CBSE previous Year Solved  Papers  Class 12 English Outside Delhi 2011

Time allowed : 3 hours                                                                                           Maximum Marks: 100
General Instructions :

  1. This paper is divided into three sections : A, B and C. All the sections are compulsory.
  2. Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions very carefully and follow them faithfully.
  3. Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.



Question.1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions
that follow:

  1.  For many years now the governments has been promising the eradication of child-labour in hazardous industries in India. But the truth is that despite all the rhetoric, neither the government so far has succeeded in eradicating this evil, nor has been able to ensure compulsory primary education for every Indian child. Between 60 and 100 million children are still at work instead of going to school, and around 10 million are working in hazardous industries. India has the largest child population of 380 million in the world, plus the largest number of children who are forced to earn a living.
  2.  We have many laws that ban child-labour in hazardous
    industries. According to the Child-Labour (Prohibition
    and Regulation) Act 1986, the employment of children below the age of 14 in hazardous occupations has been strictly banned. But each state has different rules regarding the minimum age of employment. This makes implementation of these laws difficult.
  3.  Also, there is no ban on child-labour in non-hazardous occupations. The Act applies to the organised or factory sector and not the unorganised or informal sector where most children find employment as cleaners, servants, porters, waiters etc. among other forms of unskilled
    work. Thus, child-labour continues . because the
    implementation of the existing laws is lax.
  4.  There are industries, which have a special demand for child labour because of their nimble fingers, high level of concentration and capacity to work hard at abysmally low wages. The carpet industry in U.P. and Kashmir employs children to make hand-knotted carpets. There are 80,000 child workers in Jammu and Kashmir alone. In Kashmir because of the political unrest, children are forced to work while many schools are shut. Industries like gem cutting and polishing, pottery and glass want to remain competitive by employing children.
  5.  The truth is that it is poverty which is pushing children into the brutish labour market. We have 260 million people below the poverty line in India, a large number of them are women. Poor and especially woman-headed families, have no’option but to push their little ones in this hard life, in to hostile conditions, with no human or labour rights.
  6.  There is a lobby which argues that there is nothing wrong
    with children working as long as the environment for i work is conducive to learning new skills, but studies have
    shown that the children are made to do boring, repetitive and tedious jobs and are not taught new skills as they grow older. In these, hell-holes like the sweet shops for the old there is no hope.
  7.  Children working irr hazardous industries are prone to debilitating diseases which can cripple them for life. By sitting in cramped, damp and unhygienic spaces, their limbs become deformed for life, inside matehstick, fire¬works and glass industries they are victims of bronchial diseases andT.B. Their mental and physical development is permanently impaired by long hours of work. Once trapped, they can’t get out of this vicious circle of poverty. They remain uneducated and powerless. Finally, in later years, they too are compelled to send their own children to work. Child-labour perpetuates its own nightmare.
  8.  If at all the government was serious about granting children their rights, an intensive effort ought to have been made to implement the Supreme Court’s Directive of 1997, which laid down punitive action against employers of child-labour. Only compulsory primary education can eliminate child-labour,
  9. Surely, if 380 million children are given a better life and elementary education, Indians human capital would be greatly enhanced. But that needs, as former President Abdul Kalam says, “a second vision”.

(a) (i) On which two accounts has the government not succeeded so far in respect of children ?
Answer : The government has not succeeded so far in respect of children on account of eradication of child-labour in hazardous industries in India and to ensure compulsory primary education for every Indian child.
(ii) What makes the implementation of child-labour law
difficult ? 
Answer : Each state has different rules regarding the minimum age of employment. Also, there is no ban on child-labour in non-hazardous occupation, The Act does not apply to the unorganized or informal sector. This makes the implementation of child-labour law difficult.
(iii) Why do the industries prefer child-labour ?
Answer : There are industries which have a special demand for child-labour, it is because of their nimble fingers, high level of concentration and capacity to work hard at low wages.
(iv) What are the adverse effects of hazardous industries
on children ? Give any two.
Answer: Children working in hazardous industries are prone to debilitating diseases which can cripple them for life. By . sitting in cramped, damp and unhygienic spaces, their limbs become deformed.
Secondly, they become victim of bronchial diseases by working in matehstick, fire-works and glass industries.
(v) What does the Supreme Court’s Directive of 1997 provide ?
Answer : The Supreme Court’s Directive of 1997 laid down punitive action against employers of child-labour. Only compulsory primary education can eliminate child-labour.
(b) Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following ?
(i) risky/dangerous (para 1)
Answer: hazardous .
(ii) very unfriendly (para 5)
Answer: hostile
(iii) intended as punishment (para 8)
Answer: punitive

