Business Letter Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics

These include letters of enquiry/ asking for information, replying to letters received, placing orders and sending acknowledgement, cancelling orders, letters of complaint, making requests and appeals.

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Business Letter Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics Pdf

Format Of Business Letter

You had sent some books through Rechard Courier Services Private Limited, New Delhi, to your brother living in Baroda. After a week, your brother reported that he had not received the books. The local office of the company does not have any satisfactory answer to your verbal complaint. Write a letter to the Managing Director, Rechard Courier Service Private Limited at their head office in Nehru Place, New Delhi, stating the facts and asking for immediate action. You are Kusum Singhal /Avinash Pandey of 180, Rajnath Nagar, New Delhi.
Business Letter Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics Pdf

Business Letter Writing Exercises With Answers Pdf Class 11 CBSE

Question 1.


You are Sahil Tuteja, the Sports Secretary of your school. Write a letter to Globe Enterprises, New Delhi, a leading firm dealing in sports goods, requesting them to supply their trade catalogue. You may mention the items you intend to buy and ask for a discount on the catalogue prices.
ABN School
10 March 20XX
Messrs Globe Enterprises
F-4, Greater Kailash-II
New Delhi
Sub : Trade Catalogue for Sports Goods
Dear Sirs,
We have to buy sports material in bulk for various games and sports for our school for the new academic session beginning w.e.f. 1st April.
We are interested in cricket bats and balls, hockey sticks, balls, goalkeeper’s full kit, footballs, volleyballs, basket balls, table tennis balls and bats etc. We also need items for uniform namely, sports T-shirts, shorts and vests of different sizes.
Your firm has been mentioned to us as one of the best dealers in sports goods.
I shall be glad if you send me your catalogue together with quotations for large quantities. Please do mention the time required to effect delivery and the terms of payment.
I hope you will facilitate business by quoting the lowest possible rates. I am confident that you will patronise us by giving a discount also. Please mention the rate of discount on the catalogue prices.
Yours faithfully,
Sahil Tuteja
Sports Secretary

Question 2.
As Krishna Kant, you had employed the services of Decent Packers, 1469, D Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi to pack and transport your household goods and car to Chennai. Complain to the manager for the late delivery of goods and damage caused to the goods.
170, Karamveer Nagar
New Delhi – 110075
4th September, 20XX
The Manager Decent Packers
1469, D Block Connaught Place
New Delhi – 110001

Subject Complaint Regarding Late Delivery and Damage of Goods

Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your kind notice that I shifted my household goods and car to Chennai and had asked for your services to pack and transport the goods. However, I regret to inform you that the package of goods has still not been delivered at Chennai even 7 days after they were sent from here. Only the car has been delivered and that too in a damaged condition. One rear door of the car has been severely damaged. It is extremely distressing to observe this inefficiency of your company.

I want to claim compensation for the damage to the car. I request you to kindly look into the matter and find out where my goods are and take the necessary steps to inform me about the status of the transfer of goods. I hope to receive an early response from your end.

Yours faithfully
Krishna Kant

Question 3.
Write a letter to the Chairman of the National Library to open a furnished library in your locality.
C /10, Sector 12 RK Puram
New Delhi-110022
7th January, 20XX
The Chairman
National Library J-17, Saket
New Delhi-110017

Subject Request for a Library

Respected Sir,
I request you to arrange a public library in our locality. It will become a part of better civic amenities in the area. The library will help the school children as well as the college students to upgrade their knowledge for competitive exams. It would provide them a quiet peace to study. Moreover, it will be beneficial to the residents of the area for improving their knowledge. The library should have a separate section for issue and return of the books.

I therefore earnestly request you to look into the matter and open a branch of your esteemed library in this area. I hope to receive a positive response from your end.

