A, an and the are called articles. These words say something about the noun that follows them.

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Exercise on Articles for Class 6 CBSE With Answers

Use of articles

Articles are a type of determiners. The term determiner covers several classes of words which includes Definite and Indefinite Articles, the Demonstratives and Adjectives of indefinite number and quantity, numerals and possessives. Determiners identify or specify a noun in various ways, for example, by making it definite (the child), indefinite (a child) or by indicating quantity or amount (many/three/some children) etc. Here we will discuss only the Definite and Indefinite Articles.

‘A’, ‘An’ and The’ are called articles. ‘A’ and ‘An’ are Indefinite articles as they are used indefinitely before countable common nouns singular numbers. ‘A’ is used with nouns beginning with consonants or consonant sound whereas ‘ An’ is used with vowels or vowel sound.


a man
an egg
an hour (vowel sound) a union (consonant sound)
The’ is Definite article as it points out some particular person or thing.


That is the umbrella I want.
This is the hotel where we stay.
The cow gives us milk.
The man whom I met was very helpful.

I. Use of ‘A’

  1. It is used before a word beginning with a consonant; as
    a boy, a girl, a table, a year.
  2. It is used before the word ‘one’ that begins with the consonant sound of ‘was’, as
    a one-eyed man, a one-rupee note
  3. It is used before such ‘u’ when it sounds on ‘yu’; as
    a useful animal, a European, a university

II. Use of ‘An’

  1. It is used before words beginning with a vowel; as
    an aeroplane, an elephant, an inkpot, an orange, an umbrella.
  2. It is used before words beginning with a ‘h’ when it is silent; as
    an honest man, an hour
  3. It is used before words beginning with consonants having vowel sound; as
    an M.P., an M.L.A.. an F.I.R., an M. Sc., an x-ray

III. Use of ‘The’

  1. It is used before a particular person or thing; as
    The students of this class are very punctual.
    Did Reeta get the job she applied for?
    This is the boy I met yesterday.
    Let us go to the park.
  2. It is used to denote a whole class or kind; as
    The dog is a faithful animal.
    The horse runs fast.
    The tiger is young.
  3. It is used before common nouns which are names of things unique of their kind; as
    The sun shines in the sky.
    The earth moves round the sun.
    The moon is round today.
    The world is beautiful.
  4. It is used before the names of directions, the dates of months; as
    The sun rises in the east.
    The sun sets in the west.
    I joined my job on the 10th of November.
  5. It is used before the superlative degrees of an adjective; as
    Raman is the best boy in the class.
    Uttar Pradesh is the most populated state of India.
  6. It is used before the names of oceans, rivers, gulfs, seas, mountain ranges and groups of islands; as
    Patna is situated on the banks of the Ganga.
    The Indian ocean is lying to the south of India.
    The Andamans lie in the east of India.
    The Persion Gulf countries have become wealthy.
    The Bay of Bengal lies in the east of India.
  7. It is used before the names of races or nations; as
    The Indians are found in almost all the countries.
    The English exploited the Indians.
    The Muslims keep fast during the Ramzan.
    Holi is a festival of the Hindus.
  8. It is used before the names of newspapers, religious books, famous buildings, ships, historical events; as
    I read the Times of India daily.
    The Ramayana is the holy book of the Hindus.
    The Taj is famous for its beauty.
    The Titanic met its tragic end.
  9. It is used before Proper nouns, Material nouns and Abstract nouns to make them Common nouns: as
    Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.
    He is the Tagore of Hindi poetry.
    The water of this well is fresh.
    The gold of this ring is pure.
  10. It is used before the musical instruments; as
    Rehman plays the harmonium.
    Richa plays the violin.
  11. It is used before the inventions; as
    The telephone is very useful.
    Who invented the radio?
  12. It is used before the parts of the body; as
    He got injury in the head.
    The rod hit him in the back.
  13. It is used before the political parties; as
    The Congress Party.
    The Communist Party

Omission of the Article

The Article is omitted before-

  1. Proper Nouns; as
    Kolkata, India, Ruchika, Mt. Everest, Sunday, January.
    Note: But we say the Punjab, the USA, the Deccan
  2. Arts and Sciences; as
    My favourite subject is Science.
    I like painting.
  3. Names of materials; as
    Her saree is made of cotton.
    Gold is costly.
    Note: But we say:
    The tea of Assam is very popular.
  4. Abstract nouns used in general sense; as
    Honesty is the best policy.
    Health is better than wealth.

Read the picture story.

Articles Practice Exercises for Class 6 CBSE

A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. Why is English called an international language?
2. What is the importance of English for media industry?
3. How has English become an essential part of the internet world?

B. Fill in the box with A and An or put () where no article is required.

1. This is an amazing dance club but you don’t look like you are enjoying yourself. Aren’t you having ___________ fun? Is there ___________ problem?