Question.2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 
There is nothing more frustrating than, when you sit down at your table to study with the most sincere of intentions and instead of being able to finish the task at hand you find your thoughts wandering. However, there are certain techniques that you can use to enhance your concentration. “Your concentration level depends on a number of factors,” says Samuel Ghosh, a social counsellor. “In order to develop your concentration span, it is necessary to examine various facets of your physical and internal environment,” she adds.
To begin’ with one should attempt to create the physical environment that is conducive to focussed thought. Whether it is the radio, TV or your noisy neighbours identify the factors that make it difficult for you to focus. For instance, if you live in a very noisy neighbourhood, you could try to plan your study hours in a nearby library.
She disagrees with the notion that people can concentrate or study in an environment with distractions like a loud television, blaring music etc. “If you are distracted when you are attempting to focus, your attention and retention powers do not work at optimum levels,” cautions Ghosh. “Not more than two of your senses should be activated at the same time,” she adds. What that means is that music that sets your feet tapping is not the ideal accompaniment to your books’?
Also do not place your study table or desk in front of a window. “While there is no cure for a mind that wants to wander, one should try and provide as little stimulus as possible. Looking out of a window when you are trying to concentrate will invariably send your mind on a tangent,” says Ghosh.
The second important thing, she says, is to establish goals for oneself instead of setting a general target and then trying to accomplish, what you can in a haphazard fashion. It is very important to decide what you have to finish in a given span of * time. The human mind recognises fixed goals and targets and appreciates schedules more than random thoughts”. Once your thoughts and goals are in line, a focused system will follow.
She recommends that you divide your schedule into study and recreation hours. When you study, choose a mix of subjects that you enjoy and dislike and save the former for the last so that you have something to look forward to. For instance, if you enjoy verbal skill tests more than mathematical problems, then finish Maths first. Not only will you find yourself working harder, you will have a sense of achievement when you wind up.
Try not to sit for more than 40 minutes at a stretch. Take a very short break to make a cup of tea or listen to a song and sit down again. Under no circumstances, should one sit for more than one and a half hours. Short breaks build your concentration and refresh your mind. However, be careful not to overdo the relaxation. It may have undesired effects.
More than anything else, do not get disheartened. Concentration is merely a matter of disciplining the mind. It comes with practice and patience and does not take very long to become a habit for life.
(a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make notes on it in points only using abbreviations wherever necessary. Supply a suitable title.
1. Notes
(i) Tech, to enhance concentration
(a) create phy envirmnt.
(b) identify the factors resp
(c) music not the ideal accomp
(ii) Recommendations
(a) dvd schedule
(b) choose sub that you like or dislike
(c) don’t sit for more than 40 min
(iii) More suggestions
(a) don’t get dishrtnd
(b) concentrn is merely a discipline of mind
(c) rqurs practice and patience

Abbreviations used
Tech                technique
Phy                  physical
Envirmnt       environment
Resp                responsible
Accomp          accompaniment
Dvd                 divide
Dishrtnd        disheartened
Concentrn     concentration
Rqurs              requires
Title : Concentration – Key to Success (or) Techniques to Enhance Concentration
(b) Write a summary of the above passage in about 80


According to Samuel Ghosh, a social counsellor, study needs concentration which depends on various factors. These include physical environment and avoiding distractions.
Music should not be listened as it lessens the ‘attention and retention power. One should -not keep study table or desk in front of a window to provide little stimulus to mind. Another important thing is to set goals. Once thoughts and goals are in line, a focused system will flow. Ghosh recommended that the schedule to study and recreation hours should be divided. Choose the subject first which is disliked. Do not sit for more than 40 minutes, take a break in between and do not get disheartened.

