I. Proforma invoice. It is a statement prepared by the consignor stating quantity, quality and price of goods. It is sent with goods despatched to consignee.

A proforma invoice is different from Invoice.

Invoice implies that a sale has taken place. It is a statement describing the goods despatched to the buyer and showing the total amount due by him to the seller. A proforma invoice is simply a statement of information in the form of invoice to apprise the party, who has not bought the goods but shall be having their possession, or dealing with them, of certain essential particulars of the goods. Such an invoice is sent by the intending seller to his agent or the intending buyer before the sale actually takes place. It does not show that the person to whom it is sent is indebted to the sender.

2. Account sales. It is a periodical statement rendered by the Consignee to the Consignor containing details of goods received, sales made, expenses incurred, commission charged, remittances made and balance due by him to the consignor. The following is a specimen of an Account Sales.