2. Vegetarians don’t eat ___________ meat, they eat ___________ vegetables and ___________ fruits. Don’t make him ___________ greasy hamburger; make him a healthy salad instead.

3. We finally found an apartment, but we don’t have ___________ furniture yet. There is ___________ furniture store just around the corner and they have ___________ pretty good selection of beds. I think we’ll start there.

4. Samir works for an Egyptian company which specialises in ___________ information technology. He is going to ___________ European conference next month to discuss ___________ research on online sales in North Africa.

A. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles. Put a cross (*) where article is required.

1. ___________ apple is ___________ fruit.
2. ___________ umbrella is ___________ useful thing.
3. My sister got ___________ best student award.
4. ___________ elephant never forgets.
5. You are ___________ hour late.
6. ___________ Mumbai Queen is an express train which runs from Pune to Mumbai.
7. William Wordsworth was ___________ great poet.
8. London is situated on ___________ Thames.
9. This is ___________ first time I have visited. ___________ village.
10. Do you speak ___________ German?

B. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles. Leave the blank empty where article is not required.

1. Iate ___________ apple, ___________ egg and ___________ loaf of bread.
2. ___________ earth moves round ___________ sun.
3. ___________ Ganges is ___________ mighty river. It falls into ___________ Bay of Bengal.
4. ___________ Sharmas used to live in this house.
5. Ankush is ___________ tallest boy in ___________ class.
6. Morning walk is ___________ tonic for ___________ weak.
7. ___________ books are made of paper.
8. Honesty is ___________ best policy.
9. He owns ___________ horse. He has ___________ black and ___________ white horse.
10. Dilip keeps two dogs at his house. He has ___________ black and ___________ white dog.

C. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles. If there is no need, put a cross mark (*).

1. Neha lost ___________ book that I had lent her.
2. Last night, we saw ___________ European eating ___________ egg.
3. Each of ___________ mountain climbers carried ___________ oxygen cylinder with him.
4. ___________ Mahabharata is ___________ epic.
5. ___________ apple ___________ day, keeps ___________ doctor away.
6. We are going to Kolkata by ___________ train.
7. ___________ French live in France.
8. ___________ silver and ___________ gold are found in Africa.
9. ___________ rich should help ___________ poor.
10. ___________ riches have wings.

D. Underline the correct form (with or without ‘the’) given in italics in the following sentences.

1. He is (intelligent/The intelligent) boy I was talking about.
2. (Cricket/The cricket) is an interesting game.
3. (Dinner/The dinner) is at 9 p.m.
4. (History/The history) fascinates me.
5. Have you seen (majestic/The majestic) Forts?
6. (Hindus/The Hindus) celebrate Diwali.
7. (Eldest/The eldest) daughter has started going to college.
8. There are millions of stars in the (universe/the universe.)
9. My son watches (television/the television) a lot.
10. Are all these pens (the same/same?)

E. In the following pairs, put a tick mark in the sentences which are grammatically acceptable.

1. Earth rotates on its axis. []
The Earth rotates on its axis. []
2. Rohit is the most intelligent boy in our class. []
Rohit is most intelligent boy in our class. []
3. Tuesday is a lucky day for me. []
The Tuesday is a lucky day for me. []
4. Rich are generally famous. []
The rich are generally famous. []
5. Did the Sharmas invite you? []
Did Sharmas invite you? []
6. It only happens in the Delhi. []
7. What does WHO do? []
What does the WHO do? []
8. We would like to live near the sea. []
We would like to live near sea. []

F. Put a tick mark in the correct alternative from the following pairs of sentences.

1. He is the eldest son of his parents. []
He is an eldest son of his parents. []
2. That is a eucalyptus tree. []
That is an eucalyptus tree. []
3. I reached school a hour late. []
I reached school an hour late. []
4. Is he a MBBS? []
Is he an MBBS? []
5. Is she a resident of UK? []
Is she a resident of the UK? []
6. I have an aunt who lives in America. []
I have a aunt who lives in America. []

G. Insert a slash (/) where ‘a, an’ or ‘the’ is missing and write the correct article in the space provided. Leave the blank where article is not required.

1. That is answer we are looking for. _____________
2. It took us long to photograph ‘Alps’. _____________
3. Where is Arabian Sea? _____________
4. The Hindus worship Ramayana. _____________
5. He is most educated amongst us. _____________
6. My father is engineer. _____________
7. I met American in the mall. _____________
8. I am first person to do it. _____________
9. Arbaaz offers prayers five times day. _____________
10. What lovely sight! _____________

H. In the following passage, there is an error in the use of articles. Write the incorrect word and later write the correct word in the space given below.

Incorrect word Correct word
A Chinese have decided to a. ……………….. ………………..
choose an national flower b. ……………….. ………………..
but they are divided on a choice. c. ……………….. ………………..
Some favour a pansy while d. ……………….. ………………..
others prefer an plum blossom. Since both flowers have their E ……………….. ………………..
admirers it’s going to be an close contest f ……………….. ………………..