(Advanced Writing Skills)

Question.3.You are Secretary of Gymkhana Club, Madurai. Write a
notice in not more than 50 words informing the members to attend an extraordinary meeting of governing body. Include details like date, time, venue etc. Sign as Prabhu/ Pratibha.
Due to sudden landslide and inclement weather, St. Francis School, Vasco has to be closed for a week. As a Principal of that school, draft a notice in not more than 50 words to be displayed at the school’s main gate notice board.

Question.4.You are Poorva/Partha, Cultural Secretary of your school,
D. B. Senior Secondary School, Ambur. A week long Music and Dance festival was organized by your school. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. Invent details.
The Debating Society of your school has recently held a workshop on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) introduced for the students of class X in all the schools. The students discussed the assessment made by the school on the basis of their participation in various activities and the system of grading. Write a report in 1 GO- 125 words for your school magazine. You are Parveen/ Payal, Secretary of Society.
Music And Dance Festival
Report: By Poorva (Cultural Secretary)
D.B. Sen. Sec. School
25th November, 2014 ,
D. B. Senior Secondary School, Ambur, organized a week long music and dance festival in the school auditorium last week. The chief guest of the function was none other than very popular Ad Guru, Mr. Piyush Pandey. The function commenced with the garlanding of Lord Ganesha and lightening up of the lamp. Students gave cultural performance on this occasion. A group of 50 girls presented Rajasthani folk dance accompanied with a band of 25 girls playing the music at the background, which received a huge applaud from the audience. Our Principal, honourable Mr. M. K. Singh read the annual report of the school. The festive cheer echoed the building of the school. One could see the exuberant enthusiasm of the artists which made the festival special. The function concluded with the speech by the Chief Guest.
Workshop on Continuous and ”
Comprehensive Evaluation
Organized by : Debating Society
Report: By Parveen (Secretary of Society)
26 November 20XX
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, refers to a system of school based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of students’ development. Keeping this in mind, the debating society of our school has recently held a workshop on CCE.
The students discussed about the assessment made by the school based on their performance in scholastic as well as co¬scholastic areas. They found that this system has lessened the burden of children to a great extent and it will go a long way. It includes the Formative and Summative Assessment. With this new system it has become possible to learn through do-it- yourself and fun-filled way. With the introduction of grading system, it encourages specific abilities of the students who do not excel in academics. Learning has become a pleasure as it has taken away the fear of examination. The students told that they are enjoying it and it is a positive approach towards learning.

Question.5.You are Raman / Roma, a member of Parents Teacher Association of Little Valley Senior Secondary School, Hyderabad. Write a letter to the Principal of the school asking him to introduce vocational stream in the school providing facility of teaching such.subjects as computer, insurance etc. so that the students may not needlessly continue academic studies. You are residing at 15, Anand Colony, Hyderabad.
Write a letter to the Manager (Publication) of Little Flower Company, Hyderabad, placing an order for four books on management and administration recently published by them. You are Ronit/Rohini, Librarian, H. P. Engineering College, Tirupathi.
15, Anand Colony
10th May, 2014
The Principal
Little Valley Senior Secondary School Hyderabad
Subject: Introduction of Vocational Stream in School Dear Sir,
I, would like to draw your attention towards the changing need of time. The world is growing at a faster speed and we have to keep our pace with it. Students of today are the visionaries of tomorrow. So. we have to develop their personality and skills in such a way that they develop into responsible human beings. Keeping this in mind, vocational stream should be started in the school so as to facilitate students in such a way that they do not have to study academics without purpose. This will provide educational and vocational guidance in the field in which they are interested etc. The introduction of the subjects as computer, insurance would not only help them in ; choosing their career, but interest them also. It would assist
them in exploring various career options. Thus, I request you to introduce vocational stream in the school.
Hope you will give your due attention to my request. Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Roma (Member of Parents Teacher Association)
H.P. Engineering College
12th April, 2014
The Manager (Publication)
Little Flower Company,
Subject: Order for the books of Dear Sir.
On behalf of the college, I want to place an order for four books
on Management and four books on Administration which you
have recently published. As our college has urgent need of these books, I would be grateful if you supply them at the earliest, as the session is soon’going to start. You could send these books
by V.EP. and attach the bill along with. I will dispatch a cheque of the required amount in favour of Little Flower Company, Hyderabad within 10 days after receiving the books. I hope that a discount of 25% on the printed price will be applicable to us as per rules for Libraries and Education Institutions.
I would feel obliged if the delivery of the books will be done within 10 days.
Yours truly,
Rohini (Librarian)
H.P. Engineering College Tirupathi

