Diary Entry for Class 7 CBSE Format, Topics, Examples, SamplesA diary is a personal document that records an individual’s account of an incident or a day in their. life. A diary keeps track of an individual’s past and their dreams and hopes about the future. One can tell a diary all that one cannot tell anyone else. One can pour all of one’s feelings into it. One can make predictions about what will happen and see if they come true, and can see how one has changed over time, and read and enjoy their memories.

Looking for an easy way to Learning of new elementary english grammar and composition for class 7 answers, Solutions. You have to learn basic English Grammar topics like Tenses Verbs, Nouns, etc… In this article, we will review the best English Grammer Topics and compare them against each other. In this page we are providing Diary Entry Topics.

Diary Entry for Class 7 CBSE Format, Topics, Examples, Samples Pdf

Diary writing is the writing down of events, transactions and observations in a highly personalized manner. It is wrapped around creative thoughts and is basically the outpouring of what one feels or has experienced with regard to a particular stimulus. A diary can be written on a daily basis or at intervals, depending on the inclination of the writer.

What is a Diary Entry?
A diary entry is a record of one’s feelings following an event either sad or pleasant. Diary entries are personal reflective in nature. Therefore, they may not always be objective in view.

A diary entry usually includes detailed perspectives of the writer of the following events occurring in the present.


  • Observations
  • Perceptions
  • Descriptions

Diary Entry Format for Class 7 CBSE With Answers

Tips for Writing a Diary Entry

  • The word limit of a diary entry is 150 words. Everything you wish to say should be encompassed within this limit.
  • Remember that a diary entry is not a documentary. Include only those things which were the highlight of the day.
  • Spend a few moments going over the entire day and categorise the events which affected you the most.
  • Focus on the emotions, feelings and thoughts that the day’s event(s) triggered.
  • Use a personal confessional tone as the entry is a record of your personal life and past.
  • Maintain the correct chronological order while noting things. Avoid skipping from one thought to the other.
  • An anticipatory note at the end of the entry looking forward to the following day is a good way of concluding it.
  • Use grammatically correct sentences and avoid spelling mistakes. Also avoid using long complex sentences.

Diary Entry Format for Class 7 CBSE

Day & Date:

Heading (Optional)

Dear Diary,
______________________ Main Body __________________________
______________________ Concluding Line ______________________


Diary Entry Sample for Class 7 CBSE – 1

Tomorrow your school is celebrating Teacher’s Day. You have been selected for presenting a speech before teachers. Express your feelings and emotions in the form of Diary entry in not more than 150 words.

Friday, 4th September 2016
9.15 PM

Teacher’s Day

Dear Diary,
Tomorrow is the 5th of September. Nationwide it is celebrated as Teacher’s Day to honour the great soul who was born on that particular day, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. There are butterflies in my stomach tonight, since tomorrow I have to present a speech at school. It is also an honour that I have been chosen out of so many aspirants. I have therefore written a beautiful speech appreciating the noble profession of our teachers.

They inspire us to do great things, chide us when we are wrong and dispel all our childish pomposity. They help us refine our crude selves and become respectable members of society. In honour of my favourite teacher Mrs. Saini, I have dedicated a small paragraph in the speech to her. I sincerely hope that I am able to deliver the speech tomorrow without any trepidation.

Good night.

Diary Entry Sample for Class 7 CBSE – 2

You have visited an old age home today with your classmates. Express your feelings in the form of diary entry in not more than 150 words.

Sunday, 8th February 2016
8.15 PM

Visit to Old Age Home

Dear Diary,
Today my class visited an old age home as part of a social service activity. There we saw and interacted with many aged people. We were told that these homes originally came into existence to aid senior citizens who had no family or meAnswer: to support themselves. However, today these homes have become a place where people drop off their old parents as parcels citing lack of time or blaming financial constraints.

Indian society which upheld the virtues of family love has turned a back against the ageing and the helpless. It is a shame that people forget the sacrifices of their parents. Taking care of them was once an honour, now it is considered a burden. We have to battle this social problem and be more sensitive to the needs of our parents and elders.


Diary Entry Exercises For Class 7 CBSE

1. Your dad decides to give you the birthday gift that you wished. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings in not more than 150 words.


2. You and your brother decided to celebrate your parents 25th wedding anniversary. Write your plans in the form of diary entry in not more than 150 words.


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