Yours faithfully
Seema Yadav

Question 4.
You are Anjali/Ajay Dev of House No 101, Sector 22, Meerut. You are greatly disturbed by the insanitary condition prevailing in your city. Write a letter to the Chairman of the Municipal Corporation, Meerut, throwing light on it and seeking cooperation in keeping the city clean.
House No 101
Sector 22
Meerut – 250002
17th January, 20XX
The Chairman
Municipal Corporation
B-14, Sector 7
Meerut – 250002

Subject Insanitary Condition in the City

Respected Sir,
I am constrained to bring to your kind notice that our locality is in a disgraceful condition due to a lack of proper civic amenities. The streets are not swept regularly. In fact, the sweepers have not been seen from the last month. As a result, piles of garbage can be seen everywhere in society. The filth on the roads is further getting scattered by stray dogs.

It is becoming very difficult to breathe in this smelly environment. The sweepers had earlier piled heaps of rubbish on the roadside which has bred harmful insects.

I, therefore, request you to investigate the matter and help in keeping the city clean, otherwise, our city may have a serious outbreak of cholera in the near future.

Yours faithfully
Ajay Dev

Question 5.


You are Varsha/Varun, the. Secretary of the Students’ Forum of Navodaya School, Bikaner. You have planned an excursion to Bhubaneshwar and nearby places during summer vacation. Write a letter to the General Manager, Northern Railways asking for reservation of a bogie for 60 children from Bikaner to Bhubaneshwar and back, supplying all the necessary information.

Students’ Forum

No 523/NSB/05
12 March 20XX
The General Manager
Northern Railway
Bikaner Division
Sub: Reservation of a Bogie for 60 students
A group of 60 students of senior classes of this school has planned to visit Bhubaneshwar and nearby worth-seeing spots during the ensuing summer vacation. They will be accompanied by three teachers and two attendants. The touring party intends to leave Bikaner on 15 May 20XX by Bikaner Mail in a specially reserved bogie to be linked to Konark Express at Delhi. They are likely to commence their return journey on 10 June by the same train. Please confirm whether a bogie can be reserved for them during the above dates. An early confirmation at your end will help the school authorities finalise the other necessary arrangements.
You are also requested to supply the details of estimated expenditure with students’ concessions so that the money may be deposited well in time. A list of tour parties on prescribed proforma is enclosed.
Hoping for an early reply.
Yours faithfully,
Students’ Forum

Business Letter Writing Exercises Pdf Class 11 CBSE

1. As Avinash Aneja, librarian of Swami Vivekanand Sr Secondary School, Vikaspuri, New Delhi, you have to buy dictionaries and encyclopedias. Write a letter to Universal Book Suppliers, 14 Gali Ramnath, Chandni Chowk, Delhi asking them for a list of such books available with them, their publishers, special discounts for institutions, time taken for delivery and mode of payment.

2. You are Manish/ Manisha Verma living at 59, Saraswati Enclave, Sector 9, Rohini, New Delhi. You wish to make a pilgrimage to Badrinath, Kedarnath and Haridwar with your family of four members. Write a letter to Ideal Pilgrims Tours and Travels, D-22, Connaught Place, New Delhi, enquiring about the schedule of their conducted tours by deluxe buses to these places. Ask about the charges, staying and boarding arrangements and the total time needed for the tour.

3. You are Suresh Mathur. You bought a new scooter manufactured by Plaza Company from Pinky Automobiles Ltd, Industrial Area, Chandigarh. Three months after you purchased the scooter, the brakes failed, gears stopped working and the petrol tank started leaking. You took the scooter to various repair shops. All of them told you that the spare parts are not available. Write to Plaza Company asking them to either replace the scooter or provide the spare parts.

4. You are greatly disturbed by loudspeakers blaring at high volume, particularly during festivals. Use of loudspeakers is made without caring for the peace of local residents. Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police of your area requesting him to strictly enforce the law which prohibits the use of loudspeakers beyond 11 PM. You are Rishiraj Narain, living at R-25, Sector 14, RK Puram, New Delhi.

5. Write a letter to- the Traffic Manager, Northern Railway, New Delhi, reporting the loss of your suitcase during your journey from Kolkata to New Delhi in Rajdhani Express.

6. You are Shobhit Sanwal, a student of class XI living in Sector 37, Faridabad. You want three books which are not available in the market. Write a letter to Atma Ram and Sons Booksellers, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi to send you the desired books by VPP.