Question.6.The invention of mobile phone has brought about a revolution in the lives of the people in the country. If used properly it can be a blessing but if misused it can prove to be a curse. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Mobile phone – a boon or bane.’ You are Kartik/Krishna. [10] OR
With the rising number of people in almost all the big cities of the country, the rate of crime has also increased proportionately. The police needs to be trained in new methodology of combating the crime besides changing its mindset. Write an article in 150-200 words on “The Role of Police in maintaining law and order in the Metropolitan Cities”. You are Ravi/Ravina.
‘Mobile phone — a boon or bane’
By: Krishna
Modern Technology and Science has brought a revolution on earth. The best of it, is the invention of gadgets. We have become so prone to these gadgets that we feel handicapped without them. Among them one is mobile phones which are most important. Earlier it was supposed to be a luxury but now it has become necessity. It has reached in the hands of every common man. Even children carry it with them. Mobile phones have brought a revolution in the world of communication. We can say that they are blessings if used in a proper way. They can be useful at the time of any emergency, conveying important message or saving a precious life. But on the other hand, if they are not used wisely, they can prove to be a curse. Using mobiles while driving can prove fatal to -» any life, excessive use by the children make them addicted to it or sometimes the family life gets disturbed. There are certain laws which restrict the use of mobile phones while driving because many accidents have taken place due to it but how many of us abide by the laws. So mobile phones should be used only when required and not as a source of entertainment.
“The Role of Police in maintaining law and order in the Metropolitan Cities”
By: Ravina
The law and order situation of the country is deteriorating day by day. The crime graph of the Metropolitan Cities is heating up. There is not a single day when we do not read the cases of burglary, murder, accident, kidnapping or stabbing in newspapers. It is the symbol of total disrespect towards the laws and regulations of the Constitution. Chain snatching has become the most common problem. Girls don’t feel safe while moving out alone especially after evening. Now personal security has become the major issue and police will have to take strict action against it adopting some different methods to tackle these criminals. They should be given training in such a way that they are able to read the minds of the criminals and know their planning before they commit any barbarous crime. People living in Metropolitan Cities are suffering from a strong feeling of insecurity, lawlessness and ignorance. They are losing their faith in the police. In order to gain the faith of the public; police should study the psychology of the criminals and then initiate adequate steps towards stopping the crime.

(Text Books)

Question.7. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
Break O break open till they break the down And show the children to green fields, and make their world Run azure on gold sands, and let their tongues Run naked into books the white and the green leaves open
History theirs whose language is the sun.
(a) To whom does ‘they’ refer ?
Answer : ‘They’ refers to the children of the slum sitting in the classroom of an elementary school.
(b) What would they break ? .
Answer : They would break free from the chains of the slum. They would break all the windows which have sealed their fate and enjoy a new lease of life and freedom.
(c) What other freedom should they enjoy ?
Answer : They should enjoy equal rights like other citizens and given proper education and should have a bright future like others.

Question.8. Answer any three of the following in 30-40 words each :
(a) What is the sadness that the poet, Pablo Neruda refers to in the poem, “Keeping Quiet” ?
Answer : The poet talks about the sadness that is within the people. In order to fulfill their desires and completing their duty, they become so selfish that they forget others and live without happiness and universal brotherhood.
(b) What is the message of the poem, ‘A Thing of Beauty’ ?
Answer : The poet conveys the message that the world is full of unwavening beauty that gives eternal pleasure. Such beautiful things are valuable and never pass into nothingness. So they should not be destroyed.
(c) What were Kamala Das’ fears as a child ? Why do they surface when she is going to the Airport ?
Answer : Kamala Das, fears that her mother would leave her alone one day. They surface when she takes an intense look at her mother who is seated beside her while going to the Airport.
(d) Why do you think Aunt Jennifer created animals that are so different from her own character ?
Answer: Aunt Jennifer had experienced constraints through-out in her married life. The ring around her finger symbolizes the weight of her marriage so she created tigers which are representative of the freedom that she aspires for.

