Email, which is short for electronic mail, is a convenient method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems. It is the quickest way to send a letter.

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Email Writing Class 8 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises PDF

Just like letters, emails can be formal or informal. Companies, orgnisations, government departments and offices use formal emails, which are written like formal letters for official communication. Informal emails are personal emails between friends, relatives and, sometimes, acquaintances and are written in a friendly and conversational style.

You should avoid using any contractions, abbreviations and slang expressions in formal, business or official emails. In personal emails, however, feel free to use contracted words. Conventions like greetings, salutations, leave taking and closing remain more or less the same as in letter writing except that most email message significantly reduce them or sometimes even leave them out, especially in message that run in to chain.

Remember the following points for effective email message:

  • Have a clearly stated subject line
  • Place priority information in the beginning
  • Be brief without being rude
  • Use the right tone – formal/informal
  • Have simple vocabulary, uncomplicated sentences and paragraphs
  • Use correct grammar and spelling to avoid confusion
  • Be courteous
  • End with thanks / a line saying, you look forward to hearing from the recipient
  • Have a signature which may include position held/address/ phone number etc.

An effective email message must not

  • Be too long
  • Be all in capital letters. This is considered as ‘shouting’. However, some words may be capitalized for emphasis
  • Have very confidential or personal information that may fall into wrong hands and cause problems
  • Be forwarded or circulated unsolicited.
  • Carry attachments with viruses or malicious software in them.

Email Writing Solved Example With Answer for Class 8 CBSE

Write an e-mail to your friend requesting him to lend you his camera.
Email Writing Class 8 CBSEUnfortunately, I broke my camera yesterday. I have sent it to be repaired but it won’t be back in time. Can you do me a favor and lend me your camera? I assure you that I will take great care of it and return it as soon as we go back from the trip. I shall ever be thankful to you for this favor.


Email Writing Practice Example for Class 8 CBSE

1. Write an email to ‘Prakash publishers’ regretting their delay in the supply of the books you had ordered for the school library. You are the librarian.