Looking for an easy way to Learning of new elementary english grammar and composition for class 8 answers, Solutions. You have to learn basic English Grammar topics like Tenses Verbs, Nouns, etc… In this article, we will review the best English Grammer Topics and compare them against each other.

Jumbled Sentences Exercise With Answers for Class 8 Pdf

In this exercise, proper sentences are divided into phrases. These phrases are jumbled. The student ¡s expected to look at the jumbled phrases comprehend the meaning implied and put the sentence in order.

  • She was/of her youth/at that time/in the prime

1. Identify the subject.
She was

2. Identify the action.
In the prime of her youth

3. Make the sentence.
She was in the prime of her youth at that time.

Rearrange Jumbled Sentences Practice Examples for Class 8 CBSE

A. Re-arrange the following jumbled words and phrases to make meaningful sentences.

a. Arrangement the words in the correct order to form meaningful sentences.

(i) She / interested / that/ was / in / proposal / said / she / the
(ii) was / Performance /impressed /with/ quite / his/I.
(iii) the / please / not /do / on / grass / step.
(iv) at /top/voice/ the man/his/ of/ demanded / the / admission / shouting.
(v) you / where have / this all / while / been/ ?
(vi) should / you/ have / coming / seen / this.
(vii) effect / we/in/did / much / sales / last / not / year /improvement.
(i) She said that she was interested in the proposal.
(ii) I was quite impressed with his performance.
(iii) Please do not step on the grass.
(iv) Shouting at the top of his voice, the man demanded admission.
(v) Where have you been all this while?
(vi) You should have seen this coming.
(vii) we did not effect much improvement in sales last year.

b. Rearrange the word for meaningful sentences.

(a) Peacock / a / beautiful /is/a/bird
(b) neck / feathers / covered /is/ lovely / its / with
(c) green / blue /its/ and / body / is
(d) glory/its /tail / long /is/its
(e) it / national / our /is / bird.
(a) A peacock is a beautiful bird.
(b) Its neck is covered with lovely feathers.
(c) Its body is green and blue.
(d) Its glory is its tail.
(e) It is our national bird.

1. educational/a/institution/library/forms/part of/an/important/very/a
2. inspires/the students/develop/a habit/reading/of/library/to
3. knowledge/students/a/library/widens/the/the/of

1. games/sports/and/different/there/are/of/kinds
2. incomplete/games/without/education/is
3. fit and fine/necessary/games/are/keep/to/the/body

1. friends/choice/the/made/wisely/very/of/be/should
2. make/mar/career/the/choice/our/friends/of/or/our
3. blessing/rare/is/a/real/friendship

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