Question.9. Answer the following in 30-40 words each :
(a) Franz thinks, “Will they make them sing in German, even the pigeons ?” What could this mean ?
Answer: This means that the Germans had made it compulsory to teach German in the schools but they cannot take away their love for their mother tongue, French which was mixed in their blood.
(b) Which factors led Douglas to decide in favour of Y.M.C.A. pool ?
Answer : Douglas wanted to learn swimming so he decided in favour of Y.M.C.A. pool because it was not too deep at the shallow end and he found it safe as the drop at the other end was gradual. ,
(c) Why was peddler surprised when he knocked at the door of the cottage ?
Answer : The peddler was surprised to see that the owner of the cottage did not get irritated when he knocked at the door at night, but gave him a warm welcome and provided him with food and shelter. He was treated like a guest.
(d) What thoughts came to Sophie’s mind as she sat by the canal ?
Answer : While sitting by the canal, Sophie was thinking about Danny Casey only. She started fantasizing, his actions and the dialogues as he was a hero in her eyes. She did not even care about other’s view about her.

Question.10. Answer the following in 125-150 words each :
Why do you think Gandhiji considered the Champaran episode to be a turning point in his life ?
‘Lost Spring’ explains the grinding poverty and traditions that condemned thousands of people to live a life of abject poverty. Do you agree ? Why/why not ?
Answer : Champaran episode was the turning point in Gandhiji’s life because it released the farmers from the British Landlords and made them realize their rights. It was also Gandhiji’s first non-cooperative movement. Gandhiji went to Bihar and there he heard the problems of peasants and came to know about their pathetic condition. He resolved to fight for the peasants and release the poor sharecroppers from the British landlords. From Patna, he went to Muzaffarpur where he met the lawyers and convinced them that they were there to serve the peasants. He also rebuked them for charging a hefty fee from the poor sharecroppers. His main aim was to make the peasants fearless, as the freedom from fear was more important than legal justice for them. The British planters were forced to leave the land of the owners.
Therefore,Champaran episode proved to be a turning point in his life as he understood that people of India could win freedom by truth and non-violence.
Yes, ‘Lost Spring’ explains the grinding poverty and traditions, that condemned thousands of people to live a life of abject poverty. The slum of Seemapuri, in Trans-Yamuna area of Delhi is full of people living in pathetic conditions.
The family of Saheb-E-Alam, also came from Bangladesh and settled there. They have no work to do, no shelter, no sufficient food, no proper clothes and even no chappals. So they began to do the work of rag picking. The chapter deals with the lives of children like Mukesh and Saheb-E-Alam who worked in bangle making factory and did the work of rag picking respectively. These children were deprived of basic necessities like going to school and having fun. They are forced to do work in an unhealthy environment at a very early stage. There, they are exploited and become the victims of the cruel masters. Thus, the title is justified as the spring which is a ‘season of bloom’ is lost from their lives.

Question.11. Answer the following in 125-150 words each :
Dr. Sadao was compelled by his duty as a doctor to help the enemy soldier. What made Hana, his wife, sympathize with him in the face of open defiance from the domestic staff ?
Answer : Dr. Sadao was a maft of principles. Once when he was standing out of his house, situated on the beach, he saw a man flung out of the ocean. He noticed that the man was an enemy soldier and was wounded badly. He thought of throwing him back into the ocean but could not do so. Although, he had no love for Americans and he was a true patriot still he saved him realizing his sacred duty to save a, dying man. This brought an open defiance of his domestic staff and they all left him. His wife had to do all the household work. But when she saw her husband doing his duty, she sympathized with him and helped her husband in giving anesthesia to the wounded man. She even, washed the wound’s of the enemy solider when the maid refused to do so. She set an example that feeling of humanity was way above the feeling of nationalism.

Question.12. Answer the following in 30-40 words each :
(a) Why does Mr. Lamb leave his gates always open ? Answer : Mr. Lamb lived alone in his house. He had no company so he left the gates open so as to let the children enter. He had an apple orchard from where he pulled down the crab apples and save them to the children.
(b) How did the governor react to the two phone calls he
received in quick succession ? :
Answer : The Governor accepted the calls in a strict manner but replied positively. The call was from the secretary who informed that they had forgotten to put the correction slip in the examination package. The Governor allowed them to explain the correction to Evans without any doubt.
(c) What advice did Annan offer Bama ?
Answer : Annan advised Bama to study with care and learn all she could. If one is ahead in lessons, people would attach themselves to you. He told her that education was the only key to open the gates of respect and dignity. The community would also be benefitted by this.


