Report Writing Class 6 CBSE Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, TypesA report is a factual description of an issue or a problem. A report is written for a clear purpose and for a particular audience. Various forms of reports are: newspaper reports, inquiry reports, progress or action taken report, a police report, a report of a meeting, etc., each having a distinct character and format.

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Report Writing Class 6 Format, Examples, Topics, Samples, Types

What is Report Writing?
A report is a short, sharp, concise document which is written for a particular purpose and audience.

It generally sets out and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action.

It is a factual description, and needs to be clear and well-structured. Reporters write about newsworthy occurrences such as political rallies, visits of celebrities, business closings, accidents, foreign affairs, crime, education, health, sports, theatre and religions.

Components of Report Writing:
The main components of a report writing include (1) the heading which should be catchy and attention-grabbing, (2) the introductory paragraph which introduces the topic about which the report is written, (3) the body which contains detailed information about the event discussed in the report followed by a conclusion which concludes the story in a logical manner. (4) The conclusion should be convincing and must make adequate for making recommendations.


  1. The reports relating to current events are more appealing since it holds the interest of the reader.
  2. The report should always be written in past tense.
  3. Report should always be clear and concise.
  4. It is idealto put all relevant information in the summary as most of the readers prefer to read only summary section.
  5. While preparing a report make sure that you use active voice rather than passive.

Sections of Report Writing:

  • First section should contain the title, name of the writer, place and date.
  • Next section would be the body of the report.
  • Here the first sentence should state the purpose of the report so that the reader is quite clear what is the report all about.
  • In simple terms, it explains what the problem statement is.
  • All the information should be organised in a logical manner in short paragraphs.
  • Once the problem statement is clear, we need to explain the information, which we had collected from the analysis we had done.
  • Next step of report writing is to validate the information on data, we can give some facts and figures.
  • Finally we should suggest on how to mitigate the problem.

Report Writing Class 6 CBSE Sample Example With Answer

You are Ankit, staff reporter of a national daily. You were asked to cover a District Science Exhibition. Write a report mentioning all relevant details.

Science holds India’s future – Kalam
(by Ankit)

Agra, Sep 20.
It is science that holds the destiny of India’s future says Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Inaugurating a science exhibition in one of the schools here, Dr. Kalam said that students will have to study science for its own sake and not for becoming a doctor or an engineer. “The development of the country much depends on the Scientists who could help to solve problems faced by the nation in different fields.” The dream of every citizen to see India as a super power will soon be fulfilled if the students’ energy and enthusiasm are properly channeled.

The exhibition was organised under the aegis of Lion’s Club of Agra. Earlier during the day, he visited an orphanage and spoke to the children for over an hour and had lunch with them.

Report Writing Class 6 CBSE Practice Example

A. Write a news report on a road accident that you witnessed.