will not take the word not after it.
More Examples:

  • Direct: The old man said to the boys, “Please do not disturb me.”
    Indirect: The old man requested the boys not to disturb him.
  • Direct: The shopkeeper said to the customer, “Please do not eat raw and overripe fruit.”
    Indirect – The shopkeeper requested the customer not to eat raw and overripe fruit.
  • Direct – The host said to the guests, “Please do not stand on any ceremony.”
    Indirect – The host requested the guests not to stand on any ceremony.

Rules for ‘Let Us’ Imperative statements
If the reported speech starts with the words ‘Let us’ the words ‘said to’ in the reporting speech are changed into ‘proposed to’ or ‘suggested to’.

Comma and inverted commas are replaced by the word ‘that’.

The words ‘Let us’ are replaced with the words ‘we should or they should’ according to subject and object in the reporting speech.

If either of subject or object in reporting speech is first person, the words ‘we should’ are used and if these are in third person, the words ‘they should’ are used.


  • Direct: She said to me, “Let us go out for a picnic.”
    Indirect: She proposed to me that we should go out for a picnic.
  • Direct: He said to his wife, “Let us go for shopping.”
    Indirect: He suggested to his wife that they should go for shopping.
  • Direct: He said to them,” Let us not quarrel with each other.”
    Indirect: He suggested to them that they should not quarrel with each other.

The doctor advised the patient to give u smoking. He advisee that continuous smokir was bad for health am

Read the picture story.
The doctor advised the patient to give up smoking. He advised hat continuous smoking as bad for health and caused cancer.
Reported Imperatives Exercises for Class 7 CBSE With Answers

The doctor forbade the patient to smoke as it was the biggest risk factor for all the heart diseases. He ordered the patient to quit smoking.
Reported Imperatives Exercises for Class 7 CBSE With Answers

He suggested that he should eat healthy snacks when craving hits. He also proposed that he should switch to herbal tea.
Reported Imperatives Exercises for Class 7 CBSE With AnswersAnswer the following questions.
1. What did the doctor advise to do?
2. What did the doctor forbid?
3. What did the doctor order to the patient?
4. What did the doctor suggest to do?

Reported Imperative Exercises Pdf With Answer for Class 7 CBSE

A. Change the following direct imperative sentences into indirect sentences. The first one has been done for you.

1. Direct: The old woman said to the boy, “Please help me.”
Indirect: The old woman is requested the boy to help her.

2. Direct: I said to him, “Love and obey your parents.”
Indirect: ________________________
3. Direct: The teacher said to the students, “Work hard.”
Indirect: ________________________
4. Direct: Mahesh said to me, “Please lend me your pen.”
Indirect: ________________________
5. Direct: The doctor said to the patient, “Quit smoking.”
Indirect: ________________________
6. Direct: The officer said to the clerk, “Do this work immediately.”
Indirect: ________________________
7. Direct: The teacher said to the boy, “Come in, please.”
Indirect: ________________________
8. Direct: He said to me, “Post this letter at once.”
Indirect: ________________________
9. Direct: I said to the children, “Do not make any noise.”
Indirect: ________________________
10. Direct: I said to her, “Don’t mention my name.”
Indirect: ________________________
11. Direct: I said to the child, “Do not look down into the well.”
Indirect: ________________________
12. Direct: He said to me, “Wait here till I return.”
Indirect: ________________________

B. Convert the following sentences from direct to indirect speech (reported speech).

1. Mother to daughter: “Put on your shoes.”
2. The teacher to me: “Open your notebook.”
3. Maya to her uncle: “Don’t be mad at me.”
4. Coach to Rohit: “Get on your feet!”
5. The cashier to Anu: “Give me your receipt.”
6. Anand to his mother: “Help me with my homework.”
7. The officer to us: “Do not park here.”
8. The ambulance driver to pedestrians: ” Move out of the way!”
9. Deapak to his mother: “Wait for me.”
10. Pooja to her husband: “Stop acting like a child.”

C. Change the following direct imperative sentences Into indirect speech.

1. Anushka said to Om, “Let us go to watch a movie.”
2. Manjula said to me, “Let us play carom today”.
3. He said, “Let us wait a few minutes and try again later”.
4. Party workers said to the leader, “Let us do some favour to our supporters”.

D. Complete the sentences such that they are in Reported Speech.

1. Kiran: “Don’t play football in the garden!”
Kiran told me ________________________
2. Teacher: “Don’t forget to complete your homework!”
The teacher reminded me ________________________
3. Mohan: “Don’t shout at Pradip!”
Mohan told me ________________________
4. Amit: “Don’t talk to your neighbour!”
Amit told me ________________________
5. Danish: “Don’t open the door!”
Danish told me ________________________
6. Mayank: “Don’t sing that song!”
Mayank reminded me ________________________
7. Julie: “Don’t watch the new film!”
Juiie advised me ________________________
8. Sonu: “Don’t ring Monu on Sunday!”
Sonu told me ________________________
10. Jyoti: “Don’t eat too much junk food!”
Jyoti reminded me ________________________