Note : Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in previous sets.


Question.3. You are Secretary of J. P. Narain Housing Society, R. W. A. Meerut. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words stating that the second installment of maintenance
charges falls due on 31st March, 2011 and requesting the members to pay before the due date. Sign as Anil/Anita.
You are Scout Master/Guide Captain of K. R. Public School, Mysore. You have decided to send a troop of scouts and guides of your school to the jamboree to be held at Lucknow for a week. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words to be placed on the school notice board inviting the names of those scouts and guides who are interested to participate in the jamboree. Invent the necessary details. .

Question.4. You visited a Job fair organized by Ability Foundation at Chennai recently. You were impressed to see that nearly 55 companies from various sectors such as information technology, telecommunication, electronics etc. offered jobs to the final year students of various colleges. As a reporter of ‘The Deccan Times’, Chennai, prepare a report in 100-125 words. You are Peeyush/Priya.
You are Anand/Anandi, a ‘Times Of India’ correspondent. You attended the inaugural function of Tamilnadu Hospital, Chennai. Mentioning the specialities of the hospital, the number of beds, all available facilities etc. and details about the ceremony, write a report in 100-125 words for your newspaper.
Ability Foundation Organised
Job Fair, At Chennai
Report by : Priya (‘The Deccan Times’),
16th May, 20XX
Recendy a Job Fair was organized by Ability Foundation at Chennai. It was a two day job fair and was held at Madras University sports complex. It was a unique event which saw nearly, 55 companies from various IT sectors, offering jobs to the final year students. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu inaugurated the job fair and called it a constructive step as, large number of students will be benefitted by this. They were able to gain employment adeast with one of the organization. It was able to satisfy the students completely because they are now looking for offbeat jobs like Fashion designing, Publishing, Aviation, Film making, Geologists, Journalists, and many more. Seeing the queue at the registration desk, one could guess at first sight that it would be a hopeful event. Companies at job fair included Wipro, Max Bupa, Convergys, etc. The Minimum package offered to the students at the fair was 2 Lakh per annum and the Maximum was 8 Lakh per annum.
Tamilnadu Hospital Inaugurated
Report By : Anandi (Toi Correspondent)
17th June, 20XX
A Swanky 18 th floor structure of Tamilnadu Hospital in the heart of Chennai city was inaugurated by the Chairman, Apollo Group of Hospitals. It is furnished with world class facilities. Every type of quality healthcare services is promised to be provided by the hospital. It has a capacity of 140 beds, housed with ultra-modern facilities. The womens health care, High Tech Laboratory, ICU facilities, Digital Imaging, On Call Doctor Service, Emergency are some of the features offered by the hospital. Other facilities would include round the clock frequent visits by doctors and Pharmacy. No consultation fees will be charged for the first week of the inauguration. It would provide a unique opportunity to the patients as well as the Medical Students. Beside treatment, the hospital will work on different research areas as told by senior doctor, Dr. Swami Iyer. Overall it can be said that, we all have high expectations ftom this hospital.


Question.9. Answer the following in 30-40 words each : 
(a) “What a thunder clap these words were to me!” Which were the words that shocked and surprised little Franz ?
Answer : The words that shocked little Franz were that it was their last French lesson and these were spoken by their French Teacher, M. Hamel. There was an order from Berlin that German would be taught in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine and the new teacher would be arriving from the next day.
(c) What made the peddler change his ways ?
Answer : The behavior and hospitality shown by Edla, the ironmasters daughter, changed the ways of peddler. He was, living a monotonous life of a vagabond, but love and kindness of Edla changed him completely. ‘
(e) Which was the only occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person ?
Answer : The only occasion when Sophie met Danny Casey in person, was when she went to see football match with her family. Although she saw him from a distance but she fancied . her actions and dialogues.

