Picture story writing for class 4

Picture Story Writing For Class 4 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Picture story writing is a fun exercise for kids that allows them to utilize their imaginations, learn new words, and express themselves creatively. It is an excellent technique to expose children to the realm of narrative while also laying the groundwork for future writing abilities.

We will present full guidance on picture story writing for Class 4 children in this article. We’ll go over the format, samples, subjects, and exercises that will help kids improve their writing skills while having fun.

Format Of Picture Story Writing For Class 4:

The format for writing picture stories is simple and straightforward.

1. The introduction should introduce the key characters and create the tone for the story.
2. Conflict – The conflict is the issue that the main character(s) must deal with.
3. Rising Action – The rising action is the events leading up to the climax of the story.
4. Climax – The climax is the turning point of the story where the main character(s) must face their biggest challenge.
5. Falling Action – The falling action is the events that occur after the climax and lead to the resolution of the conflict.
6. Resolution – At the conclusion of the story, the conflict is resolved.

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Examples Of Picture Story Writing For Class 4:

Here are some examples of picture story writing for Class 4 students:

Example 1
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who loved to go on adventures in the woods. One day, she discovered a hidden cave. She decided to explore the cave and found a treasure chest full of gold coins. But as she was about to take the treasure, a giant spider appeared, blocking her way. She had to find a way to escape the spider and get the treasure.

Example 2
Tom and Jerry were best friends who loved to play soccer. They were practicing for the big game when they discovered that their soccer ball was missing. They looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. They had to come up with a plan to get their ball back before the game.

Examples Of Picture Story Writing For Class 4

Topics For Picture Story Writing For Class 4:

Here are some topics for picture story writing for Class 4 students:

1. A day at the beach
2. A trip to outer space
3. The magic Treehouse
4. The lost puppy
5. The haunted house
6. The secret garden
7. The talking animal
8. The underwater adventure

Exercises For Picture Story Writing For Class 4:

Here are some exercises that Class 4 students can do to practice picture story writing:

1. Pick a picture and create a story around it.
2. Draw your own pictures and create a story using them.
3. Rewrite a popular fairy tale and add your own twist to it.
4. Write a story about your favorite fictional character.
5. Write a story about a person or animal that you admire.

Conclusion On Picture Story Writing For Class 4:

Picture story writing is an exciting and engaging way for Class 4 students to develop their writing skills and express themselves creatively. By following the format, examples, topics, exercises, tips, and common mistakes outlined in this article, children can create great picture stories that are both entertaining and educational. Start practicing picture story writing today and see how your child’s creativity and writing skills improve.