Question.12. Answer the following in 30-40 words each :
(c) “I felt like sinking to the floor”, says Zitkala-Sa.
When did she feel so and why ?
Answer : The tradition of the community to which Zitkala-Sa belonged was to keep long hair. When her long hair was cut, it was like sinking to the floor for her. Short hair in her community %as the sign of slavery and worn by mourners and cowards.


Note : Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in previous sets.


Question.3.You are the Sports Secretary of Lalwani Public School, Udaipur. Draft a notice in not more 50 words for your school notice board asking the students to give their names for participation in various events to be held on the Annual Sports Day of your school. Invent the details of the events. Sign as Lalit/Lalita.
You are the Secretary of Sri Parthasarthy Sahha, Salem. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words to be sent to the members of the Sabha, requesting them to attend an extraordinary meeting. Invent necessary details such as items on the agenda, date, time, etc. Sign as Kamal/ Komal.

Question.4. You witnessed a programme by differendy abled persons on Zee TV You were very much impressed by their performance and were emotionally touched. Highlighting their talent, reaction of the judges to their performance etc. prepare a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. You are Gopal/Gopi, student editor of the magazine.
You are Latha/Lalith of Gurgaon. You had attended the inaugural ceremony of the newly opened vocational stream and hobby classes at the secondary school level in Paras Public School, Gurgaon. Draft a report in 100-125 words to be published in ‘Gurgaon Times’. Invent other details.
Wonderful Performance by
Differently Abled
Report By : Gopi (Student Editor) .
27th January, 20XX
Yesterday I witnessed a programme on Zee TV presented by the differendy abled people, which moved me a lot. The roles, characters, performances done by them were marvelous. All the actors managed an enthralling performance. They even portrayed the emotional and personal side of the characters perfecdy. No one could tell that this was a performance by special people of our society. Hats off to them who managed to do so in spite of their disabilities. Even the judges were overwhelmed. The performances kept the judges as well as public gripped throughout the programme. I felt glad to have watched this, as it opened the gates of inspiration for many. Although it was hard to do but it included the resdess efforts of the directors and organizers.
Inaugural Ceremony of Voctional
Stream And Hobby Classes
A Report: Latha
Gurgaon Times
15th November, 20XX
The opening ceremony of the vocational stream and the hobby classes witnessed a huge gathering on the grounds of secondary school level in Paras Public School, Gurgaon. Honorable Principal extended a warm welcome to the HRD Minister who was the Chief Guest for the ceremony. The faculty for the newly opened streams were also welcomed whole heartedly. The Principal revealed that these new streams and hobby classes would meet the need of the students which would help them in their future prospects. They will be able’ to actualize their potential to the fullest instead of competing for the top three positions. It would also provide a platform for the budding artists. To enhance the learning skills of t children, certain measures were counted. Keeping in mind the requirements and interest of the children, these streams would assist them in vocational guidance and choosing their profession. In the end the ceremony was concluded with vote of thanks by the Head of the Department, Humanities.


Question.9. Answer the following in 30-40 words each:
(a) What announcement did Mr. M. Hamel make ? What was the impact of this on Franz ?
Answer: Mr. M. Hamel made an announcement that French would no longer be taught hence forth in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine and it was their last lesson in French. This announcement came as a shock to not only Franz but all the other people. Franz realized the importance of his mother tongue and thought that he would not be able to read and speak in French again.
(c) Why did the peddler keep to the woods after leaving crofter’s cottage ? How did he feel ?
Answer : After leaving crofter’s cottage, the peddler kept to the woods in order to avoid the police. He felt that he was caught in the worlds rattrap because after stealing crofters money he realized that it was bait for him and if he took to the road, police would catch him.
(e) Why did Jansie discourage Sophie from entertaining thoughts about the sports star, Danny Casey ?
Answer: Jansie very well knew that Sophie was a day dreamer and she fancied wild stories whereas Jansie herself was a realist and knew that they belonged to a middle class family and Sophies dreams would never come true. So she discouraged her to avoid any type of disappointment.

Question.12. Answer the following in 30-40 words each :
(c) What did Judewin tell Zitkal-Sa? How did she react to it ?
Answer : Judewin told Zitkal-Sa to get ready for hair loss as the school authorities were strong enough. But Zitkal-Sa reacted very furiously over it because keeping long hair was a symbol of bravery and courage in her community.